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  1. Forgive me for not understandng this ! The thread is about Mokele's promotion,if only positive feedback was invited, shouldn't it have been clearly stated.I post my PO on the subject regarding both his conduct as a member(in regards to his insulting other members) coupled with his inability (clearly evident over the few short weeks) to be a responsible moderator.Instead as i earlier stated he would,he has used the position as a soapbox to slag off,insult,close threads and ban people. I do not have a magic ability of understanding others thoughts...its called common sense assesment when the threads are littered with his arguments and feaces throwing at other members. Somehow merely bringing my concerns up publicly in the relevant thread qualifies myself for personal attack.I have no other agenda than told you so! As i have been pretty consistsnt on the subject,Severian and Ophi are by example excellent members and my proposals for mod status...as regards to myself well i speak my mind if you find that objectionable,then coupled with my non american status i dont expect to be made MOD. As to the last para..Yes i do hear myself saying it Phi,it happens to be true..if you liken that with a petulant six year old it just goes to show...theres nowt as queer as folk
  2. Well...well..well. Talk about good judge of character....it appears that it was wholly justifiable.In the short time since Mokele's promotion the threads are littered with his insulting remarks,threads closed and numerous bans....if thats your idea of what moderation is all about,or you think that it is acceptable.Then some criticism of the other current moderators is in order "just what were you doing before this gentleman came along,and showed you that you have been neglecting your duties"....*shakes head* I could show you good moderation in 2 weeks compared to some here....to moderate well...is a time consuming effort,dedication to the tasks,always for the benefits of others without acknowledgment or reward...a good moderator is one that no one is aware of....it is not unfortunately like present a position to boost the ego's of a few individuals.... Anyone want a crash course or tuition on the subject im here....otherwise carry on the good work Mokele
  3. If a sticky is required for C-14 i would gladly compile one. However concerning only the points you raised Jhn B.C-14 is a reliable( not foolproof) dating technique on its own.When used in conjunction with other dating techniques we can be extremely confident(as a geologist i feel qualified in making that statement). You are quite correct in your questioning the rate of 14C creation.This is a problem(gasps from audience)we are fully aware of, which is why we dont solely rely on C-14 dating.For instance the atmospheric fraction of 14C/Ctotal cannot have always been constant,as far as im aware no real scientist has stated it has always been constant.Though the rate of decay has , hence the techniques relevance and reliability up to a max of around 60,000yr.Without going over equilibrium and other technical issues brought up by creationist argument..id like to leave it there Unfortunately in many cases its faulty procedure not the technique thats at fault.As in cases such as the Turin Shroud.,its my understanding that the shroud is indeed of the age 2000 years(an endorsing testament to the dating method)...and thats as far as one can go....it cannot tell us that it wrapped jesus!!
  4. Ode to the gullible...............its a novel.........a story........made up.....ya know like independance day with will smith(guess what....there is a white house....and aeroplanes....must be a true story then)
  5. OMG......As sayo seems to be too busy these days,what on the surface looks a direct replacement.Is the most rediculus (intellectually dishonest)choice of moderator i have ever seen at SFN. Whilst there is a moderate similarity of character,Mokele lacks the charisma and dry wit.Instead we are offered other atributes,an arrogant, self righteous,obnoxious,insulting,undignified little boy.Frankly its laughable. I can only assume the admin has had a bad trip on LSD,there are far more sensible and deserving members whom would benefit SFN and its membership.Unfortunately people whom can conduct themselves in exemplary fashion and are well recieved and respected are overlooked for this moron.People like Severian/Ophiolite. There are only a few admin and mods that can and actually do a good service to SFN,Blike/Phi/Dave/Coquina.....the rest think they are on some power trip(its a science forum on the internet..get a grip!!!)....ive watched some good and poor members leave SFN mainly because of frustration at the poor moderation being carried out.Moderators whom evidently do not adhere to the forum rules themselves(YT ??). This is a Science forum....and at one time a great one ....not a platform for friendless insignificant little pricks to disrespect,insult the people whom make up the SFN membership.Without the membership there is no SFN forum... SFN is being eroded and im sure the hard core members are aware of it.Jeez you may as well go the whole ten yards and promote Hellbender(sorry hellbender) Anyway needed to get that out... the forum is sinking beneath the waves.....of mediocrity. IMO moderators should be selected by the membership.Voted in by the membership.That way you actually get the best most respected members moderating.
  6. I believe newtonian is being very serious....he thinks you dont know what a cracker is (apart from those biscuits you put cheese on)
  7. The ptfe piston seal should last you for ever,same applys to the spring...so dont worry about spares......your link was to a plinker....okay for shooting tin cans and targets.But otherwise crapola!!! and not worth 64 pence. The more important issues are what do you want to use it for and where are you intending to shoot it. In my case ive had air rifles since i was 16(long..long time ago) i had BSA mercury etc and stopped after my last rifle the weihrauch hw 80 1.77 . The laws in the Uk are very strict now so unless you have private land(farm etc) you risk prosecution using it around the home(garden etc) The air rifle market is relatively cheap now so there is a wide choice from BB guns to gas cylinder recoiless target rifles. How much do you plan on spending,where are you going to use it,what is its intended purpose.......depending on the circumstances a good second hand one may be ideal rather than a new one...also if you intend to have small mammals, birds ,cats,and the odd child dodging pellets, i would recommend you but a cap gun. Take it from experience i had quite a macabre collection of corpses and note books filled with my best snuff shots.( amazing stories of death and skill to amaze and disgust....from decapitaing a crow at 100yards,shooting my friends in the head with a GAT...to downing a goose in flight though not wityh a GAT)...you only deeply regret later in life. Thankfully all the psycho profiling is nonsense...none of the gang went on to become serial killers...quite the opposite everyone of us now has a managerie of pets...to the extremes of grooming pet rabbits and budgie shows....remarkable when one considers we used to buy rabbits at the pet store for our tag ferret tourneys..pfff rabbits cant fight very well..
  8. Im voting for that twat Mokele.Constantly accusing everyone of being intellectually dishonest(has anyone done a postcount he must have hit the century.....rofl edit...err better not add that .....he wont get the joke!
  9. Yes they dont naturally shed there wool.....wool also keeps you warm in the cold weather and cool in the warm weather!! good yes?
  10. With a cup of coffee and two paracetamol.......
  11. Despite the fact some posters here would have us believe that we know all there is to know about evolution.In all honesty we actually know very little. We can observe that it happens,and have amassed great quantities of circumstancial evidence.The geological column and phylogenetic analysis overwhelmingly point to evolution.But its many mechanisms are still beyond our comprehension.However you dont need to know the mechanism for an occurrence, to accept an occurrence.If that makes sense.(one supposes your frustration with gravity) Anyway there are approx 5-600 species of carnivorous plants(approx because there are many many species of plant/animal yet to be found/recorded.A case of too many species too few taxonomists. Regarding the VFT unfortunately we just dont know how it evolved(well no substancial evidence we can cite that would satisfy a panel of physicists).Carnivorous plants tend to be soft bodied so presently no fossils im afraid(well we have but not relevant here)!! But it is only a plant and survives by photosynthesis.They live in nutrient poor soil and the insects are an extra source of nitrogen supplement(please dont ask what your thinking) At present the discussions on evolution/ID dont merit any significant input from myself.I just thought you should be informed before the looney's reply
  12. Perhaps a wrong choice of wording on my part(fake).Though not to continue discussing your grasp of understanding a wind up,with endless posts.And wasting my time may i add, in simply to understand language When posting a wind up(you appear unfamiliar with this concept).It is imperrative that you dont give the game away at the outset with little clues like "this was gleaned from the internet" or "hello this is a TFM radio DJ,im Mr Smith from the council,unfortunately your house is blocking sunlight from your neighbours property.In accordance with law we must inform you to arrange for said property to be moved 4 feet further north within 14 days.If the work has not been carried out we will have seek an order to demolish". -------------------- The purpose of the post was achieved.The cleverer folk seen right through it,it trapped a few over serious numbty's(which would have been more before Mr Logic....oh thats you btw posted) Mr Logic(alias Swansont)...is a character from the VIZ who is humourless, friendless and emotionless. His only purpose in life is to correct people in their grammar, knowledge or intention when they speak. Evidently these people actually exist as you have demonstrated.
  13. Hi anyone in Technical Support.....see their POV before your irrate call?? http://www.weakendproductions.co.uk/movs/jebsjobs.html
  14. LMAO.............oooooooooooooooo that was really good.Very amusing and scientifically correct...the pads do your head in
  15. Well Mr Funkiller, if you read the original,you will have realised the point WAS NOT mentioning it was a fake.Kinda would have took the fun out of it dont you think?? Its purpose was to see exactly how many numbty's would reply as if it was serious,and how many would have a good laugh by not being fooled. Reading the thread most people would agree it was hilarious.....but no need to thank me for bringing a little fun to the threads,it was a pleasure!
  16. As a modern parent, I try to be as involved as possible in the lives of my six children. I attend their teen parties with them to ensure no drinking or alcohol is on the premises. I keep a fatherly eye on the CDs they listen to and the shows they watch. My children have never failed to make me proud. As parents do we decided to aid with our childrens education by purchasing a computer. The kids had a lot of fun using the handful of application programs we'd bought, such as Adobe's Photoshop and Microsoft's Word, and my wife and I were happy we had made the decision Our son Terence was most entranced by the device, and became quite a pro at surfing the net. But he began to spend whole days on the machine, I became concerned, My wife advised me not to worry it was only a passing phase. Hoever our youngest daughter,Sarah, one night to blurt out: "Terence is a hacker!" I was shocked. A computer hacker in my own house! I began to monitor my son's habits, was Sarah just telling tales!!. After some research into computer hacking, I confronted Terence with the evidence. I'm afraid to say, this was the only time I have ever been truly disappointed in one of my children. We raised them to be honest and to have integrity, and Terence betrayed the principles we tried to encourage in him, when he refused point blank to admit to his activities. His denials continued for hours, and in the end, I was left with no choice but to ban him from using the computer until he is old enough to be responsible for his actions. After going through this ordeal with my own family, I was left pondering how I could best help others in similar situations. I'd gained a lot of knowledge over those few days regarding hackers. It's only right that I provide that information to other parents, in the hope that they will be able to tell if their children are being drawn into the world of hacking. To this end, I have decided to publish the top ten signs that your son is a hacker. I advise any parents to read this list carefully and if their son matches the profile, they should take action. A smart parent will first try to reason with their son, before resorting to groundings, or even spanking. I pride myself that I have never had to spank a child, and I hope this guide will help other parents to put a halt to their son's misbehaviour before a spanking becomes necessary. 1. Has your son asked you to change ISPs? Most families use trusted and responsible Internet Service Providers, such as AOL. These providers have a strict "No Hacking" policy, and take careful measures to ensure that your internet experience is enjoyable, educational and above all legal. If your child is becoming a hacker, one of his first steps will be to request a change to a more hacker friendly provider. I would advise all parents to refuse this request. One of the reasons your son is interested in switching providers is to get away from AOL's child safety filter. This filter is vital to any parent who wants his son to enjoy the internet without the endangering him through exposure to "adult material" 2. Are you finding programs on your computer that you don't remember installing? Your son will probably try to install some hacker software. He may attempt to conceal the presence of the software in some way, but you can usually find any new programs by reading through the programs listed under "Install/Remove Programs" in your control panel. Popular hacker software includes "Gator", "Bonzi Buddy" and "Flash". The best option is to confront your son early with the evidence, and force him to remove the offending programs. He will probably try to install the software again, but you will be able to tell that this is happening, if your machine offers to "download" one of the hacker applications. If this happens, it is time to give your son a stern talking to. 3. Has your child asked for new hardware? Computer hackers are often limited by conventional computer hardware. They may request "faster" video cards, and larger hard drives, or even more memory. Is your son starts requesting these devices. If your son has requested a new "processor" from a company called "AMD", this is genuine cause for alarm. AMD is a third-world based company who make inferior, "knock-off" copies of Intel processor chips. They use child labor extensively in their third world sweatshops, and they deliberately disable the security features that Intel processor makers, use to prevent hacking. AMD chips are never sold in stores, and you will most likely be told that you have to order them from internet sites. Do not buy this chip! 4. Does your child read hacking manuals? If you pay close attention to your son's reading habits, as I do, you will be able to determine a great deal about his opinions and hobbies. Children are at their most impressionable in the teenage years. Any father who has had a seventeen year old daughter attempt to sneak out on a date wearing make up and perfume is well aware of the effect that improper influences can have on inexperienced minds. There are, unfortunately, many hacking manuals available in bookshops today. A few titles to be on the lookout for are: "Snow Crash" and "Cryptonomicon" by Neal Stephenson; "Neuromancer" by William Gibson; "Programming with Perl" by Timothy O'Reilly; "Geeks" by Jon Katz; "The Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling; "Microserfs" by Douglas Coupland; "Hackers" by Steven Levy; and "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" by Eric S. Raymond. If you find any of these hacking manuals in your child's possession, confiscate them immediately. 5. How much time does your child spend using the computer each day? If your son spends more than thirty minutes each day on the computer, he may be using it to DOS other peoples sites. DOSing involves gaining access to the "command prompt" on other people's machines, and using it to tie up vital internet services. This can take up to eight hours. If your son is doing this, he is breaking the law, and you should stop him immediately. The safest policy is to limit your children's access to the computer to a maximum of forty-five minutes each day. 6. Does your son use Doom 3 ? Doom is an online virtual reality used by hackers. It is a popular meeting place and training ground, where they discuss hacking and train in the use of various firearms. Many hackers develop anti-social tendencies due to the use of this virtual world, and it may cause erratic behaviour at home and at school. If your son is using Doom, you should ensure all the firearms in your house are carefully locked away, and have trigger locks installed. You should also bring your concerns to the attention of his school. 7. Is your son becoming argumentative and surly in his social behaviour? As a child enters the electronic world of hacking, he may become disaffected with the real world. He may lose the ability to control his actions, or judge the rightness or wrongness of a course of behaviour. This will manifest itself soonest in the way he treats others. Those whom he disagrees with will be met with scorn, bitterness, and even foul language. He may utter threats of violence of a real or electronic nature. Even when confronted, your son will probably find it difficult to talk about this problem to you. He will probably claim that there is no problem, and that you are imagining things. He may tell you that it is you who has the problem, and you should "back off" and "stop smothering him." Do not allow yourself to be deceived. You are the only chance your son has. 8. Is your son obsessed with "Lunix"? BSD, Lunix, Debian and Mandrake are all versions of an illegal hacker operation system, invented by a Soviet computer hacker named Linyos Torovoltos, before the Russians lost the Cold War. It is based on a program called "xenix", which was written by Microsoft for the US government. These programs are used by hackers to break into other people's computer systems to steal credit card numbers. They may also be used to break into people's stereos to steal their music, using the "mp3" program. Torovoltos is a notorious hacker, responsible for writing many hacker programs, such as "telnet", which is used by hackers to connect to machines on the internet without using a telephone. Your son may try to install "lunix" on your hard drive. If he is careful, you may not notice its presence, however, lunix is a capricious beast, and if handled incorrectly, your son may damage your computer, and even break it completely by deleting Windows, at which point you will have to have your computer repaired by a professional. 9. Has your son radically changed his appearance? If your son has undergone a sudden change in his style of dress, you may have a hacker on your hands. Hackers tend to wear baggy pants, bright colored shirts and spiky hair dyed in bright colors to match their clothes. They may take to carrying "glow-sticks" and some wear pacifiers around their necks. (I have no idea why they do this) There are many such hackers in schools today, and your son may have started to associate with them. If you notice that your son's group of friends includes people dressed like this, it is time to think about a severe curfew, to protect him from dangerous influences. 10. Is your son struggling academically? If your son is failing courses in school, or performing poorly on sports teams, he may be involved in a hacking group, such as the infamous "Otaku" hacker association. Excessive time spent on the computer, communicating with his fellow hackers may cause temporary damage to the eyes and brain RSI, from the electromagnetic radiation. In extreme cases, over-exposure to computer radiation can cause schizophrenia, meningitis and other psychological diseases. For the sake of your child's mental and physical health, you must put a stop to his hacking, and limit his computer time drastically. I encourage all parents to read through this guide carefully. Your child's future may depend upon it. Hacking is an illegal and dangerous activity, that may land your child in prison, and tear your family apart. It cannot be taken too seriously.Your comments please??
  17. ?? he did so! From the bible go through the beginning step by step and tell me where it differs,i may be able to understand what your talking about....thanks.
  18. "Closed-minded gravitists cannot find a way to make Einstein's general relativity match up with the subatomic quantum world," said Dr. Ellen Carson, a leading Intelligent Falling expert " I fail to see why you all comment on this.....clearly none of you are experts in IF and Dr Carson is.Ived discussed this with Severian for several hours.We couldnt really hold down any aspect of the theory If you would like to actually learn more you can aquire her latest publication..!"Intelligent falling for Dummies"
  19. Erm excuse me YT said it was my turn....or are we forgetting our place here and not reading the OP..anyway here goes What happened in 1961 that will not happen again for over 4000 years?
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