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  1. How do I delete my account? I was thinking of asking an administrator or moderator but they are probably too busy moderation or doing administration. i did not want to burden them with questions. I want to delete it because I'm not sure how much im going to use it. I used it a lot in college but now I work a lot and i dont have as much time to pursue my interest in science. 

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    2. hypervalent_iodine


      Sorry, I don't get email notifications about people posting statuses on my profile, so I frequently do not see them. I'd suggest using PM next time. 

      You cannot delete your account, and anything you have posted here will remain. As Phi suggested, we can ban you if you would like, or you could simply change your password to something you won't remember and log out. . 

    3. Lyudmilascience


      can I at least delete all my posts? I could not find an edit or delete button on them, I think I just want to start off on a clean slate , I asked too many dumb questions. 

    4. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Absolutely not, that's what we want to avoid. It would ruin the threads you were involved in, make them look strange with remarks out of context and replies to quotes that are no longer there.

      Can I suggest that the "clean slate" concept is overrated? You're much more interesting as a person who has made mistakes and learned from them, than as a clean slate with no history. The past is present in you now, and will be into the future. And really, there are no dumb questions. Questions illuminate our ignorance so it can be fixed. 

      I wish you the absolute best of luck. If you aren't too busy, please stop by sometime. We can be a good reference for learning even if you don't want to participate in the discussions.

  2. yea that's a good answer, I agree the parents are causing it. But then those exact kids would be punished straight from birth, they could have been born to healthy parents that dont do any of thoes things, and there are healthy parents that still have kids born with deformities because of their own genetics. I am having a real hard time getting over it but I really hope that karma does not exist, not that i have done anything bad, but because I dont want there to be injustices blamed on children, like saying they did something bad in their pased lives, even adults, blamed that way.
  3. yea it really makes me feel like the world is not fair, and it makes me less motivated because i might not get rewarded for my effort. the odd thing is i did not cry right away, i did not feel bad right away but when it hit ,it hit hard, i started crying the next day over dropping a dish. I feel bad over that, I still really loved her. is it normal not to cry right away?
  4. peppers with four bumps are female and with three male. It makes me wonder what other kind of plants the gender is easily identified,I know of a lot where the female has spots and the male does not but sometimes they are so faint it is hard to tell.
  5. if karma existed then why are there children's hospitals and children committing suicide? I know some people will say oh its something they did in their past lives, but I think that is a BS excuse to not admit that life is not fair for some possibly many people. if there were past lives why dosent it work that the people get punished in them rather then a different life wouldn't that make more sense? I just found out that a child I used to babysit and play with commit suicide. I did not even get to go to their funeral because they are in Europe. She did it because she was spanked at home and bullied at school and it all just got to her. I talked to a few of her relatives. it was really tough for me to handle and still is, I hope I will feel better with time but I just find myself thinking about it more and more now. it just makes me upset hearing from people that they support spanking their children, I just can not believe anyone spanks a child.this is the first and only person i know who commit suicide and she was a young kid so its really hard for me to handle. I feel so strongly about this topic. I hope one day no one will ever spank any children. What kind of justification can you give to say that spanking a child is moral? I used to volunteer at a children's hospital and I heard there were babies born with cancer. it doesnt sit well with me saying these kids deserve terminal illnesses, there are kids born with all different types of things, deformations, HIV and other things. I used to think that volunteering there would bring me some sort of fulfillment and satisfaction but it did the opposite, i just could not believe how horrible life is for some people.
  6. I think the key would be to have the most moral people in it so I would have to set starting point rules that everyone has to follow, thoes how don't with have to be in a different society. I dont know this is a lot to think about.
  7. yep or just not change it at all.
  8. is finding the right person science of belief based? can science explain how its supposed to work ? animals dont care as much as people in what personality of mate they mate with they don't have much options but people have any options and our psychology is much more complicated then animals.most people say the right person will come along. how do they know, what if he never will, i feel like society has a negative view overall. they think that there is a soulmate rather then a variety of people that your compatible with.it would make it so much harder if there was only one right person for us, one person that we will never divorce. is this something that can be answered by science?or is it something like the meaning of life there can be only opinion surrounding it?i just have a broken family so i worry about it full of divorce and cheating.
  9. after reading the comments i have figured out how to word myself, i was trying to figure out how to say, I think that people can be classified as something other then animals because we often separate ourselves form animals but in other cases we say we are just like animals.like plants are living things but they are not animals. its kind of a contradiction to have both. we are more aware of the world then animals, bats may have echo location but they are not even comparable when it comes to the amount of information we know about the world, no animal knows that much.
  10. sorry for the misunderstanding, I don't mean that we are not animals, I think we are more then animals, and should be put in a different category to distinguish us from animals.
  11. I know I haven't been on here for a while, or posted anything, but that's because I am embarrassed to post my questions, i feel dumb asking these things. why does nail polish look better underwater? it looks more deeper and a brighter color. i cant seem to photograph it really well because i can not work my phone with one hand that well, it doesnt set the sharpness where i want it to be. there must be some kind of way the light bounces around once it gets underwater, i also noticed you can see a better contrast between where you put a think coat of nail polish on then thin. i know this is a really girly thing of me to ask. p.s. I don't know which category this goes in, i thought it should go into physics because it deals with light. sorry if this is in the wrong category.
  12. is it possible that we should not classify humans as animals; because they have a natural better understanding of the world in the bigger picture? I dont know how hominids thought but i think even they question their existence and in almost any circumstance create tools and lead to doing science. I think science is the main way we advance. we do experiments and observe the world. so is it possible to put humans in a different category because of the fact that they are mentally too different? maybe this just comes from the fact that I hate when people call humans animals. it makes it seem like we have not evolved, but i am always amazed of how evolved we actually are and how much better we have become from creating fire, how much we can create now.
  13. thank you , I am a very honest an emotional person and I just do not have any place to release all my emotion so I end up never satisfied writing or thinking about it. i do over think things because I want to solve my own problems. I don't have too many things in science on here because I do not know that much. so I mainly just read others posts and post on opinion ones. I wish I was less emotional and more motivated to learn science. The things I want to be good at are not the things I am actually good at. Its hard to live with that.
  14. thanks It kind of makes me feel better but count your blessings and your so lucky does not, it makes me worry that I get too much and i do not deserve it, it makes me feel guilty for being spoiled. I really appreciate everything i have and I feel like I am doing as much as i can to show my appreciation. But i am not the one spoiling myself and I still do not feel good in life. It bothers me that people tell me you should be happy in life because your so lucky and i still dont feel happy. i do not know how to make myself happy.
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