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  1. memammal is right, religious people create a conflict or at least try to proove themselves right, because science disproves some of their belifs or things in the bible.
  2. is RBC then red blood cell? I agree with you on the defenitions found the same thing on a bunch of scites
  3. no,not help because there will be no animals that were held as livestock on the planet and some animals have become too dependant on thoes animals and their population will decrease or die out, and im sure some people will die from this,some people cant live without meat. yes it will help with less carbon emittions and yes it will help with water polution but I dont think it will help with deforestation, in fact it will make it worse, people will need to eat more food because they will have to replace the meat with plants and they will have to clear out more forsets for the crops. animal prod
  4. I think limiting birthrate is the best solution.
  5. Gilga flesh"I would recommend people to allow people a degree of autonomy over their own life which also includes voluntary ending, if so desired. If a friend was sick and wished to die, and I determined his wish to be sincere and not a fleeting impulse, I would assist him. And I have several friends that would do the same for me. " I was talking about someone depressed not just sick. and im not talking about medically assisted scuiside, thats another topic. how can you be determined its not an impusle?
  6. is it like when you look at a bright light and see a speck in always the same spot as the light and it stays wherever you look for a while? if its that then i have seen that too, if its not then im not farmiliar with this phenomenon and have not experienced it.
  7. i hear that there are some good things and bad things in there. I think milk that it natural without giving the cow hormones , is generaly good for you but they dont raise cows naturally they give them hormones and thats when it becomes unhealthy. i dont like drinking plain milk and i dont think i consume too much of it in products like icecream and others.
  8. You would recommend people to commit scuiside???!!! your saying its not always a bad decition meaning for someone it is a good decition??people should make their own decitions but up to a certain point, they should not be able to kill others and themselves. So would you have all the prisoners take a psycological test to make sure they don't have depression before you "allow" them to kill themselves? what if the person killed themselves and then you relize you had the wrong test, the person was actually depressed? then would you want children to make more of their own decitions if you think the
  9. Phi for all "" I think it may seem unfair to many people, like our intelligence gives us too much of an advantage over other species, but it's one of the attributes we got from evolution, and it seems wrong to me to feel guilty about it. When you add it to our opposable thumbs, tool-use, cooperation, and communication skills, it's observably impressive, but is it unnatural? If this sentiment is somehow guilt driven, it seems to me that it would be smarter to embrace our intelligence and understand our impact on nature as an integral part of it, rather than as outside of it. If we can use
  10. most people try to be kind and benevolent to eachother, why does that have to be the reason for our existence? people juge kindness differently. for instance if I tell a friend she is overweight and she needs to loose weight to stay healthy, I might see it as helpful advice but she may see it as a harsh critisism. so if I say or do things that i think are helpful but are really not im not living corectly not fulfilling my purpouse? what if I dont care about it and do not want it to be my purpouse?
  11. then is living based on how happy you are in life or how aware you are in life? becasue then someone in depression is not living, and a young child is not living either because they are not as aware as adults. then who exactly is living? im not saying scuiside attempts are impulsive. what i said is that it could be a mistake they make. if you make a mistake that puts you to jail its something that can be fixed sometimes, but I am saying that we should not allow people to kill themselves.I have personal experience with scuiside I have a couple friends that comitted scuiside and they were in t
  12. i think the reason people dont allow prisinors to commit scuiside is because you dont want a person to make a decition that they will not be able to correct or undo. there is a scuiside hotline for people in life trying to commit scuiside. if they kill themselves their relatives will not be able to visit them pay bail if they were planning to do that. everyone does die but if you take good care of yourself you can extend your life for a very long time as opposed to thoes who hevily smoke and drink. do you think there is a difference between living and surviving? they both mean remain alive to
  13. I agree some peolple do have a chance to create life and some dont, I do because im a woman and firtle and any firtile man does.of course it should be allowed to create life but it should be regulated, it is in china they have to pay for any extra kids they have after the first. there is enough people in this world.
  14. Lyudmilascience

    New job

    thats fantastic, I hope you enjoy the job!
  15. good topic, i like to wonder about the future of humanity and the universt too, and also try to think optomisticly. so do you belive that it will get better for humanity? because things might get better for one species but worse for another. I think it is always good for people long term even during the bad periods its a lesson people learn for the future. i belive it will never be as bad as when things started.
  16. i agree with you that everything is bound to get better up until the point where the universe ends or perhaps it will never end but life will eventually not exist on this planet and i do not think things will get better from there, i personaly do not belive they humans will ever exist again if they all die out, i hope that either never happens or if it has to happen it will be painless and instantanious for everyone.
  17. im guessing its your speculation, It is possible there is no soul but we do have more of a counsiousness then most animals and although I do not belive that we have past lives there are people who claim they have seen supernatural beings like ghosts and people claim they remember their own past life. there is also a part of most people that wants to belive in a soul and the counsiousness living on because no one really wants their councousness to end. maybey they want to phisicaly die but they also want to keep thinking somewhere elce.
  18. even after finishing art college I still dont know the meaning of art, there they taught us the meaning is what you want it to be. But it has to do with an emotion you feel or messege you get from it. that kind of limits what I want it to be, I cant then use it to make coffee or as a plate. the meaning of art for me is the same as it was in the past, just decorative, if i like looking at it then its art. im not looking for a messege or a story behind it. even illustrations can be art if they are aesthetically interesting and or pleasing to me. i do not like that anyhting now can be considered
  19. because they want to interact scoially, with many people and be considered attractive by the majority, in order to have a choice in who to talk to.
  20. i thought about this too but it did not seem strange to me, I could not even think of any other way we can be made. if we were not made from smaller parts then there would be no plasticity and growth in tissues and other materials. I do not think a atom has a consiouness even if its part of a person, skin cells die all the time dosent mean we are less counciousness, threr are billoins of atoms falling off of us each day. there are weird things about our bodies that kind of make me feel uncomftrable knowing im this gross especially being a woman and women supposedly supposed to be cleaner tand
  21. you need some help with enjoying more things in life, it could be a sign of depression or you can actually have depression, im glad your grateful for what you have but you need to learn to enjoy things and that might not be somehting that you can do on your own. i do not belive in god either but i dont mind people talking to me about god as long as its not a long one sided lecture. but thats just me. its ok if you dont want to hear about god. sometimes i dont when i had a lecture anout it, mainly from mom. but i especially hate when people try to convert me to get me to belive in him. i might
  22. i agree with Ten oz when he said "In my opinion it would be far better for society to say killing, all killing of any type, is a bad thing. That it is reserved strictly for the defense from imminent harm. A prison inmate who is detained behind bars and under guard poses no imminent threat. Not killing them is an easy place to start." I think that its better to spend more money on inmates and keep them detained then kill them and not have to spend money, a person staying alive is worth the money even if he is a murder, there are psychological reasons why he is a murder its usually a psychopat
  23. I agree, but they do read the bible at least some of them, and still believe in Christianity because they cherry pick the things they like.
  24. I read magazines like science and tech briefs and in one of them i read really interesting topics like they are trying to make meat in a laboratory, they have invented a helmet for football that measures breathing rate heart rate better against concussions, and can tell how strong your concision is after you get it, but what really caught my eye is a type of capsule that can measure your heat rate breathing rate ,take pictures of the gastro intestinal tract and in the future they are planning to make it determine breathing and heart problems. http://www.medicaldesignbriefs.com/component/cont
  25. do you believe the death penalty is wrong and should not be done? I do and I thought everyone I know agrees. I think its wrong for a couple reasons, one we don't know what kind of a punishment we are giving these criminals and another is we cant undo it. we dont know what kind of punishment these people are getting because we dont know enough about the after life. there was a study where people partially died and they all reported seeing a white light but that's all we know do far about it, they can either be getting a worse punishment in the afterlife they can be stabbed with swords for a w
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