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  1. Not the old man with grey beard again??
  2. [HIDE]On a calendar...[/HIDE] i think
  3. If you can right down the full error address i can be more specific!!
  4. Uh i just read the OP...BSOD....is one of 3.Its almost always memory though so check this first!!.HD failure (which usually starts intermittantly with corrupt sectors..before failure) and the third is virus related.Black screen of death is graphics card. Ah just read post 13...you have it up and running and the original OS partition is showing corrupt files.If you can run the new Os on your other partition with no ill effects...then the original is definately infected(DONT COPY ANY FILES INTO YOUR NEW PARTITION or it will go the same way).Better would be to accept that the files are lost and do a full format of the original C partition,and a reinstall of OS. let me know what your present status is and i will help you further.
  5. IMO i would err on Instinctual behaviour,affection for strengthening the social bonding of groups.Kissing starts very early,infants are kissed constantly. Regardless of sex,we all have kissed most members of our family unit. Kissing's function as a precursor of sexual activity is a non sequitur.One can get too freudian here.You dont kiss aunt Mabels lushious ruby lips at christmas,have a release of endorphins as you imagine how lovely her labia must look!! Do you?? Noticing males also can have fuller lips,Uncle george just doesnt do it for me!
  6. This is maddening after life itself the CE was the most significant event in history.Evolution has never had such a free reign again.Think of now as evolution as a one legged octupuss.Evolution is fact it occurs...otherwise you would be reading this in your burrow,while munching on a fat juicy worm!!....but it neither confirms/negates 'creation'.What we read from both sides is more a lack of understanding of evolution. Which leads to these daft arguments. Its very frustrating to read people discuss evolution citing DNA,amino acids etc with no understanding of the complexities of each.Anyway if one can comprehend the probabilities of life happening in the first place...these comments would not slip off the tongue so flippantly...i will say one thing ..protein..protein..protein..ok i said it 3 times,but i only said one word. Evolution is not a ladder of progression from bacteria to man.However many times members (and i wont mention by name,buy YOU know who you are)often post to the effect.Your misrepresenting and misinterpreting evolution. Evolution is the change in a gene pool of a population over time.The evidence of which we have in abundance, is micro-evolution(such as the popular example of the moth...going white to black)So evolution occurs! .. Okay "cambrian_exp" the moth is still a moth..This fact is irrelavent however,evolution as defined 'a change in the gene pool' is sometimes accompanied by the manisfestation of morphological change(catapiller-moth).So evolution occurs! Using the hypothesis ' Natural selection'as a driving force we assume macro-evolution is cummulative micro-evolution.Until something better comes along we use this model Evolution can occur with/without MC...and vise-versa..MC can occur without evolution!!we are doing it now,man is taller now than over the last few thousand years .This isnt evolution !!! no change in the gene-pool.People continually harp on about environment as a major influence,but enviro changes alone see only very subtle changes in Morphology such as size. MC is determined by both its genes and environment. MC induced solely by changes in environment is not evolution, because this change is not heritable,not passed on to offspring. This is why we can as a species swim daily and not have offspring with gills. T-Rex to joey the budgie takes a little longer time and is macro-evolution(morphological change).A little more difficult to explain and is often misunderstood when discussing evolution.We see evidence in this thread,as well as others from supposed advocates of evolution.T-rex to joey is a change in the gene pool so is evolution.But i cannot be bothered in a long explanation TBH... IMO you are not an evolutionist simply by declaration,your a member of SFN and are afraid to get shot down by the "Red Baron Sayo" or you like it over creation(biblical)If you dont understand either paridigm it makes no sense. The biblical account of creation is short and vague by simple people(with no comprehension of timescale....who does ? can you honestly comprehend a billion years?),as one would expect passed down through the ages by word of mouth, until such a time people were able to write the account down.It doesnt have to be scientifically correct.It certainly does not have to be contradictory to evolution.
  7. Anyone believe that Robin Cook's death was natural
  8. Arguing with a creationist ? and then posting links whose authors are so pro-evolution,as to be nauseating.Two of which are only bloggs.Please post links from scientific sources please.
  9. More academically intelligent yes ,but not smarter. Because its pre-programmed it must have purpose(perform a task).Otherwise it would end up as neurotic as us asking itself WHY???
  10. Yes it appears to .......If the women intends to carry the pregnancy full term.It is the potential of the fetus becoming a person that *matters* .But it can be contradictary as concern for the fetus development is more prominent as the pregnancy develops.Until this time one places no real moral value on the fetus(at least not our own....we are animals after all) In the early stages sorry but to be blunt No.....One cannot place moral value or have empathy for jello with potential! ....we are morally obligated to the wellbeing of the mother..thats the way it is until we can lay eggs. Obviously in the latter stages of gestation value of life increases,but morally we are still obligated... I think the present laws about abortion are correct....we dont want the state deciding and god forbid those ghastly pro-lifers.These people can have no morals when their concern is more for potential life, than that of a 12 year old pregnant rape victim. EditOne should be thorough before posting,saves all the editing in choice of words.
  11. First one although mainly stolen ideas ...was the best. 2/3 were pap.....they were so cheesy .It kinda went down hill after the Oracle died (really)...plus parts of the story just didnt make any sense....great special effects though oh yeh i forgot the corny singing....lmao "zion...zion.." It was only surpassed by LOTR return of the king daft singing, and at the end..were they all come in to frodo's bedroom and that daft git expression of his mouthing ..."Gandolf...aragorn..." also the alternate end of King Arthur was far superior to the naff wedding and every bugger clapping.....films are all catering for girls n gays....we want to leave the cinema after an half hour sitting in your seat with awe....not leave it like staying there was a chore
  12. People took it upon themselves to answer what they percieved to be a definitive question in the OP.There was no question to answer. Your opening sentence "about the different ways people have tried to justify abortion",and you gave "pro choice....her body"as such an example. The second part you merely made a statement " almost everyone agrees that alcohol abuse during pregnancy is a very very bad thing".Which it is.But this is nothing to do with abortion or its justification. People have went off on a tangent debating the substance abuser having/not having a baby.Be they for/against/indifferent. As i said there was no inconsistancy in your OP.
  13. option 1; Read the actual posts and comment on their easily understood content.! option 2: Make up your own post from your imagination,a nicely fabricated story of adjacent fields and so forth,maybe add a homicidal farmer spraying gallons of pesticide to kill those critters.Comment on your own content and scenario's then add a previous posters name at the end... That should make everyone content?????
  14. So you want the streets to be full of 13 year old sexmad rampant irresponsible children pushing prams.....you have no problem with children caring for children or not as in many cases and the child suffering all the nasty after effects etc etc.....havent we enough of them already,they are approx 60,000 17yr old and under every year.
  15. I certainly have found Atinymonkeys posts easily understood and coherent.In fact if he is guilty of anything its repeating himself but phrasing it different.I find he has offered a common sense approach and conducted himself brilliantly.Im very suprised he hasnt gave you all his very severe tongue lashing. The OP was offering a very vague question. It is not against the law yet to smoke or drink,whilst neither habits are healthy for either mum or developing fetus.Certainly in the early stages there is no statistical evidence that the fetus will suffer long term damage.Society frowns upon those whom do abuse their bodies if they intend to carry the baby full term and justifiably.However if a person wishes to terminate by going to have an abortion / drinking whiskey in a hot bath or throwing themselves downstairs.Then thats none of your goddamn business.We can certainly offer an opinion but thats it. The only inconsistancy i can see is you want human rights in one breath/then cry abuse of human rights if the state control every aspect of you.....china springs to mind...would you prefer pregnant people to be sent there..no choice then!!!
  16. I dont see an inconsistency given your above examples.I believe in the "its her body,her choice" as long as its early in the pregnancy(differs slighty in different countries),im supportive of the womens right to choose to terminate her unwanted pregnancy. The second example is only abhorent if the alcholic abuser wishes to carry the fetus full term.,thus putting the childs development in the womb at risk.But if the two were identical in wanting an early termination i find nothing wrong
  17. I find myself repeating old warnings.To play god may be a nice intellectual exercise and show how smart we are.But seriously they dont think. We all know what happens /monkey mam has undetected virus/human genes injected into fetus/virus mutates into cross species super bug/monkey bites scientist who sneaks home not wanting to get sacked...develops cough and decides to have holiday in paris/global infection almost all are wiped out. Have we not got enough to worry about heck When the BSE kicks in, in another 10 years together with drug resistant HIV were doomed.....doomed i tell you
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