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  1. I think that competition is a good thing for the most part, it leads to better faster results in discoveries inventions and improvements on inventions. it also allows us to choose what we want,well the free market does, the more competitive a company or business is the more likely they want to have good service for an affordable price and they stay in buisness. it can get out of hand like the olympics where people have to take creatine and other steroids to in hence there performance but just having a competition it not the reason they are doing this there can be a more moral and safe Olympics if people did not put so much pressure on them. the point of competitions is not to show compassion, the only compassion i think competitions should have is for you to not do something against the rules or hurt anyone in the competition. and stress is somewhat objective, some people have alot of it and some people none. i had no stress speaking publicly because i love to talk and am not worried about making mistakes but many people had alot of stress but even stress can be good, they will learn how to speak in public without it they wont go out and try to speak in public. of course you dont want to cause extra stress but i think humanity is moral enough to not make peoples lives harder in the us.
  2. I have somewhat of a similar problem, although i did very well in school i was bad at math, i cant believe I got a c in all of the high school math classes. I want to go into science but my worry is i will spend a lot of money on college and end up retaking math classes and still not getting it. my self esteem was so low in high school that i thought i could never do well in any academic college so i went to art school. i am graduating next year and i feel like i just wasted a whole bunch of money. my self esteem is still the same, I got heavily bullied for being in English as a second language and remedial classes and my school skrewed me over by taking me out of all classes and keeping me in esl. if you are serious about studying you will learn. also another worry for me is i do not do well by reading things and learning i would much rather have a lecture. even my art college classes in academic classes more then half of the education is based on reading the text book or supporting texts. I just get c's in thoes classes.you seem like a hard working person, im sure if you keep at it you will do well. you already have motivation, which is something I still don't have, I feel like I need someone to make things easy for me so I can learn.
  3. christ cant be the only one who is exactly 6 ft tall, my dad is also. at least in inches hes less then 6ft1.
  4. maybe I'm an outlier but I closed one eye then the other and I think I see with both eyes the same so how is solving a puzzle with one eye closed any different then the other? do the puzzles have to do with depth or color, even color I don't see a difference from one eye to the other, it might be not a visible difference.
  5. My mom has some crazy beliefs. I just don't understand how a person well educated in science and engineering would believe these things. my dad is also an engineer and he has very scientific beliefs, grounded in reality. my mom thinks that cheating is ok people are not supposed to be monogamous, she beliefs in magic and is friends with people who she calls wizards. She thinks they are real magicians. I'm serious.she believe in karma, which not that bad, I do not believe in karma but its better then magicians. There are some things she does that worry me about her beliefs, like she dose not go to doctors because she thinks they are all bad, she had a tooth fall out because she didn't go to the dentist and she told me she was healing it with meditation.I don't believe meditation can do anything, I don't believe in karma, and I don't believe in magic. I just don't know how to reason with her when she brings these things up. if you are around these kind of people how do you reason with them? I usually just listen say ok and try to change the subject but I usually can't, she loves talking about it. I'm not trying to vent, I just want them to be in rational when I ask them for life advice.Its like the guy who is always joking even when your trying to be serious with him. my parents have a friend like that and we are not really close friends now but still see him often.
  6. I agree with ajb this is what the dictionraly would define it as "the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. a particular system of philosophical thought."
  7. thats funny, my professor told me she got a phD just to get to wear the tam hat, she was kidding of course.
  8. I understand all the words but im not sure what you mean. As I understand it you are asking are they strong headed in their opinion but mostly in agreement or in support of each other but disagree a lot and kind and informative about it. please correct me if I misunderstood. I think people can be strong headed but in disagreement so I wouldn't want to link agreement and strongly set in their opinion. i think scientist are mostly in agreement on things that have good scientific proof behind it.they are usually open minded because science is the pursuit of knowledge and knowledge can form an opinion.
  9. yep thanks I am on dating sites. maybe it will work out one day, I just don't like waiting.
  10. yes it did.I dont remember how I found out where babies come from ,I knew when I asked when I was very little they told me that storks bring them but everything else i found out online. they didn't let me masturbate they said it was wrong and only sluts do it and to this I am afraid to masturbate, I am just afraid of everything sexual because then I'm a slut. women are just afraid to be sluts. its just, then what? what do I do to reverse this mentality?but I wonder what kids grow up if they watch inappropriate porn at a very young age.
  11. I so not think you'll find something that pumps air out of such a small container. its best to either use a type of food that stays good in containers or try different containers. I like ziplock bags the most.
  12. I have the same question, I think people are afraid here to admit they are atheists or agnostic. and I think even if you are not strongly religious your beliefs can greatly impact the things you do. I respect freedom of religion. but i want to be with like minded people,Christians, Muslims and Jews have communities around the country I can join if i agreed there is not really as big or prominant atheist community thats all I want. I m glad that at least atheism is not viewed as morally wrong by the general public, people will treat me the same weather I'm atheist or not.
  13. I think it really depends on the age and what kind of porn the kid watches, I think its good to have some exposure to the opposite gender because they have a natural curiosity about what the opposite gender looks like. I cant remember the exact age I started but I think it was around 6 or 7th grade. I watched pretty tame porn and for me I just wanted to see penises learn more about the male body because there is no other way to see nudity. I remember around that time my parents didn't want to give me any kind of sex talk, they still haven't talked to me about it, but they gave me a book on sexual reproduction that shows the male and female organs, I ripped out the male one and hung it on my wall to look at, they asked my why did you hang that up, I told them I'm learning anatomy. I laugh about it now, ant at the time I had no embarrassment about it but now I'm embarrassed about anything sexual and thats probably because my parents didn't talk about it and it was a secret from me I had no one to talk to about it so the only opinion I had was my parents and they made it sound taboo. Around that time they also put parental controls on the internet where I couldn't access porn or nudity. I would type in nude or naked man and all the nude images were blocked.I became ashamed for liking boys because I was not allowed to look at them and now i have a hard time talking about it to anyone. and Im just embarrassed about my sexual organs. I think hiding these sort of things can be just as bad as letting them watch whatever they want. I think if i was a parent I would control what they watched I wouldnt want them watching hardcore porn, I would talk to them and figure out a way for them to not watch anything that's psychologically damaging. I think its important to have discussions with your kid about porn and sexuality. if they don't watch it at your house they might go over to a friends house.
  14. clothes can definitely say a lot about the person, I also wonder if there is any psychology behind the looks of clothing. like maybe clothing does not have a societal determined meaning. perhaps a certain kind of clothes appeals to intelligent people because it looks comfortable and clean cut. but at the same time there are definitely outliers with clothing, some intelligent people are stuck working dirty jobs where they cant wear good looking clothing.
  15. I find that strange too, I have seen children hit themselves when they realize their wrong but I haven't seen it for frustration I see more hitting the table for frustration. I guess they just need to hit something and they don't want to damage anything so they hit themselves.
  16. these are all different reactions, drug addiction is different then falling out of love. http://www.nytimes.com/1987/03/17/science/intensity-of-emotion-tied-to-perception-and-thinking.html?pagewanted=all there are some studies show that highly emotional people will be highly emotional throughout life. this dosent relate as much to your topic but it might be informative. some people get strong emotions , people who get strong emotions other people don't see it as those do these people have more complex lives.in one study people kept a journal of emotions from their day to day lives and were graphic shown images the emotional people reacted on emotion but the unemotional were focused on general findings, what color pants they were wearing and did not react that much to the entire situation. study suggests that your level of emotion is inherited in genetics. so people who are more emotional probably don't loose love for each other over a period of time as much as people who are not emotional. this article talked more about being strongly emotional but I can relate it to loos of love over time because those people have a different perception of love then unemotional people. its just hard to generalize every one. http://www.slate.com/blogs/quora/2013/03/25/why_does_love_lose_its_intensity_with_time.html these are responses from different people about love intensity. new relationships feel like being in new hotel, its exiting and not much work goes into it but after a while its more like owning a house you still like it but you have to put work to it. there were brain scans done of people go into relationships for a few weeks and few years thoes scans showed that after a while people had different parts of the brain activated thoes relative to long term attachments and the conclusion is that you cant compare a new relationship to an old one because they are very different. relationships fail because there is no more infatuation and they really didn't love them. I couldnt find anything regarding to loos of interest in music. I can go into drugs and loss of interest of taste drugs and food have very similar neurology behind them but i dont want to spend too much time writing this all out, im a slow typer and I spent too much time looking for articles so i will just linc the articles and copy and paste things that answer your question. http://alcoholrehab.com/addiction-articles/addiction-dependence-and-tolerance/ "Physical dependence refers to how the body experiences physiological adaptation in response to chronic use of a drug. Humans adapt so well to having these substances in their system that they suffer negative consequences if the drug is stopped abruptly – these are referred to as withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms do not only occur with recreational drugs – they can also occur with other medications such as antidepressants. Those who develop a physical dependence will often usually develop tolerance to the drug as well. It differs from addiction because it is a physiological state and not a dysfunctional behavioral syndrome. It would be correct to say that most addicts will have developed a physical dependence on their drug." "Dopamine in the brain creates the experience of pleasure and well being. The neurotransmitter serotonin reduces pain–the highs of anxiety and the lows of depression. The biochemistry of how food, especially refined foods, can lower the blood sugar and trigger serotonin release has long been known. This biochemical mechanism was first pointed to by Wurtman et al in 1988 as the possible mechanism of food addiction. It works like this: Insulin released in the digestion of simple carbohydrates lowers the blood sugar level, and tryptophan, another amino acid, goes more easily to the brain and creates a serotonin reaction."http://foodaddictioninstitute.org/scientific-research/physical-craving-and-food-addiction-a-scientific-review/
  17. this still relates to why I want a surgery, self insecurity developed from mens rejections. I do go to the library once in a while not many people there my age, if any. but that is a good idea, I don't go to bars anyway. its hard to meet people in museums I cant keep a conversation going, so far the best places i got to meet men is on public transportation and at our local pool. thank you for the advice. thoes are the places with grate men maybe I need different tactics.
  18. I cant seem to convert them into sayings, but I can write them down into a story. I thought about writing my books down and publishing them as short stories or add on and invent long books out of them but first I would have to patent the stories and find a publishing company, become good at writing, I would rather write down the stories and have a writer publish them. I do try to illustrate my dreams because im an art major, some of them came out ok but some im just not capable without references, I need to go out and look for references, I cant use someones photos off line.
  19. i think the zoo did the right thing but still its partially their fault. they should not have big enough hols in cages that people can get in. how did the mother not notice, i would think she kept a good eye on him if she had no other kid to look after.
  20. I just wanted to know your thoughts on the story about the gorilla that got shot because a four year old boy climbed in the cage with it and the zoo did not want the boy to get injured. who do you think should be responsible? I agree with their decision about shooting the gorilla, a tranquilizer would take too long to kick in and something might happen to the boy by then. I think its both the parents and the zoos fault, they would not have cages that people can get in. but I think its more the zoos then the parents, it just surprises me that the zoo has such cages that you can climb in for such wild animals. zoos should be prepared for kids trying to get close to the animals , mainly families with ids go there.its possible that its more the mothers fault if she must have left her child for a while. but i read a few different articles and none of them stated how long the mother left her kid alone. if its one kid i would assume the mother would be following it around the zoo anyway. the articles said the father was not there.
  21. i do not think that dreams mean anything because whenever I read the meaning behind dreams it docent fit my dreams. if they meant something then one dream should mean the same thing to everyone that has it. so having a drem to balance out emotions makes a lot more sense to me. they cant exist for no reason. it also says here that most dreaming occurs in deep sleep http://psychcentral.com/lib/stages-of-sleep/ i also wonder what makes you remember a dream. I dont remember most of mine, i get one every once in a while but my parents have a dream they remember every night. they love to wake up and tell me what it is. i do remember alot more nightmares when i was younger but my beat friend made e watch all these scary movies like the ring and when a stranger calls and most of my nightmares were about those movies. i bet that if i watched them again i wolud get scary dreams. I also got a nightmare from bugs crawling in real life i was getting a nightmare that the bugs were eating me and when i woke up i had bug bites all over my legs, so they were kind of showing reality. another weird thing is i never had talking in any of my dreams or nightmares, its always either sounds or gestures.
  22. yea I agree I don't want shallow guys. but i want a guy. I just thought about everything I want to change is possible to change, my mom said do you like the way you look?, I'm like no, then she said why not change to the way you want to look ?whats stopping you?. and i thought about it, I decided nothing I dont want to go through life hating the way I look and after this there is nothing else I would want to change or thoes things are not possible to change. your right people cant be both muscular and have big boobs naturally. I dont know which one I would pick, probably still the boobs. maybey its because i know what its like to have big boobs, i got way more attention from guys then. honesty i think everyone looks for a partner at least at part based from looks, i just cant imagine a guy telling me im pretty and me responding well your not ugly.I might be wrong but i think guys also want you to think their hot in a relationship. but so many people now a days either have good genetics or get plastic surgery, my parents dont like the idea of plastic surgery but they dont know that I'm planning to get one. maybe I just have to learn how to get self esteem, but telling myself I'm pretty does not help, its like telling someone there is no such thing as earth, clearly there is i would just be lying to myself and not truly believe it. I do look for guys,I do start out being friends but hey kind of set themselves up for a friendship with me and dont want to date me. they look at me as workout buddies.or they have girlfriends. thank you for all your responses.
  23. iNow has a good source I found another site for it,http://www.drugs.com/sfx/aspirin-side-effects.html these were listed here frequently reported side effects include: heartburn, epigastric distress, dyspepsia, and nausea.but yea allergic reaction and stroke is another one.
  24. I agree with stringjunky, one looks at peers or majority to determine morals, you think logically, you determine the pros and cons, of course I don't support cannibalism but you cant compare that to veganism/vegetarianism. the reason why it is so easy for me to say that we should not punish people for eating meat is, I don't want to restrict many people for something that will not do them any good, there are people who can not survive on a vegan diet, you hare harming people by preventing them from choosing their diet. I am one of thoes people, I am allergic to nuts and soy, and i hate beans, I dont know where I would get protein if I didin't eat meat.I do not think that takeing supplements is a healthy diet and it is not something I am willing to do. veganism is a sacrifice and you cant expect people to make that sacrifice. you are also harming people from preventing them from getting an abortion but you are not harming any person by being vegan, its animals that are harmed, and they will be killed by animals anyway. for me veganism and vegetarianism dosent seem to be worth it, I am for saving the planet and the only thing that will save the planet is not raising cows, they contribute to global warming but not eating the other animals will cause extinction and that is supposedly worse then raising htem as livestock because it will effect the ecosystem. I already don't like the taste of beef so i dont eat cow. this is a video i found on youtube about the effects of veganism, and my conclusions from it is that if everyone goes vegan it will do more harm then good, thats how I determine morals. of course im not the arbetor of morals but everyone has a sense of whats morals and not and you cant just blindly follow someones morals if you dont agree with them. im not sure if im allowed to provide a link to a video but this is what you have to search on youtube. people look at whats good for humanity and whats good for the future because sometimes we have to put our morals aside over survival. Debate: Should Everyone Go Vegan?TheVeganAtheist
  25. I agree with stringjunky in his last post, dreams can exist to balance out emotions you experience in life so you wouldn't be too happy or too sad.I would have never thought about it so thank you for the post. I also agree that our brain acts differently in our dreams we would not think that way in life, sorry if I'm using over simplified language its just that i have to read many of these posts many times to understand the full meaning.
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