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  1. whatever, you have clearly made your mind up that what I did was bad wrong whatever. In answer to your origional question No I dont disagree with what you observed which is why in my post about it, it went like this Dont bother ranting and raving at me cos I wont be back. You accused me of strawman tactics and trolling, when in fact it was you who were trolling with your question when any fool can see that I wasnt saying your observation was wrong at all. I have seen you do this to other people too, just daring them to get into some word game with you so that you can strut your stuff and feel big.
  2. Yeah Prince Harry has joined the military, but sorry to dissappoint you, this is something that all the royals do and has nothing to do with having been a bad little boy. This is exactly the reason I dont bother buying newspapers.... cos they are generally full of twaddle. Try looking up Royal Regiments, and you will see that every single member of the royal family have served and have regiments named after them. They have a family long history of this that goes back further than any parliament or presidency.
  3. When using multi-core solder some of the flux spat into my eye, and I had to have the blister removed as the edges of it were causing a lot of irritation. The weirdest has to be when I discovered my floater, at first I thought I was seeing a piece of hair hanging down my face and kept trying to pull it away. Still have the floater but I no longer see it now, something to do with the brain now accepting it as normal according to the Doc.
  4. klanger


    In England part of the exam results is your coursework done throughout the year, lots of people find exams and tests frightening and freeze up, you are not alone. Though it is probably easier said than done, try to look at these test/exams as nothing more than re-cap of what you have already learned through the year, you know the answers, and even if you have forgotten some of them don't panic, just move onto the next question, and then go back to the ones you were unsure of after.
  5. two people in a three legged race. The race starts at the bottom of the hill, and ends at the top of the hill. Two people with one of their legs tied to the other person's leg run the race on three legs, once at the top they untie themselves and walk back down on four legs.
  6. You need to be a bit more specific make and model as its not the same code for all DVD players sadly I have heard that some of the makes are more difficult to hack than others, just cant remember which ones
  7. klanger


    ahhh thanks invert_nexus hmph! kinda disappointed now
  8. Why do we still have daylight savings? I thought it was introduced during the WWll as something to do with the blackouts and farmers?? Also I have noticed that we dont all change our clocks at the same time, I know Spain is in line with us here in the UK but that America are usually about a week later, again I have no idea why its like that. Anyone have more info on this?
  9. klanger


    If ya click on your own nick in one of your post and go to view profile, and scroll down below join date and posts info there is a referal followed by a number. Not sure if this is some sort of rating for users, or even if it is us that can refer somone. More to the point I have no idea what you are being refered for...... a medal....psychiatric help.....
  10. I have watched all three Blades, and I think the first one is by far the best. Guess thats just the way it goes sometimes with sequels.
  11. So what is your opinion based on your observations all beit negative ones in and around your home town, and your observations of what has been posted in here, where I have tried to show you all a different side to smoking cannabis? I didnt say your origional observation was wrong, or that you hadn't observed those things going on around you. The part I disagreed with was the last part of that origonal post. where you said This part of your post was not part of your observation, but rather a stated opinion derived from your observation. This part of your post is the part that was in question and that I wanted to address. The only thing I was re-wording was my own comments not yours, I had kept the whole of your post within my own simply so that you could see what part of the thread I had got this information from. Rather than segregating little snippets of information and losing the thread of the conversation.
  12. i do appologise sayonara i thought this was a forum that we could all join in on. I hadnt realised that your opinion was gospel and couldnt be questioned
  13. Tap the patellar ligament while the subject performs the Jendrassik's maneuver (the subject clasps his/her hands in front of him/her and, with fingers locked, tries vigorously to pull his/her hands apart). This was taken from some tests that were being done on reflexes and measuring them. To read more go here. http://frcc.cc.co.us/docs/cms/Lab_15.htm
  14. We bought a new one ourselves recently, (not that make YT) through amazon.co.uk They sold it as a multi regional system, but when it arrived it had already been programmed with our region (2??) we phoned the actual manufacturer and were able to get in contact with one of their engineers, he gave us the code we needed. You could try doing the same with your one you never know your luck, the worst that can happen is for them to say no.
  15. Ok I accept that you cant see that your post was your reason (from your observation)that people may feel shunned. You didnt use the word reason so I guess that's probably why. So I shall re-word it then, I dont disagree with your observation that cannabis smokers do indeed seek out there own kind, I disagree with your quote
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