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  1. you should bother because you should think about keeping the world fair. why would you have the right to do this without consequences and nobody elce. that isn't fair, someone can find cancer treatments and other cures faster in the basement by torturing bodies but for some reason you think you have the right to do it without consequences, someone will do the same thing get caught and have to suffer the consequences. its not fair for you to do one bad thing and get away with it otherwise i should be able to do a bad thing and get away with it. what do you mean how many bodies do you have to have before its murder? killing one body is murder.
  2. ha ha ha me too, if I followed it I would be in really poor health and probably be going to the doctors thought life.
  3. yep. people tell me Im hard on myself that's maybe why Im so worried about the performance I was born with tendencies in my personality that I dont like, Im not as much of a busy body to change it. I don't just want to have fun not save money and not think about the future.
  4. my friend and mom thinks we should all be intuitive eaters. I dont agree with intuitive eating .which is the notion that people crave the things their body needs and you should follow what your body needs. i just feel like no one agrees with me on this point and i feel like im weird. there is a disorder called pica http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/mental-health-pica it is a disorder where you crave things that are not nutritional. I have family members that loved eating candy but they need to eat something else to stay healthy, and you have to force them, they dont like most vegetables. The site only said what percentage of institutionalized people have pica. I am wondering how many people actually do crave things that are non nutritional and just restrict themselves from eating it and don't tell anyone. I feel like im weird becasue as a kid I used to like the taste of packing peanuts, the glue ones not the Styrofoam ones.I feel bad for liking them but I do not know how to make myself not like them. I used to eat them sometimes. I would sneak them out of the packages if we had non Styrofoam ones. I think it could be some minor version of pica because thats the only thing I like. I always restricted myself from eating them and have not eaten any since second grade. I still like them I think. I have never told anyone else this besides my parents, they think I grew out of it. I also don't understand how it can be treated by reinforcing mentally good things to eat, for me it isnt mental, in general cravings are not mental they are physical. I can tell myself its bad to like them but its not going to make myself dislike them. I cant say I love broccoli, and then like it after that, I still wont like broccoli. I mean its not a problem right now. im just worried I will become addicted to something inedible like in the show my secret obsession. i tired to avoid that show on tlc because the commercials were scary. Does anyone else have anything they crave to eat? How can you treat a craving with therapy?
  5. I tried to watch different therapists on you tube to solve some of my problems. I cant find any other advice other then keeping a journal. All of the other things they say are talk to your therapist usually with my patience I do talk therapy. I don't have a therapist and cant afford one.I keep a journal of my experience in life my feelings and dreams, but I have noticed that i think about bad things more with a journal ,I tend to think and think about my problems where normally I would distract myself from my feelings. Im not a therapist so I trust what therapists say works but they say things aimed to an individual based on all the facts. on one hand keeping a journal is making me linger on bad feelings to try to tell myself that im right but on the other hand I really enjoy writing in a journal and getting all my feelings out. i always want to be writing everything I'm thinking. So my question is, could everything I be doing be hurting me mentally? could I be over thinking things? can keeping a journal be worse? I know this is many questions but you don't have to answer all of them. I hope I'm not posting too many questions.
  6. what is the point of admitting your stupid? just stop believing in creationism, you clearly know that's why people see you this way and its easy to just stop believing in it.
  7. I dont really know what they mean when they say its cloaked in scientific language. religion and science can contradict. that might be what they are implying. I dont see any science in religion.
  8. have you tried asking for a raise, its a simple thing that might actually work.
  9. thank you. i will be patent I hope I will get better, I dont want to look back and realize I never changed or changed for the worse.
  10. yes I don't like many traits of mine mainly laziness and its preventing me from even accepting myself because i feel like I can not get out of laziness for a long time. I feel like i cant change my personality, i can force myself to work for a little while then i get back to being lazy. I also talk too much. Im not immoral but i like money too much and its my only motivation. i feel bad that i want to be rich because people think its not a good character trait. and feeling like i will never succeed changing my personality makes me not have any motivation. so my biggest problem is motivation.
  11. is it possible to learn to accept someone the way they are or even like them? I'm struggling to try to learn to accept myself. I want to accept myself but i have to then accept that I'm a horrible person.
  12. whats the reason for posting this? loreum ipsum is usually used as filler text when demonstrating different formats of text design. its from Cicero's text and its taken from the words "pain itself"
  13. for me its kind of obvious that a real life emotion is worse but thats because I dont remember my dreams really well when I wake up and i dont really have emotions in them. but everyone different.
  14. I think its ethical to bomb when it comes to defence. there are situations when someone is attacking you and it is a form of self preservation to defend yourself by killing when there is no other way to stop the criminal.
  15. and wheres the proof? is there a book about the theory of everything?
  16. I dont think free education is a good idea, at least have it be low cost. I think we should focus more on what kind of education, what about. I think the key is good health education, in my state where i went to school they taught us to be abstinant. They showed us contraception in health,all the possible forms of contriseption. thats all they did.on one hand its good to teach to be abstinent because thats what they should be but i woulnt focus on the abstenancy i would focus on how bad being pregnant would be. I think they should have focused more on talking about pregnancy and appeal more to emotion. I mean they did say that if you do it dont get pregnant. the way they taught it was just informative it did not interest students to listen and they would glaze over the information just like they did in other classes. I dont know the best way to teach this topic but I would try to get students interested and wanting to listen and focus on how bad it would be to be pregnant in school. I dont know if this would prevent students from having sex but i think if its not talked about enough it's less helpful.
  17. yea i have the opposite problem i dont like myself but things are going ok for me. I want to change but cant seem to get enough will power to continue the change. I dont think my mind shapes reality. possibly collectivly but we would have to test that.
  18. I know education is good for humanity and i think in many places we already have good education. I support the idea of educating everyone. why is it unfortunete that companies want people with degrees to fulfill jobs? I want people with degrees to work too. I would rather have a teacher with a degree teach me then one without one.
  19. no I think by giving people acsess to birth control and giving abortion as an option to people who want it. education might help too but its costly and Im not sure if it will be worth the money. thats crazy would you really kill and eat babies if it was allowed?!! That is terrible!!
  20. why? I do not like beans. then why arnt you vegan? how is veganism healthy?
  21. I never said its better then education I didnt say anything about education, don't put words in my mouth. I didnt even think of ways yet to do so, education is one of them.
  22. if we would not eat the animals we raise they would go extinct so I would think if someone cares about thoes animals we should keep rasing them and eating them. we can lower our carbon foot print from deacreasing the population and changing our fuel source in our vehicles.
  23. i never said that, i think veganism can have good effects particularly on global warming but i think it will have a negitive effects on the enviorment as a whole.I also think there is a problem with the fact that it can not be reversed, once something is extinct its not possible for us to bring it back. lack of grazing and trampling has a negitive effect on the enviorment http://managingwholes.com/animal-impact.htm andextinction of other farm animals also has a negative effect for bacteria and bugs. there is a good youtube video i want to link its a debate on veganism versus the things it can do to the enviorment but i cant find it right now.
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