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  1. I've paid off my non-existent student loan! Whoo hoo! Party at my house!!!! (I.E. I just passed having enough money saved up that my entire college education is paid for in advance).

    1. MigL


      Save a little more, Raider; life is always throwing you curve balls.
      But don't forget to have a little fun along the way.

    2. J.C.MacSwell


      Congrats Raider and good advice MigL. Easier said than done of course...and you can't account for every eventuality...but a little extra in the bank can allow saving it again many times over...in mental health as well as dollars.

    3. Raider5678


      The rest I'm going to start putting into the stock market. Obviously the highest risk stocks I can possibly find!(Joking. Low-risk long-term stocks like the S&P500 ).

      Well. Once I'm 18 at least. Apparently the feds don't trust 16 year old's to invest money.

  2.  Government has shut down again because they can't agree on how to spend the imaginary money that they don't have.

    1. StringJunky


      No, it's because the opposition don't want to support Trump's racism by agreeing to his wall demand.

    2. MigL


      Maybe Donald will get a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future.
      And in the morning he won't be mean anymore, and buy us all turkeys the size of Tiny Tim.
      ( sorry, just watched Scrooge, 1951, with Alastair Sim )

  3. Republicans have won Kentucky's 6th district, a hotly contested election Democrats were hoping planning to win.

  4. Democrats do not appear to be doing as well as they predicted. Several of the key races they expected to win were lost by landslides.

  5. Anybody else staying up tomorrow night to watch the election results in eager anticipation of which bad direction our country is headed in next?

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    2. Raider5678


      Perhaps. Doesn't matter which side wins, the other side will say that it was rigged and the winning side will say there was no rigging.

    3. Silvestru


      And that's ok. The problem is the real possibility that they are indeed rigged. :( 

      Some see it as: "There is too much at stake to play by the rules." And I'm not just talking about the Elephant and the Donkey but other animals too. The bear, the panda etc...:P 

    4. Raider5678


      Especially the polar bears............

  6. Found the STOCK act, decided to go look for the public information, only to find Congress had already decided to modify it to not include that. And, claimed it was unconstitutional for people to investigate them.

  7. I'll be gone for a few days, so don't expect replies on most of my posts. I'll be in the Senate chambers of my state capitol participating in a mock government program. I'm looking forward to it.

    1. koti


      I presume you're going to mock gun control advocates.

    2. Raider5678


      No, I did not. I did, however, mock a bill that would arm teachers.

      Also, I was chosen as one of 25 delegates to represent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States Youth and Government Program.

    3. NimrodTheGoat


      30777144_1361820030628519_1015851841_n.jpgi have nothing better do with my life other than drawing moustaches on politicians that look like mice

  8. My father has died from Malaria. It was quick, but the next few weeks are gonna be tough.

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    2. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      So sorry to hear this, Raider. I didn't know him, but I know he was proud of you. Enormous loss, my heart goes out to you.

    3. Raider5678


      Thank you.

      He has several memorials dedicated to him actually. He was a missionary and died when he went over to Africa to build a women's refuge. So he has a memorial there. He spent 3 months in Brazil once building homes for those in need, and he has a memorial at the school he worked at here in the USA. I attended the last funeral just a few hours ago.

    4. Hypsibius


      My heart goes to you. I'm sorry about your loss Raider.

  9. Amazing day today. A kid walked into class, talked to the teacher and asked if he could do a presentation about the dangers of drinking a particular thing, she said yes.

    He then, I swear to god, gives a 15-minute presentation on the dangers of the chemical, and at the end, my teacher congratulates him on teaching us all on a danger she never even heard of but is not going to advocate against.

    The chemical? DiHydrogen Monoxide.

    1. Raider5678


      For more information on this DEADLY substance and more about the government conspiracy to cover it up, go here: http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html

      If you're more knowledgeable about this substance then others, I encourage you to let people learn the hard way the meaning of "Tempest in a teacup."

    2. Alex_Krycek
    3. Moontanman


      Penn and Teller did a show on this called bullshit... 

  10. image.thumb.png.dd6b493a7fa16a2f2add3207ae892c14.pngThe first post was made on December 31, 1969.

    Then the site sat idle for the next 33 years until 2002.

    And I'm assuming that's a glitch. Check out the forum announcement and go to page 7...


    1. hypervalent_iodine


      I think it's just a glitch with how the old software used to handle people posting who didn't register for the site. You'll see it all over the forum if you go back far enough. That one was possibly the first thread by one of the site owners past or present. However, I think the first post / thread to stick around was this:

      It's actually the 4th thread on SFN, but the preceding 3 seem to not exist. 


    2. Raider5678
  11. Where did you go?

  12. I watched the falcon heavy rocket launch.

    That was amazing.


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    2. Raider5678


      I saw.

      Very cool.


      Do we have a spaceX thread?

    3. Raider5678


      The center core failed to land.

      Hit the water at 300 mph.

    4. NimrodTheGoat


      I thought the earth was flat :unsure:

  13. I feel like it's time to start evacuating major cities in California...

  14. Man I love my job.

    Until I've written several thousand lines of code and the end still isn't in sight.

  15. After taking Biology for the 1st semester, I finally realized I had confused one of the first concepts we learned. Now I enjoy it much more.

  16. Speaking of Exoplanets, check this link out.

    The Falcon 9 is about to launch.

    It's amazing to launch.


  17. The police have been told to take care of "An epidemic of rough sleeping" aka homeless people. To quote Trump: SAD.

  18. Merry Christmas everyone.

  19. I found out that the votes for the statewide youth and government program were tampered with. Voter fraud! In a youth and government program!

  20. If you're a teacher, don't say "Good job girls" to the female class. One might identify as a boy and you'll be charged. Seriously. Happened.

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    2. zapatos


      Yeah, the teacher was not following the school's expectations and was suspended. Happens all the time in schools. That is a far cry from the misleading and typically biased view of events we've come to see from so many these days. Frankly I'm disgusted by the lack of character found in so many who choose to lie to us like this.

    3. Raider5678


      From what I got out of it it was a single incidence. And I know even I've had slips on the tongues. Additionally, he said he immediately apologized. However, when interrogated on his believes he confessed he was a Christian and a pastor, and shortly after suspended.

    4. Raider5678


      So yeah. I guess I misinterpreted it.

  21. I got to eat lunch and privately talk with a Senator!

    Okay, just a state Senator. But still. Pretty cool when a government official knows you by name.

    1. Silvestru


      I'm imagining it now: 
      Senator: Excuse me Raider-Five-Six-Seven-Eight, can you please pass the salt? (sorry I don't know your name :( )

    2. Raider5678


      Subway doesn't have salt.

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