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  1. Yes, I know what its is, but is it purley a distraction to relax the person, or is there a physiological mechanism that it stimulates to heigten the reflex.
  2. How does the Jendrassik maneuver work?
  3. <opinion> errr well yes actually smugboy </opinion>
  4. <opinion> thats rich coming from you Mr Sayonara cubed, i've seen your type before, and believe me i am not impressed one bit. </opinion>
  5. please, in futeure i would prefer it if you adressed me as "n00b" not new-b, jeeze noob. And anyhoo, "english" and "russian" are still not "scripting languages". dork n00b
  6. god what a n00b this is the programming forum we are talking about PROGRAMMING languages, jeeze i had hoped you would have been able to work that out.
  7. why does everyone around here seem to demand evidence, is there something here i missed? I mean i always found evidence a bit overrated
  8. Oh how terribly silly of me, what was i thinking *girlish giggle*
  9. light speed is the speed that a photon must travel at to travel one lightyear in a year
  10. surely planets form spheres due to their rotation?
  11. bah, its a big hoax thats all, nothing to get worked up over
  12. surely it would be a colony or outpost or something else, not a, and i quote "space station". Surely that is a station, in space.
  13. sound cannot travel in a vacume
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