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  1. OMG THE PLACE IS FULL OF KIDS.....that tells me everything!!!!
  2. Culprit probably an elderly veggie grower,with a "i had this lottie 34 year.....be damned if i let someone have BEEEEEZ near my bloody garden". That type of person and not too far away from your location,probably "tut...tut..damn shame that sonny...young uns today eh....oh well perhaps its for the best not keeping anymore bees eh". I remember necking next doors Pidg......ooops only kidding but you get the picture YT.
  3. Its not how but why! The virtual photon was added to the calculations because of problems in physics.Adding virtual photons made the math hypothetically correct.Experiments have proven using the virtual photon makes everything hunky- dory again,however that does not mean that there is any such thing as virtual photons. Swansont wold be able to explain it better.
  4. Omg it has to be my contact lens. Those with the 3 month life expectancy.Being a normal person unless they actually are splitting or turning into wrinkly crisps with fungal growth,you wear the little buggers till they disintergrate. Well id had this pair two years and as usual a trip to the nightclub and eventually falling into bed at 3am complete with curry in hair etc."yep id left em in" The next day i thought it funny that my vision was milky,oh dear my eyes were starting to sting .Looking in the mirror they were tomato red,quickly removing them from my eyes a sigh of relief yes i hadnt been wrong.My vision was still milky it must be foggy today. Anyway i endured another 3 hours of excrusciating pain before i eventually went to hospital and recieved treatment.The consultant said id been very lucky that i had my vision as my left eye had some fancy name stripped from it but everything turned out okay.Though i can no longer stare directly at the sun anymore ...damn:-(
  5. Ive got the game return of the sith its excellent. it didnt take too long to erm sort out either....
  6. Pedophilia is IMO very common.Its certainly been with us throughout our history.In the none too distant past it was socially accepted to actually wed what we now consider a child(correction always been a child but difficult times) In the social environment now its not acceptable,therefore people must mask and NOT act on the sexual attraction ever!! Which i consider the vast numbers comply with,and understand that its simply wrong regardless of illegality.However deviants who groom ,rape, murder children are not to be pitied,it would be IMO quite incorrect to label them pedophiles.A more fitting label would be monsters
  7. They did the same thing with clackers YT(two plastic balls on string that you bang together like a Newtons cradle). Ironic that knives and guns are still the norm in southern counties? Oh and not to mention that after 2006 pool will no longer be called 'black ball' in the UK! The last one was a joke by the way! but can you imagine if it were true "im going for the ethnic ball in the corner shop...bag i ment BAG"...
  8. I think our country is a joke.Its very evident that when a white person makes the slightest reference to anything that could be percieved as racist,they are pounced on arrested and prosecuted ASAP.Unless a significant sporting event takes place councils prosecute any cabbie or householder flying the english flag! But any ethnic,muslim,hooked hand moron can spout death to infidels and incite murder!!can interupt council meetings and election events spouting racial hatred of whites and wanting every muslim to rise up and do everything possible to create an islamic Britain...with wait for it no arrests! because that would appear to be racist.When i went to Dubia last year you damn well observe their customs and laws or else.Coime to our country and we close down our 100 year old library down and make them a temple,let them jump straight to the front of the housing list,furnish it.Give them immediate access to medical care.While us lowly natives have to apply for crisis loans ,live in filthy bedsits.Allow our aged to wait on trolleys in hospital corridors(could you imagine the outcry if it was ?),or make them sell their homes to pay for their stay in nursing homes. Further subsidise asians purchasing of every corner shop/fish shop in our towns.I know were the obvious racism is here and it certainly isnt only from the BNP.
  9. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=624&ncid=624&e=1&u=/ap/20050420/ap_on_sc/great_ape_research
  10. Wrong this site has banners and adverts because it is a part of Vbulletins conditions..If you dont pay you display!! So Blike is not making money out of your participation here.Shame on you !
  11. The speed of water current is never going to be sufficient to break the chain.I could comfortably stand on the river bank holding onto the ship with a length of rope
  12. oh goodie how typical! Everyone in america gets to see their house complete with trees,swimming pool and dog running around in the garden.While us in the uk get to look at a map compiled of a-z town plan brochures available at gas stations and WH Smith price £1.99. Why bother!!!
  13. Ha Dak you didnt get the meaning of the phrase though.... The teacher fully expected scguy to fail. And in his revealing the answer sought to both astonish and humble scguy.Hence the 'this is proof'. Unfortunately reading his reply scguy doesnt seem to have milked it.I would have entered the class with crooked eyebrows,a sickeness grimace of evil sniggering,one side of my mouth creased with a sadistic grin.Planted the answer infront of the teacher without a glance and walked to my seat "mwuahahahahahahahahahhaha".
  14. Well i tried but stopped after the first few lines. BTW are you saying you believe the universe revolves around the earth.?
  15. Yes ive got it now,been trying for the last hour...I can see the info in the file (AOL flash/Aol instant messenger cfg file/AOL flash 6.1/Roxio easy cd creator5/Winamp/the pc owners name /Micro office files/Ring any bells but its pretty obvious the computer it came from was infected with the chernobyl virus,its corrupted the lot.Ive tried various software to recover any salvagable data,but so far I have Zip repair pro working on it now as i cannot extract anything meaningfull manually.I will keep trying tonite and in the morning.If im unsuccessfull i will pm you,i could send it to pro engineers but they charge and TBH what i can see in it isnt worth paying for. Oh well back to the grind:-(
  16. Whoooa take deep breaths....lets start at the beginning.Firstly it is neigh on impossible to delete system files from XP....so exactly what are you so frustrated about.You have DL'd a program yes?.Which as screwed your OS(virus?spyware?) Forgive me but XP doesnt screw up on its own accord. Are you breathing okay now...what have you done? Im no expert but can help you if you start again!! If you require files always PM me with email address so i can send them!!!!
  17. Hi Ang and welcome to SFN.Always nice to see someone majoring in biology.
  18. Dan its a little beauty, Its not really malicious it keylogs for passwords/ creditcard details etc,then emails them to some scumbag.Apart from that it wont harm your pc. As it does a really good job of hiding itself, a manual removal i imagine would be a little daunting and pointless if you dont delete all its parts.Before you remove it you need to turn off system restore(i hate it btw) because it hides in there as well and no Av software can clean your restore folder(just a little bit of info) so PM me with your email and i will give you a small AV that removes it auto. Then i rec you buy a good AV like mcaffee(around £40)or NAV 2005 money well spent! Obviously i cant supply you with these its illegal And thats it really just be carefull in future what you DL
  19. When clicking on print which hopefully brings up the print preview,right click printer properties and change the amount of copies there.
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