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  1. Some atheists act much like the religious fundamentalists they criticize. That concerns me. Just use common sense. People don't normally complain about being "singled out" to do something they are doing or want to do. If people gripe about being exhorted to act morally and sensibly, then it's very possible that they don't want to act that way. I asked a fair question. As they say, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If you promote ridicule as a cure for others, then you need to be able to take your own medicine. Jagella I'm not the topic of this thread. That's an ad hominem. Jagella
  2. I know that some atheists are falling short of rationality and morality. I decided to focus on them as a result. To my knowledge the question was never answered. Dodging questions tends to make me suspicious. You may be correct, but I'd like to discuss the way some atheists have picked on the religious. If you don't like that topic, then move on to another thread. Religion can be very easy to ridicule, but I generally don't take that route anymore. I prefer a fair, open assessment of religious claims to see what truth they may contain. Fine. Let's ridicule you and see how effective it may be it preventing you from being ridiculous. We won't continue it if it isn't effective, though. Jagella
  3. OK, John, if it makes you happy, then go ahead and act irrationally and immorally. Don't let anything I say get in the way of that. I already said that, but for your convenience--People need to act rationally and morally. All better? If you bothered to read the OP, the topic of this thread asked if the religious are being picked on. I asked if religion has any place in modern science and discourse. Naturally, one group that might be picking on the religious are atheists. That's why I focused on atheists. It relates to the topic. If you don't like that topic, then move on to another thread. Jagella
  4. I'm not making an argument. I have already posted that everybody and not just atheists should act sensibly, fairly, and morally. I never said they were! Phi, please read what's actually posted rather than what you imagine to be posted. Jagella
  5. I asked for a "copy and paste" direct quotation of anything I've said in which I referred to "all atheists." Do you have any such quotation? You assume too much. Regarding my use of the term "we atheists," I'm simply referring to atheists, a group I belong to. I'm fully aware that atheists differ on many issues. I'm exhorting atheists to act rationally and morally. What exactly is wrong with that? Do you object to being rational and moral? Jagella
  6. Actually, scientific journals have peer reviewed many ideas such as creationism that might appear to be fringe science. Those ideas were found to be lacking in scientific merit. They were not just dismissed with a wave of the hand. I believe that the public should have a say regarding ethics in science because science affects us all. If the objections are purely religious and the science has not been proved to be harmful, then it may be OK to go ahead with the research. I'm not sure about stopping science "for reasons of atheism," but I do know that Stalin interfered with the scientific research in the Soviet Union with disastrous consequences. Jagella
  7. I don't know the answers to these questions, so please excuse me if I'd rather not speculate. I didn't keep my beliefs a secret, but I wouldn't say I preached either. Whatever I may have said, I don't believe that there should be a gag rule on religious testimony or that those professing religious beliefs should be ridiculed. If you can cite one thing I said (copy and paste) in which I said all atheists were anything other than people who don't believe in gods, then I will buy you a large pizza with your choice of toppings. As for what I may enjoy, if you can read my mind I will include wings with the pizza. Nobody was threatened. Many faith healers are con artists who should be prosecuted if they harm others, and other faith healers might be honestly deluded. Showing disrespect to them is inappropriate in my opinion. I like James Randi's approach: Expose the faith healers with good evidence. It's a fair warning. Some people may turn violent if they believe the helpless are under attack. I've seen it. Fine. Your opinion is noted. Please note that I did not attempt to censor what you said or ridicule what you said. Isn't that good? I think it is. Why then not extend the same respect and freedom to the opinions that differ from your own? Science and modern thought can progress if we are open to freedom of thought and expression of those thoughts. That's the gist of what I've been trying to say since the OP. Jagella
  8. Really? You would ridicule sick and desperate people for seeking healing through religious faith? I'd recommend caution because if there are any able-bodied people around, then you might be picking yourself up off the floor. I see nothing rational about ridicule. Ridicule is devoid of reason and has no capacity to arrive at the truth. I prefer calm, rational arguments backed up by evidence. If somebody seeks healing through faith, I would ask her why she is taking that route and try to steer her in what I hope is a more promising direction. Jagella
  9. I considered that possibility, and I have concluded that they did not ridicule me because they were concerned for my health. None of them suggested standard medical care or did anything else that would suggest that they acted out of goodwill. I don't have cancer (my example was hypothetical), but I do have an injury that I sought a remedy for. I don't know why he lied to me. In any case, although faith healing may be harmful, ridiculing desperate people is also harmful because in addition to being disrespectful it probably won't dissuade people from seeking religious solutions to their problems. Jagella
  10. Trail the heretic! Denounce him wherever he goes. Jagella
  11. What they said was not what I would describe as constructive criticism. It was cruel considering that I was trusting in my Christian faith to heal me of a severe injury. Would you resort to ridicule if you are told by a person dying of cancer that she is looking to a god to heal her? One of those atheists had it in for me. For example, he lied to me saying that a petition was going around to have me evicted from my apartment. So I have reason to believe that it was about me. Let's put you on the receiving end. If some Christians deem your atheism to be ridiculous and ridicule you, would that be OK for you? Jagella
  12. I already posted that i was ridiculed by atheists when I was a Christian. They ridiculed my faith. Yes. My mother, a Roman Catholic, called me an "asshole" because I attended an Assembly of God church. Religion is rough! Jagella
  13. That's a very strange question. You don't know why atheists should be exhorted to act civilized? Is doing so an unfair burden? Is that what some people here mean by "picking on atheists." In any case, I've already explained some of my negative experiences with some atheists. That's why I exhort them to be "good." Just carefully read without prejudice what is posted That way you are more likely to understand the intended meaning of what is stated. Jagella
  14. I thought I already did say that everybody should be fair, polite, and rational. If not: Everybody should be fair, polite, and rational. All better? I will answer that question when you answer this one: Why do you cheat on your taxes? Jagella
  15. Another textbook example of a straw-man argument. It's hard to defend what I never said. Better reading comprehension is sorely needed on this thread. Jagella
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