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  1. no you should not cuss, most people get offended by that including me we should be smart enought to use different language more professional, its not socially acceptable to cuss.
  2. what exactly is an aponeurosis? is it a type of tendon tissue that holds together muscles? how is it different then fascia?for instance there is the palmar aponurosis and the palmar carpal fascia, they both seem like bands of cartilage going around the palm.
  3. I agree with davidivad "the idea in animal research is to use animals that are chemically similar in some cases and physically similar of course. while animals may not be as sophisticated as humans, they often show emotional traits such as mourning for a lost member. i think that this has already been established in the scientific community and so you use rats as opposed to monkeys when you can per se." I consider it justifiable on rats more then chimps or humans because it does more good then harm and the only other way you can create new drugs,rash creams or other medical prosedures.if we didnt use animals then we would be useing people to test drugs and so on. because some experiments worked on animals and failed on humans, that means you just used a person to test a drug,I am not for animal experimentation,I am against human experimentation and we dont have a better alternitive animals also feel sadness and pain when they are under testing, but we feel more sympathetic to humans then animals. "Amrinone, a medication used for heart failure, was tested on numerous animals and was released without trepidation. Humans developed thrombocytopenia, a lack of the type of blood cells that are needed for clotting." I found this on www.navs.org
  4. Unschooling is form of homeschooling where you set no limits on what your child does, you let them choose what they learn what they want to eat and when they want to go to bed.I am not in favor of unschooling. What do you think of unschooling? is this a bad idea? I am a little worried that one of my family members is going to raise their child unschooled. I dont think this is good for them and I dont think she is considering what is good for her child and the downside of unschooling. I am a strong supporter of learning science, I am really interested in science and I think that if I didn't learn it in depth I would have not gotten interested in it at this point in life. I do think that the school made me fall very behind because English is not my first language and I wish I was in advanced placement science classes but at least i can study it now. Is there any way to talk my family member out of this? this is more for the sake of the kid. How hard is it to get back into school if she felt like she wanted to put her daughter back into school after five years of school lets say? I understand that I am not this child's mother but I still really care about her and I at least want the mother to see the dangers of unschooling before she makes this decision, because from what I have talked to her about she dosent know about the dangers of unschooling and she dosent want to consider an opinion of a person who dosent have any experiences with this.I can understand that as well but I do not think this child or any child will do well in this kind of environment. She will however listen to other peoples opinions but none of them have been significant enough for her to think about them. There are also very few videos online not supporting unschooling, most of them support unschooling. But in reality not all unschool children end up in a good position when they are thinking about going to college.
  5. But should we be doing this? I think that i even wonder if we should be recreating modern day animals. I think that eventhough we are causing global warming we should not try to recreate the animals that went extinct because maybe they are supposed to become extinct maybe they became extinct not because of humans or weather it could have been a different reason and maybe there is a reason for them to go extinct.Do we have any ethical obligation to these species that died out because they could no longer survive a changing climate?no we dont, we have an ethical obligation to protect the animals currently living on earth and keep them from extinction Where will they live? who knows zoooz probably Would they even be able to fend for themselves in the modern world? in zoo's yes Would they be taxonomically distinct enough from their surrogate parents to be considered separate species? if they cant have a baby with an animal the same species then their parents then yes they would be distinct, like donkeys cant mate with either horses or mules so they are a different species with a different number of chromosomes thats what really matters.
  6. " I agree with your statement "I stopped being amazed by the depths of human stupidity long ago. Now I'm amazed when we do something smart."I wish I was smarter at least I am trying to become smarter. Some people dont even try. I don't go on facebook at all, I am not a big fan of it. sorry the link didn't open for me so I googled it. I feel so bad for the poor guy, but i am glad to see that he get support from other people and I am glad he posted this intervention. I support gays, I wish things were easier for them in life and I hope that society will accept them one day. I think soon it wont be as much of a problem, people will be accepting many people are already.
  7. thank you for the answers. yea it would make sense that everyone is different how one person processes foods isn't the same way another does, like allergies, some peoples immune response is one way and some others is a different way.
  8. Did I say that some things were not made of of chemicals? I do know that, preservatives and chemicals are not the same thing, I am asking about preservatives.
  9. oh cool I wish we had more books that deal with feminism is the awakening written by Kate Chopin ? I am interested in reading it. so I guess if principles approve the books every school would have different books.I would have thought the country's education board would require the whole country to read the same books and the district could add on any books they wanted.
  10. I am actually an artist that is also interested in science, I am specifically interested in medical illustration, currently i go to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I am hoping to get a masters at some point in either chemistry,medical illustration scientific illustration or something else related to science. I wish it was easier to find out the career I really want. I feel like I should ave started with a science degree. I really like the art on this scite http://streetanatomy.com/ I like to draw different kind of medical diagrams, of the heat thoracic cavity cranium and others.
  11. if you eat alot of healthy food along with a small amount of preservatives like monsoduium glutamate or carboxymethyl cellulose (TVDinner glue) going to make you absorb less preservatives then eating the same amount of preservatives but less food? I use carboxymethylcellulose in making art, we use it because it ph neutral. I feel like these things are really bad for your health but the people that can afford healthy food dont have to worry about it. if I cant afford healthy food I live in the city so I cant grow my own food how can I eat the food that I have and not absorb as much chemicals?like some people eat butter before drinking beer in order to not get as drunk so they can drive, maybe butter dosen't work but there has to be something that effects absorption.
  12. Have you ever wonder why people decide to read the Odyssey and to kill a mocking bird as the schools literary cannon and it never changes, kids 10 years ago read the same books as we do today in schools? Who decides what goes into a literary requirement in schools and how educated are those people? I feel like it should change people should analyze different books new books and think about having them as a requirement because peoples values change and people. The bible was written so long ago and I feel like people dont question the things in it and thats whats probably going on with this too. I think people trust the people who decided this a long time ago and everyone after goes with it.Thoes books that i read in school were so violent I would think and they kind of glorifies violence to protect pride, they are also very misogynist. Wouldnt this stop womens rights from progressing?
  13. Are there any science careers that focus on the scientist looking at the variables and seeing how accurate the experiment is?or do scientists do everything, create experiment consider all aspects and test them? I am really interested in analyzing all the variable to try to see if there are any variables that weren't considered and could be effecting the results. I am interested in measuring how accurate the experiment really is. For instance it looks at how many women versus men are in this experiment , what their health conditions are, what their religions and living conditions are in order to make the experiment more accurate.I really want to either get a science job,or at least be involved in a scientific community. I have just been trying to figure out what I want to do in life because the major I am in right now I realize is not what i really want to do, and its too late to switch majors.
  14. well I know that alcohol does increases your heart rate and heavy drinking weakens the heart muscle,they do drink a lot in Russia though.I was born in Russia but moved to america as a kid. I live in america now I am in college and I don't drink at all. I had a very bad reaction to alcohol the first time i tried it. i might be allergic to it or have some kind of very strong intolerance and sensitivity. yes I agree that eating patterns does effect it but so does hereditary traits, atmosphere ,lifestyle, like exercise and plenty of other things and I wonder if you try to calculate all of the effects and variables that effect this it might even somethings out. I dont know for sure. I don't think there has been such elaborate tests.
  15. wow this is very interesting normally i am not interested in earthquakes because i am not by the coast but its amazing how they were able to find out that there was an earthquake in the 1700, when you say it was found out because of an oral history how was it recorded? someone said it to someone else it got passed down until a certain century and then it got recorded is that what they mean? I read the article on the new yorker and i cant really understand where the big cascadia was i think they said it started near the coast of California but it kept on going west until it reached japan. am i understanding right?
  16. I dont understand how could it attach at the sternum.that would mean it is above that part of the ribs. I understand how it could attach to the vertebra though. How many attachments does it have? this is the website where I found the information http://thewellnessdigest.com/diaphragm-muscle-anatomy-origin-insertion-action-and-innervation/
  17. i think its something in the water that you are having a reaction to. make sure its not from the food you eat, you might be eating something before you drink water and are having a delayed reaction.if not you could either have a reaction to a bacteria in the water or be allergic to something in it. look at all the variables, have you recently moved to a new place? maybe you haven't gotten used to the water, or it might just be a reaction to something else that is going on in your body and water makes it worse. I don't know I am not a doctor. i hope it goes away , sometimes ailments like that go away but if you say you feel dehydrated whatever it is you should treat it as soon as possible.
  18. maybe you can find an internship in the area you live. what do you want to study? sometimes there are jobs that have acsess(don't know how to spell that word) to records like secretary if that will be enough for you work on qualifying for thoes. what kind of records do you want to study? is it something you are going to publish? sorry I may be no help.if you tell me what area you are located in i may be able to look something up.
  19. I heard that too in Russia so yea I think it is universal. if more then one countries study shows those results most other countries should have the same results because then the results are based on the human race rather then a specific culture.
  20. I agree with other posts, its dangerous to take things like this after looking at one I realized they are all scams just based on the titles alone even if I opened the cite the thing that gives it away as a scam is that there are no pages its just one ad, as soon as you click on it it would either make you stuck on the page or the page shows up asking credit card information, these pages are very dangerous. There's nothing that can make you grow taller if you are an adult and you are well nourished, we are programmed to grow a certain amount and then stop.
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