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  1. sorry don't know how to spell unnesiserly. im not sure if this should be under philosophy. Are people unnesiserly embarrassed over things they shouldn't be embarrassed about? has the scocierrty made people be embarrassed about things that there is no reason to be embarrassed about? I coundnt find any studies on this exact question but i did find some studies on embarrassment. " Results are consistent with the compliance model that embarrassed individuals seek the positive experience of helping someone in order to relieve the discomfort of their embarrassment." http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/psp/32/1/145/ I wanted to figure out why are we embarrassed? how is embarrassment useful to modern day people? this study talks about how embarassemnt is used to help people want to help others. and this study " These studies indicate that embarrassment serves an appeasement function, reconciling social relations when they have gone awry. We then speculate about how embarrassment is elaborated into more complex social interactions, such as teasing and flirtation." shows that embarrassment is good to repair human interactions. but what about being embarrassed about your sexuality? that is not something as a result of bad human interactions, its something one is embarrassed about even if no one knows yet. maybey I should look for a study that examines how cultures are embarrassed about different things and some of those things all cultures have in common like embarrassment about sexuality. http://cdp.sagepub.com/content/9/6/187.short
  2. is it possible to memorize something complex for the rest of your life? hoe many times do you have to replete something to memorize it for life? I really want to learn chemistry, biology and other sciences but every time that I watch a lecture online or read a text book I dont remember enough things I try repeating them ,it takes me a long time to keep repeating something long enough to memorize it and i think what is the point of learning science.I spend so much effort in memorizing but dont use it. I need to repeat things every so often to know the information and not forget it and if I don't use it i will forget it, I am not going to want to reapete a whole textbook worth of information every month. I want to go into grad school for science but i am afraid im not going to pass I am not good at math and memorizing a whole lot of information. yet i understand the videos and i feel like i can explain everything while im watching them but I try and I dont remember it. learning is memorization and understanding of information. you dont learn if you cant repeat what oyu have learned. i memorized the calvin cycle in C3 photosenthysis and all i remember now is it has phosphoglycerate in it it has ADP ATP NADH I dont even know what they stand for but I remember them, and ribulosebiphosphate carboxylaceoxogenace. I even memorized that. i just feel like i can never be smart enough to go into a science career because I cant expand my memory enough but i really want to. maybe I have to find a better way of learning. any advice?
  3. I was born in a country that retaught their citizens to right with their right hand and they still do that today schools during my time didn't even accept students that wrote with their left hand everyone had to be retrained. I lived there until I turned seven and then came to the us. I was still right handed but at one point I injured my right hand and had to use my left and I can still feel that even though i write with both hands equally well and I do not feel a difference. I sometimes reach with my left hand to grab something and I think that I grab things with my left hand more often because I was born left handed. i think it relates to how your brain is wired rather then how you the writing was developed. and i think it is impossible to become fully opposite handed, I think that people will still have tendencies to do things with the hand they were born with . my parents kept on taking the pencil out of my left hand when i started scribbling and drawing as a toddler I was under close watch and still have a tenancy to use my left hand. they have a study thaty shows that left handedness is low in some countries throughout history and concludes that its mainly the cause of genetics. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/medical-education/publications/reprints2009/2009-History_GeographyOfHumanHandedness.pdf
  4. what exactly is still present? give me a right that men have that women don't.
  5. MigL" While I agree with you, guys about the disadvantages females face, rights are not equivalent to a ship that's off course. I would very much like to see more women participating in our forum, and get their perspective, for one thing. It would get rid of the 'novelty' and this avatar foolishness for one thing. ( I personally favor Hypervalent's approach; I simply consider her an intelligent person, neither male nor female )" I understand there are many disadvantages that females face but I dont want men to not have a voice and i see in America they are being shamed by women guilt tripping them about men's history of oppressing woman's rights and I dont want men to have less power then women. I think things are starting to head in that direction. I guess not many women are interested in science. I am, but I didn’t go into that field in college because I was worried I would not be able to pass, im not good at math. I'm glad you want to see women's perspective in science too. women are overlooked in science or discouraged from science and math. I like the article you suggested hypervalent-iodine I don't understand though did only men have to pay a dollar women had to pay less for one? is that what started the outrage? phi for all "It does bother me that so many young men feel no responsibility for their words posted online, and use it to vent such bile and abuse. I rather hope these types are easily spotted, foaming at the mouth with a blinking red face, but I fear they're the smiling young men bagging my groceries, and the teen who's crafting my take-n-bake pizza, and just maybe the nice young man who wants to take my daughter to dinner." I agree that men can post things and not take any responsibility for it because of it but don’t you think that women also do this? I think we should focus on both genders equally when we are looking at inequality or sexism towards one.
  6. its better to have a well lit room when your staring at any bright screens. my dad always told me take a break from the computer and do some eye exercises. every half hour to an hour usually I forget but I try to do that. in fact its better to set your screen to the lowest brightness to not damage your eyes.the kindle black and white actually does no damage to your eyes, its like reading from a peice of paper.
  7. I used to really like to watch ted talks and the youtube channel dnews. i also am a big fan of hermiony from the harry potter series. I like the actress who played her and now there are more social justice or feminist videos on ted talks, laci green who hosted dnews is a feminist and same with the actress who plays hermiony in harry potter. I think there is a good kind of feminist that is for equality but the represented in the media feminist is trying to give women more rights then men and they usually use all their arguments just to complain about something. these feminists are going along with the more radical feminists in the media. I just cant believe how so many people in the media are going along with feminism to protect their image. they might not even agree with it they just want financial supporters and if they have a good image they will get more supporters. will feminism in the main stream die out soon? how can the media have so many people saying something so illogical like the pay gap? its been disproven many times yet reputable people still say its true. I think women have all the political rights they fought for. feminism is no longer needed.
  8. I think that science and religion are not comparable therfore there should be no fight. i dont believe in any religion i dint believe it tries to seek the truth it just tries to satisfy peoples wants to become better or get help from god. it makes them feel better thats all it does otherwise so many more people would not believe in the bible and write an updated version of it. i am only talking about the fundamentalists that believe this word for word, im not talking about anyone who believes in the bible.
  9. I think real is a perception if we think things are real then they are real to us. I do agree we are afraid of questions but I think we are more afraid of getting the wrong answer. for instance i like to believe there is no god and that people have free will because I don't like to think that someone created us and that there is someone intelligent out there that is looking at u and can destroy us at any point. i like to believe in free will because that means i can change my personality if we do not have free will that would be depressing that means that i can never change and if its meat to be that i get in a car accident and get amnesia then its inevitable. i also like to believe that the world will not end when people are on it i dont want anyone to feel any pain or experience the world ending because im sure it will be horrific. i also dont like to believe in reincarnation or karma, I don't want to be al capone in my past life. I just dont like not haveing much control over my life. I want to believe in a soul but that would mean that there is very likley a existence before and after my death of the soul. people already dont have much control over their lives and they like to believe at least i the after life they will have control or they will enter a new life in heaven I think i would believe that there is no god even if he was proven because I like to have some privacy and i dont want him to have control over my life.
  10. I don't understand the model you have set up but i think that you cant really create free will because like you said the circumstances or tasks have been created by someone elces free will. i like to believe that we do have free will it makes me feel better, that means I can change, if we didint have free will we would not be able to change our personalities, and maybe we cant change them i cant seem to change mine. I think for now we dont have the science to set up this experiment.
  11. its definitely a tool it could be destructive depends on who's hands its in. I think it is more good then bad because its mostly used for people to survive, its a way for people to exchange their work and favors.
  12. maybe some emotions can be quantified. i was at the science festival at an even which talked about emotions the speaker said that emotions like grief have been measured by an mri to have the same chemical reaction as getting punched in the stomach really hard. I don't think they can be measured other then relative comparison more or less then previous scan not an exact number but i do think it can be compared. I did not like this festival, it was mainly for kids and it showed simple experiments like blow up a balloon let it go and it will fly around. pretty boring. i really want to go to the new york science festival. this is the speaker i want to see http://www.cns.nyu.edu/~vessel/ he links aesthetics to how the brain reacts to it. you might be interested this is the event i wanted to go to i hope they will have one again its about neurasthenics. http://www.worldsciencefestival.com/programs/sunday_met/
  13. I have had a dream like this where i had to go to the bathroom but the only bathroom around was disgusting it had rats swimming in it. but when I woke up I did not have to go to the bathroom. it could be just a coincidence because every time i got this dream i didn't have to go.
  14. is this saying that what was witnessed was really an illusion? and that it was tested at one point in time and had not got retested more to get proven better? i think this is an onion article but i dont understand it that well i reread it and dont understand the terminology. i dont understand what they mean by "Disproving the STR and other related theories of physics " what is STR? I bet if it was really disproven there will be do much more media coverage, and it will be alot more publicized then it is now, there have got to be scientists that looked at this and said this is bogus no need to do research on it.
  15. wow thats grate. hopefully they will find a universal well working medication for depression from this. and hopefully this will work on more then just mice. I wish this video said more about the brain it just says how the amigdala when depressed dosent assign an emotion to the event. that just seems like not a very impressive discovery and that there is more to it. what i would want is a medication that controls emotions during periods because i think it effects me very negatively its something i cant control and so far there is no medication for it.
  16. I haven't been on this site for a while but now im back. I'm not that smart in science but I do like finding out new things and doing research on different topics. I would like to get a lot better with science especially chemistry.I want an education in science beyond high school but I cant afford to go back to college. I occasionally go to the library and read all the science magazines and I do enjoy science documentaries on the science channel and discovery. But i do want some smart friends around to inspire me to learn more on my won. anyway I got a virus and the doctor told me I should take prescription drugs right away. the drugs should help my immune system kill the virus right away before it gets worse, because if the virus spreads the more and more it will be harder for my immune system to kill it. I would have to take more medication. The more medication I take the more likely the virus will get used to the medications and if i took a big amount right away then it will kill them when there are few of them. i do think that is the right decision i think in some cases we should let medicine take care of it to keep us alive but that got me thinking are we taking too much medicine? or should we let our bodies fight the viruses and germs rather then letting medicine take care of it? is medicine advancing too slow? there is a chance that there is going to be a germ or virus that evolves faster then medicine to advance and since with modern day viruses we are treating everything with medicine our bodies will not evolve to the illnesses around us and there night be a germ or virus that kills us.We don’t evolve as fast as viruses they are non living our medicine is developing slower then viruses evolve so is there a chance that there will be a virus that will wipe out our species?
  17. what do Egalitarians believe in ? egalitarianism is equality for all people, thinking we all have the same fundamental worth. they try to gain equal rights for all people. but I dont think I believe that this is fair. I believe that since the two genders are physiologically different they need different treatment based on the barriers each gender faces. Does this mean egalitarians want the same amount of paternity leave for men as maternity for women? because otherwise men and women would have different social rights, women would get more rights for maternity leave then men for paternity leave. I do not believe in equality I believe in fairness(I cant think of a better word).what are some famous egalitarians that have helped this world? what does this ideology believe in?
  18. I agree with phi for all. knowledge is information someone learned, by connecting information together or material being told to you which is already gathered. I would also add that information is something we discover by using proof all this information like the bottle the surroundings like lavish tablecloth are all proof of information you are looking for.
  19. I don't really understand what your saying or asking, it might be good to rephrase this, that's probably why you didn't get many answers the previous time you posted this.its okay sometimes I say things in the most confusing way possible. "it is the size of the universe. To me it feels like it is so big that "size" really doesn't describe it. It does me no good to say to myself "of course it may be infinite so what do you expect"" when size cant describe it it means that its infinite because everything that is not infinite can be measured you just have to have bigger units or there is too many zeros to manege. it may do you no good but it might be true. people don't know how big the universe it. people have found things very far in our galaxy but on one knows how big our universe is. "Again , if it was finite I might say to myself "well it is small then if you can somehow sum it up"." yes I agree, if its not infinite we will be able to sum it up, the problem is we use certain equipment and measuring systems to determine the farthest thing away, but these methods and equipment can only measure so far. http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/5-8/features/F_How_Big_is_Our_Universe.html "What I see is something in nowhere land and the question I have is "does this "size" have an import? Not in any implications but in its own right." I dont understand this comment. "Is it just an invitation to say "so what?" and think of something else that actually means something or is there anything to it more than just a gut feeling?" I don't understand what you mean by this either.
  20. you guys were asking me for some sources on children making the decision I coulnt find the documentary I was watching about it but i found a snipit of it that explains somehting,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNWB8SuxCIk the video i bookmarked was taken down but this was a portion of it. my friend recommended it to me that's why all these questions came up. its about the whittington family with a child named ryland who was born a girl but became a boy. most of the videos I find on youtube of transgender people they are under 18 years old when they hget hormonal therapy or a sex change. i think that it is kind of the kid making the decision. they are really insistent on their parents and most of the videos the parents do something about it, either hormone therapy or actual surgery. I also watched a video on which bathroom they use and some of the states have a ban in useing a bathroom that is not your born gender.
  21. yes sex is linked to shame, but for right reasons, kids should not see sex, animals dont normally have sex in front of their young in the wild. And therefore perfectly free from embarrassment? it is not free of embarrassment because not everyone wants to see sex in public, i have seen some people naked that i will never forget. not haveing sex in public is more related to higher intelligence, because its harder to keep yourself from haveing sex and it shows that people respect other people, if other people dont want to see sex while walking down the street they dont have to. Its almost as if people suddenly stopped believing they were the superior race - I think not having sex in public proves that we are a superior human race.
  22. they can depending if there is a stereotype linked to the accessory. somethings look gothic and the people who wear them have similar personality traits like introversion.
  23. aww sorry for your loss, it is definitely hard to let go of a death even with animals. i feel so bad for your doggie, but they just dont live as long as people.
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