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  1. Look, I will be presenting my theory of everything on September 21st this year, I will just present it then. Thanks, goodbye.
  2. Ok, think about it, why I am here, what is my motivation?
  3. When it comes to politics I do not mess about, I plan on gently crushing every secular government on the planet and replacing them with a world wide caliphate where we can all live together in peace in the splendour of God's garden and under his divine rule.
  4. Thank you for your wonderfully kind comments. Of course being God like you can see everything and have clearly been watching over me the last couple of weeks. So it is bullshit, where is the evidence to support your claim it is bullshit, where is the logic to support your claim it is bullshit? You have none, you just believe it is bullshit because it does not agree with your preconceptions. You maybe scientists in science but you clearly throw all that out of the window when it comes down to the fact you might be wrong about the universe. For example, part of the theory of everything,
  5. Ok, I am a Taoist grand master and last week I achieved enlightenment meaning that I have not been asleep for like 13 days in a row, and I just keeping feeling more and more alive. As I understand the science of my religion if do not go to sleep I will not age, and if I keep going then I will become immortal being able to levitate and eventually fly. This would be much like the biblical Adam, the first enlightened man. Now I am pretty sure that modern 'science' would say it is nonsense, but how else do you explain a man not sleeping for 13 days?
  6. It is only atheists that require science and religion be separate. For example, there is a clear well defined science to religion. Likewise, the big bang/evolutionary theology is nothing more than religion cloaked in scientific language, except Godless religions are called cults. Now if you think there is no science in religion, you are just an ignorant atheist, religion is based on a very clear well understood science.
  7. This is about cocky, arrogant know it alls who are going around calling people crackpots for simply coming to discuss science. It is other people trolling me and its rather boring, I was hoping for some serious discussion but its a joke, this forum is full of prejudice and dishonourable conduct, simply because a religious scientist has realised Einstein's dream and not an atheist one. I haven't published it publicly because it would be very dangerous in the wrong hands, you are talking about being the entire power of the universe in your hands. This is why I was here, to try and sh
  8. Jesus owns the majority of banks in the western world, and like him I have a licence to print money, I have as much money as I want. Now you brainiacs think about it, at one point in time there was no money, now there is trillions of the stuff in circulation. Where did it come from exactly? Did it like the universe just magic into being? Jesus created the modern banking system by introducing paper money and out competing the gold diggers who were using metal money. The modern banking system is a con, it is a very large, sophisticated pyramid scheme because those who have done t
  9. You see people think I am some sort of crackpot but the evidence would suggest otherwise. For example, I am a billionaire earning massive amounts of wealth doing online trading. I am also about to launch a martial arts academy (url deleted) in the UK which will be the first and only university dedicated to martial arts, alongside a network of free schools. I am without a shadow of a doubt the worlds greatest living martial artist. Now how sure are you I am a crackpot?
  10. I have told you the universe is a kind of cellular automata, the science, and no body wanted to know. They were more interested in other things. The conversations here are a waste of time, thanks for the input so far, goodbye.
  11. I am not a creationist, as previously stated the universe is a spatially infinite and eternal kind of cellular automata (the underlying architecture of the universe). It is big bangers that are the real creationists. The problem with the very intelligent people on here is that they are not very wise. You keep asking me to prove like I am in some obligated to share it with people, you keep demanding I prove it, no one has ever once asked kindly. Richard Dawkins and many other people are white suprematists who demand everyone learn and respect their viewpoint and culture while ap
  12. Ok, you are a ignorant, arrogant fool. Now that is not a very nice for me to do, but you insist I am a crackpot based on your theories and evidence which is all subjective. Its all opinion, none of it is logically coherent, its a guess, a stab in the dark. People 'feel' as if I am a crackpot so therefore I am, that isn't logic. I have told people I have realised Einstein's dream and all they can do is call me a crackpot. What would you do if someone called you a crackpot? What would you think of them? There is a saying treat others as you would like to treat yourself, go and review my posts it
  13. Look, I did not start with the insults, I tried to keep it civil but when people are aggressively and viciously attacking you (calling someone a crackpot for instance) it is hard to keep your cool and not fire something back. Look, creationism, big bang, same thing, the universe was created some time in the past by unknown forces. Creationism is just for show, Christians don't really believe it, it was just designed to try and get big bangers to see how there own creationism is nonsense. All the worlds religions, at the highest level, teach the same things. You cannot read a holy b
  14. I have not refused to disclose it, I have simply stipulated that I must be treated with dignity and respect before doing so. Of course I would love to share it wise people because we can then further humankind's knowledge and understanding.
  15. But a quick review of all my posts quite clearly show it is others who start acting like little boys and throwing insults my way. Are they not little small minded bigots? Or is it me that is the small minded bigot? Apart from the trolls on here I have found some sincere and intelligent people with whom I am confident we could discuss the nature of reality much to our delight. Now who is the small minded bigot here? Who is the crackpot? How confident are you are have not realised Einstein's dream of a theory of everything? I mean if you 'know' that I have not, then you are claiming
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