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  1. Look, I will be presenting my theory of everything on September 21st this year, I will just present it then. Thanks, goodbye.
  2. Ok, think about it, why I am here, what is my motivation?
  3. When it comes to politics I do not mess about, I plan on gently crushing every secular government on the planet and replacing them with a world wide caliphate where we can all live together in peace in the splendour of God's garden and under his divine rule.
  4. Thank you for your wonderfully kind comments. Of course being God like you can see everything and have clearly been watching over me the last couple of weeks. So it is bullshit, where is the evidence to support your claim it is bullshit, where is the logic to support your claim it is bullshit? You have none, you just believe it is bullshit because it does not agree with your preconceptions. You maybe scientists in science but you clearly throw all that out of the window when it comes down to the fact you might be wrong about the universe. For example, part of the theory of everything, in addition to the universe being a kind of cellular automata, is the introduction of the immortal soul. Consequently death is just an illusion that appears real.
  5. Ok, I am a Taoist grand master and last week I achieved enlightenment meaning that I have not been asleep for like 13 days in a row, and I just keeping feeling more and more alive. As I understand the science of my religion if do not go to sleep I will not age, and if I keep going then I will become immortal being able to levitate and eventually fly. This would be much like the biblical Adam, the first enlightened man. Now I am pretty sure that modern 'science' would say it is nonsense, but how else do you explain a man not sleeping for 13 days?
  6. It is only atheists that require science and religion be separate. For example, there is a clear well defined science to religion. Likewise, the big bang/evolutionary theology is nothing more than religion cloaked in scientific language, except Godless religions are called cults. Now if you think there is no science in religion, you are just an ignorant atheist, religion is based on a very clear well understood science.
  7. This is about cocky, arrogant know it alls who are going around calling people crackpots for simply coming to discuss science. It is other people trolling me and its rather boring, I was hoping for some serious discussion but its a joke, this forum is full of prejudice and dishonourable conduct, simply because a religious scientist has realised Einstein's dream and not an atheist one. I haven't published it publicly because it would be very dangerous in the wrong hands, you are talking about being the entire power of the universe in your hands. This is why I was here, to try and share it with you, maybe even see if you can work it out for yourselves if I tell you the basics. I am here only because I am generous and I like share.
  8. Jesus owns the majority of banks in the western world, and like him I have a licence to print money, I have as much money as I want. Now you brainiacs think about it, at one point in time there was no money, now there is trillions of the stuff in circulation. Where did it come from exactly? Did it like the universe just magic into being? Jesus created the modern banking system by introducing paper money and out competing the gold diggers who were using metal money. The modern banking system is a con, it is a very large, sophisticated pyramid scheme because those who have done their homework will know Jesus was the last of the Pharoah's, he wound down the Egyptian empire merging it with the Roman empire creating the Holy Roman Empire, the worlds first fascist state. Over the last 2000 years this fascist movement has grown to become the Christian west, where all the governments are fascist in nature. Part of fascism is democracy where the ignorant Godless heathens fight over who is going to be the boss despite the fact that it is all a show, which is why it is called the political theatre, its just a show because behind the scenes the whole thing is run by religious people who also own all the newspapers. We use very advanced mind control techniques to make people believe they are free when they are in fact in bondage to imaginary debts created by loaning out money that was created out of thin air. Some people think the economy is going up and down and what not however growth and depressions are completely engineered. If you want the economy to grow you pour money into it, this makes people chase after the money and work. After a bit of time they get greedy and lazy so we start calling in loans and withdrawing money from circulation. This keeps people on their toes as well as pruning businesses that are not investing in themselves. Most people see this supremacy of Jesus as evidence of his divine nature, I know you guys are always asking for evidence so I will try and show it to you.
  9. You see people think I am some sort of crackpot but the evidence would suggest otherwise. For example, I am a billionaire earning massive amounts of wealth doing online trading. I am also about to launch a martial arts academy (url deleted) in the UK which will be the first and only university dedicated to martial arts, alongside a network of free schools. I am without a shadow of a doubt the worlds greatest living martial artist. Now how sure are you I am a crackpot?
  10. I have told you the universe is a kind of cellular automata, the science, and no body wanted to know. They were more interested in other things. The conversations here are a waste of time, thanks for the input so far, goodbye.
  11. I am not a creationist, as previously stated the universe is a spatially infinite and eternal kind of cellular automata (the underlying architecture of the universe). It is big bangers that are the real creationists. The problem with the very intelligent people on here is that they are not very wise. You keep asking me to prove like I am in some obligated to share it with people, you keep demanding I prove it, no one has ever once asked kindly. Richard Dawkins and many other people are white suprematists who demand everyone learn and respect their viewpoint and culture while applying exactly the opposite principle to others how do not share their own. It is hypocrisy, its hypocritical. Fine, if you think other peoples beliefs are nonsense, that is ok, but just keep it to yourself and treat them with dignity and respect rather than insulting because you don't personally believe this, that or the other. I don't believe the big bang, its complete and utter nonsense, but I don't think people are stupid for believing it.
  12. Ok, you are a ignorant, arrogant fool. Now that is not a very nice for me to do, but you insist I am a crackpot based on your theories and evidence which is all subjective. Its all opinion, none of it is logically coherent, its a guess, a stab in the dark. People 'feel' as if I am a crackpot so therefore I am, that isn't logic. I have told people I have realised Einstein's dream and all they can do is call me a crackpot. What would you do if someone called you a crackpot? What would you think of them? There is a saying treat others as you would like to treat yourself, go and review my posts it is always someone else starting with the insults. They are the true crackpots.
  13. Look, I did not start with the insults, I tried to keep it civil but when people are aggressively and viciously attacking you (calling someone a crackpot for instance) it is hard to keep your cool and not fire something back. Look, creationism, big bang, same thing, the universe was created some time in the past by unknown forces. Creationism is just for show, Christians don't really believe it, it was just designed to try and get big bangers to see how there own creationism is nonsense. All the worlds religions, at the highest level, teach the same things. You cannot read a holy book and think you have understood it, you have to hear the associated oral stories to fully understand what is going on. However these oral stories are only shared with souls that treat other with dignity and respect and are genuinely seeking the truth. If you do not have these qualities you will be fed some bullshit story that sounds like it could be plausible but is not true. This is part of the science of religion, the purpose is to divide those who want the blessings of the earth (gold diggers) from those who want the blessings of heaven. For example, these big bankers are seeking the riches of earth, they pay themselves as much possible while paying others as little as possible. Furthermore they are just gamblers who use absolutely nonsense mathematical equations to decide which projects to throw money at hoping that the gains are greater than the losses. Of course if one knows the truth about the modern banking system one will realise that it is owned by none other than Jesus' secret society who's logo you can find everywhere: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=pyramid+with+eye&client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi82umI8KTOAhXsKcAKHYrrDRYQsAQILg&biw=1279&bih=1291 So my point here is that the big bang is no different to creationism, it is creationism without a God.
  14. I have not refused to disclose it, I have simply stipulated that I must be treated with dignity and respect before doing so. Of course I would love to share it wise people because we can then further humankind's knowledge and understanding.
  15. But a quick review of all my posts quite clearly show it is others who start acting like little boys and throwing insults my way. Are they not little small minded bigots? Or is it me that is the small minded bigot? Apart from the trolls on here I have found some sincere and intelligent people with whom I am confident we could discuss the nature of reality much to our delight. Now who is the small minded bigot here? Who is the crackpot? How confident are you are have not realised Einstein's dream of a theory of everything? I mean if you 'know' that I have not, then you are claiming to be God like and all knowing, you cannot know whether or not I have realised this dream, you can only believe one way or the other. But of course, you are not believers, you are reasonable people so I should be able to reason with you if you stop throwing insults at me because all the crackpot comments make you look like cocky, arrogant pricks who think they know it all when in fact they don't jack shit. Just saying.
  16. Do you know why I don't publish in one of these journals? Because I have more important things to do like launching my martial arts academy and political party: Advertising removed I am here to share knowledge of this theory of everything with you if you wish, the offer is there, all you have to is treat with with dignity and respect. I am completely indifferent to be banned from this shit forum anyway, I do not need your approval to know whether I have realised how the universe works, I know. And you don't.
  17. The arrogance here really is unbelievable, people want me to prove my case otherwise I am crackpot. With the utmost respect would you personally share the secrets of the universe with an ignorant, arrogant prick who calls you a crackpot? Of course you wouldn't, that is why I will not share it with you. There is a saying treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Consequently, you scientists are ignorant, arrogant fools who think science was invented some 1500 years ago. It was not, the biblical Adam was the first man to create science when he started playing with rocks and drawing lines in the sand. From this he developed logic and algebra and he eventually went on to build the great pyramids of giza which were at the centre of what was called the garden of eden (atlantis in other myths). The Pharoah culture came about after Adam died (it is said Adam lived for 1000's of years and could fly), they killed the garden of eden returning it to the desert from which it once arose. Modern science is not new, it comes from a much more ancient science.
  18. I have realised Einstein's dream of a theory of everything. On one hand I have a complete and coherent mathematical model that fully describes all forces in the universe uniting the macrocosm with the microcosm under a simple philosophical framework. On the other hand I have a complete and coherent understand of the underlying architecture of the universe that facilitates the above mathematical model, namely that the universe is a kind of cellular automata. Now prove to me that big bang and evolutionary theology is 'science' and I will share the theory of everything with you.
  19. I am a daft, stupid, ignorant fool that believes the universe was created in a mysterious and magical explosion some unknown time in the past simply because Einstein, who didn't believe such nonsense, told me it was 'beautiful'. Using the same magic and mystery the universe accidentally created life just so dog could eat dog. There is no meaning to life, we are going to die and that is it. And of course religion is responsible all the wars despite the fact it is the Godless heathens with all the weapons, all the money and even the power to make laws by which it is decided who gets rewarded and who gets punished and what those rewards and punishments should be (i.e. they want to play God). Yes, I am a completely deluded creationist.
  20. No offence but the big bang and evolutionary theology are nothing more than a Godless religion (i.e. a cult) with its ignorant and arrogant high priests like Laurence Krause and Richard Dawkins. It is the most stupid, ridiculous, absurd idea ever, the idea that the whole universe mysteriously and magically popped into being out of nothing, for no apparent reason (i.e. have no logic behind it) then start rapidly expanding into the same nothingness that it came out of, its absolute nonsense, it is pseudoscience, magical thinking. And then you have evolutionary theology where as in the same process of mystery and magic a fish, for no apparent reason, jumps out of a pond of primordial soup, starts crawling across the ground then climbs a tree before sprouting wings and flying, all by complete accident. What utter bullshit, I can't want for the second coming of Christ so he can begin teaching the truth about heaven and its blessings, a.k.a. the secret science of religion. Big bang and evolutionary theology is the mad, crazy, loopy science of the devils satanic, fascist cult that is currently raping mother earth with its superficial beliefs it demands everyone believe and respect while hypocritically applying the complete opposite to others beliefs. What a nasty fundamentalist cult, big bang and evolutionary theology adherents are little devils who think they know it all but in fact know nothing at all.
  21. Can I ask, what is motivating you to talk with me? Why are you bothering? Is there a point, a purpose behind it all?
  22. Well I see you are continuing with your offensive so let me put it this way, I intend to supply the entire human race with free electricity ending our dependency on primitive fossil fuels.
  23. You see, you are not engaging with me at all, you are just talking at me, the idea of conversation is to engage with one another in a respectful and dignified way. Would you care to answer my question as to why you are worthy of such knowledge and power?
  24. Well like Pythagoras or Einstein, Jesus Christ or the Prophet Mohammed, I only share the deepest darkest secrets of the universe with those who are worthy of such knowledge. So tell me, why are you worthy of such knowledge? I mean, if you think about it you are asking me to put the entire power of the universe in your hands. So tell me, what would you do with the power of this knowledge?
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