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  1. I think its a tie between the amount of debt in general, America's debt, college debt, credit card debt, or the other problem, the distribution of wealth, the wealthier people getting even more wealthier, i guess this covers debt then so maybe thats the main problem.
  2. I do not understand how can somebody be born a girl but not want to be this gender. Don't you develop estrogen in your body when your forming into a girl and it forms the brain and how it thinks. There is very few differences in the male and female brains " Many neuroscientists had already concluded that brains are checkered with a mix of male- and femalelike structures, said Jordan-Young" , the study says only 6 percent of the brain is distinctively male or female. but even with little differences in the brains there are very much differences with the hormones that are released you are still born with certain hormones in your body that relate to characteristics of a male or female, females are more emotional because they have estrogen and progesterone released.so dont you still act like a girl even if you want male reproductive organs? so if you do surgery to change their sex, the brain stays the same.you can regret the sex change later. why cant we just let the people who think they are meant to be a different gender, express themselves the way they want let them wear whatever clothes they want and teach the public to accept transgender people? I dont think children should be allowed a sex change, I do not think that they can make such decisions in their life. I do understand they go through a lot of bullying but I think our society should show tolerance and teach people that this is a normal phase.they can think that they want to be a different gender while their kids but they might not want to be that later. also i think its terrible to take hormone blockers and hormones in order to do this, its not healthy. It would be also harder to find a mate. http://www.livescience.com/52941-brain-is-mix-male-and-female.html what kind of process to they use to determine weather they can get a sex change? do you think children should be able to have a sex change? how can someone be born in the "wrong body"? if you can be born thinking like a female there must be a female brain but its hard to determine which brain is female. where do they even get the functioning reproductive organs? dont you still act like a girl even if you want male reproductive organs? sorry for so many questions, i just want to learn more about this
  3. has it been proven by science that there is only one person that it perfect for someone, the rest may be good but not as good?or is the opposite really true? i always belied that thats what my parents taught me, but many other people I talk to have a different opinion. they think that there are many people that work equally well with someone.
  4. "There are few pathogenic organisms that can cross the passive barriers themselves - usually they must be breached. A cut, tear or some other means to gain access to the "inside". We don't really need the "good" germs in this sense as our barriers are quite effective. But they are not inviolable; we are all subject to things that can damage those barriers." i see so our bodies have barriers that keep pathogens from entering but if the barriers are broken good germs can help and the good germs can adapt and thats their advantage. you are very knolagble on this topic, fantastic answer. thank you, this answers everything
  5. i found some things that it could stain , im not sure if this si what oyu are looking for but.. it can stain " mammalian cells in monolayer culture, stains are supposed to mark cells that have lost membrane integrity,Erythrosin B and FDA are used as fluorescent dyes, whereas trypan blue colors via light absorption. The effectiveness of both vital exclusion stains is assayed by their ability to stain a high percentage of monolayer cells exposed to treatments lethal to an entire cell population." source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6090533 it is also subject to photodegradation, which is fading in color with exposure to light. by the way,I like your profile picture of dexter, from dexters labratory,
  6. I think that carpet bombing the poor is very unethical yes there will be more space but many times the poor are the moral ones because they have learned empathy. taking the wealth from the rich is difficult and dangerous, they usually have guns and protection. I would love a world for of rich and happy people but i do not think that is possible, there will always be a need foe factory workers which are usually low wage unless its in japan, there will still be disease, there will be less incentive to work for many people if everyone was independently wealthy, I know that money and status are one of the only things that motivates me. I also think that other then people unmotivated to work and certain positions not being filled because no body wants to do them there will also be people that want drama that like bad situations because they want someone to comfort them and they will still create a bad enviorment for others, there will still be greedy people and they will put skinny models in advertizing to make other people feel bad, so even if everyone was rich not everyone will be happy. I had a friend that moved here from the same country i was born in and most people see how grate america is and become happyer but she started feeling depressed because she had nothing to complain about and she didnt like that much change she tried to find things to complain about because she likes attention. it must have been something in her childhood.
  7. I don't know whether to post this in biology or anatomy.I dont know how to move it if it dosent belong here. It is also kind of a why did we evolve this way question. Why do we need good germs for protection from bad germs? I get it if its for digestion. dont we come equiped for enough cells phagocyte cells that kills all the germs and even viruses that attack us? I learned in anatomy and physiology class that.There are already equipped with blood cells like neutrophils and macro phages they are phagocytes that squeeze out of veins. they release chemical signals to tell endothelial cells that there is an infection and those neutrophils will get stuck on to the area where the signal was sent they would eat the bacteria and die. isnt there cells in interstitial liquid and in most tissues that we dont need germs? and where do the good germs come from? how do they get on or into our body? its kind of interesting that some of the things that we need to survive like gut bacteria we dont already come equipt with. I think i need to learn more about the lymphatic system and how the cells travel through to defend the body. I couldn't find the answer to this online I found this http://www.livescience.com/32761-good-bacteria-boost-immune-system.html thank you for any answers
  8. thankyou I also read an interesting article I don't think its vivisection, but japans scientists created a light sheet fluorescence microscopy in order to create tissue nearly opaque. it allows "examine the mouse’s organs without cutting into them" here is the article http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/japanese-scientists-turn-mouse-invisible-article-1.2004756its really interesting to me and exiting we might discover how to turn people invisible. relating this back to ethics it might also really be bad. people can more easily spy on other countries and might find something out that causes a war. there are so many interesting experiments being created.
  9. i do not think there is a name for that, i know there is a name for an area next to that the bridge of the nose, but that area is not specific to a muscle or bone and is not esily isolated meaning its hard to pinpoint the boarders of where the area ends.
  10. yea you might be right if they are staged. immatfaal good to hear that the ethics is looked at in science "Or very very old. Some of the child psych experiments of the 50s and early 60s would - quite literally - get you locked up if you tried them now. The general view is that many experiments carried out in the past were immoral and unethical - that's why we have ethical research committees which prevet (prevent?) experiments nowadays. But that said - most experimenters were not the "mad scientist" then, and they are not now; the MERCs unfortunately make life massively more difficult for responsible researchers because the Committees have to guard against the fringe element who might push the bounds of acceptability. Perhaps we have gone too far - but when you see some of the films or read the reports of some truly nasty experiments you realise that we must continue to be careful. " what is vivisection?
  11. i read an article actually, many articles on science experiments that harm people that catch people off guard and plays with their emotion, even if you get consent to create the experiment the people dont really know what they are consenting to. One guy pretends to be homeless to see how much money he can get for science. this is giving false pretenses is'nt this against the law or is it protected. There is a different experiment that a person pretends to get a heart attack to see how many people will react and help him., i do think its wrong to test things on animals but it is justified because its better then testing it on humans but i think playing with peoples emotions to do an experiment should not be allowed and not be done. people dont take them sreiously enought like a joke or they say its fine because its for science.I dont think its right just because its for science. its interesting how scientists can be viewed immoral by the public like a mad scientist but really they are moral, they are trying to improve our health by finding cures for diseases and improving our lives from televisions to preservatives in food. do you think that social experiments like this are immoral and should not be done?
  12. i don't understand why people post mean things online, I could speculate its ignorance and unintelligence but I think hopefully not that many people are that stupid and insensitive in person.I think people are either trying to get attention or they are trying to get their frustration out because nobody will know who they are in life. i tend to ignore anything mean online, its much harder to ignore when its said in your face. i dont say anything mean online.I never want to hurt anyones feelings even if its virtual.
  13. this is a hard question to answer because not a lot of good research has been made its hard to test love and to measure it its so different for e everybody. I think reaserch shows that we have similar reaactions to animals and we are considered animals so i would think we are a more emotional and social animals.
  14. every one has different ways of learning, some people memorize better if they listen so they watch lectures when they are at home.
  15. if there is internal respiration then there has to be external respiration because you have to take in oxygen from the out side. , is this something you find fascinating or extraordinary? there must be a reason why you post this.
  16. these are good questions" Is the emphasis on standarized testing appropriate to gauge a student's skill level? no i think they dont nessiserly test you on what you have learned, they sometimes put alot of extraneous information. espesially the SAT's i took the twice ce studied hard and still didnt get a decent enough score to get into the college i wanted. why is there a high turnover rate in teaching positions? because there is many teachers. If given the financial opportunity, what would be the best way to go about teaching a student? I think good teachers cause you to think about a subject for hours after the class is over. It helps to have a subject your interested in. getting interesting information the kind that is actually applied in life, for instance instead of just teaching chemical reactions like how iron rusts show how you can use that in life. techniques and treatments that keep metal from rusting. I had a really bad experience in school i always felt really stupid, I was taken out of regular classes and got put in english as a second language and i fell really behind on every subject, they kept me in english as a second language for ten years. kids bullied me, my parents did not help they just said i was overreating ind i am too emotional. this effected my self stemless and my decision in theis college and it has prevented me into getting into the major i secretly wanted to get into.the english as a second language tests to get out of this class are incredibly hard , they ask about paralell sentence construction and we dont even learn that in class, i still dont know what that is.we learned phonics in class. I really hate how my whole school life went, i really wish i could do it over.
  17. I agree with jhon cutber. military violates our freedoms. Although i can see what michael123456 means by saying that military service helps unemployment but still if everyone had the government put them in a set job after college then there will be less unemployment too and less people will die. I would try to stay away from making anyhting mandatory if it is not nessisery.
  18. in many other countries (not the USA) they have mandatory military service policy. my birth country they require military service and a friend of mine and I were talking about that and he thinks that the us should require military service for all men and women, he thought that it will teach people discipline and make people better workers. It really hit home for me and made me really upset, I told him how would you feel if your family member died in a war, and he said he will feel proud because he defended our freedoms. I think that sometimes well most of the time war is not really defending something its more attacking to gain power or freedom.What if your relative wanted to become a famous scientist, he would never get to do that if he dies at war. Because both my uncles died in war serving for my country and they died very young, at 19 and 20ies. I never got to know them. one died when I was the the other before I was born. They never wanted to serve in the military and everyone knows that if you serve in the military you will get drafted. I dont really like this mentality supporting the military, I dont support war. we dont have anyone attaking us. but that's really beside the point, I don't think the government should be responsible for making people hard workers, it should just make jobs available and letting people decide if they want to be disciplined. because this takes away a persons freedom and rights. It surprised me that he thinks this way, it made me wonder do many other Americans agree with this?I think we should keep the way things are right now, anyone who wants to serve in the military can but if you dont you wont have to. What do you think: should we require military services to all men from ages 18 to 25 for four years? how many people across the united states of america would want to make military services mandatory?
  19. i had the same questing I want to become a scientist too but I am getting an art degree. I think you wont be able to be a pure scientist, studying things coming up with experiments, you might however become researcher, assist looking for data and testing experiments.
  20. this is very interesting. but can it find out the material make up of anything useing this light? how accurate is it? i think if its so small and cheap it wouldn't be as accurate as non commercial lab spectrometers. I have never used one, but i have used a gigercounter/meter for testing radiation.
  21. maybe he could find used ones then or out of print textbooks. Textbooks for colleges are really expensive but I wasnt sure if others, like highschool or general textbooks were expensive, I found a couple free textbooks on anatomy and physiology online for free without any unsafe or illegal torrent downloads.
  22. thankyou for your responses I dont have any personal experience with unschooling but I do have personal experience with this kid. and I have experience with some other kids that were home schooled, one did end up going to college to an art school and the other just started working right away, she did want to go to college though. I just know how my family raises children and shes very leniently, for her fifth birthday she decided to throw her daughter five birthday parties,she lets her eat as much sweets as she wants to ,and basically she eats nothing but sweets I can understand someones reasons for homeschooling or unschooling but I have to look at the specific circumstance, who is going to teach the child and is this better then them being raised in the school system? I think that mabe there are kids that would be better off homeschooled but I dont think she would be, its because of the fact that she wont be getting a tutorshe dosent like spending money on that, she will be teacher her herself and so far, when the mother starts trying to teacher to write letters or read letters she asks to go play and she lets her. she not only lets her do anything she wants, the child is also not wanting to learn or gain self control form that, and i do not think that will be good for her later on in life.I dont think statistics would help me see the out come here because its not about how most people end up after finishing highschool its how she will end up. this relative raised me when i was younger and she decided to only teach Russian to me and teach everything in Russian, I was way behind in the school system and it basically skrewed up my self esteem and the rest of my life. I was put in English as a second language and I refused to learn English, I used to hide from the teachers. I dont know am I overreacting to this based on our circumstance? I just cant sit back and watch this without saying anything to her.
  23. Why do muscles need multiple heads? and are all the heads in some muscles attached all on the same bone, as far as I remember the triceps attaches at least in two different places at the superior end. into the coracoid process and the clavicle.but i wonder other muscules like one of the facial muscles that is a bipennate muscle probably has to attachments would it cause something to move in two different directions depending on which tendon it pulls on?
  24. I feel so lucky that I get to go to college and afford textbooks eventhoungh I do not like my college. hopefully you will get to move out of Malaysia to somewhere where textbooks arnt that expensive. I always get really exited thinking about college because to me its not just an education, its opportunities and freedom, to meet people make friends, get close emotionally with people and make work connections, along with have a good time.(sorry if i misspell something, I try to do my best on this site)
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