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  1. Yes, I know what its is, but is it purley a distraction to relax the person, or is there a physiological mechanism that it stimulates to heigten the reflex.
  2. How does the Jendrassik maneuver work?
  3. <opinion> errr well yes actually smugboy </opinion>
  4. <opinion> thats rich coming from you Mr Sayonara cubed, i've seen your type before, and believe me i am not impressed one bit. </opinion>
  5. please, in futeure i would prefer it if you adressed me as "n00b" not new-b, jeeze noob. And anyhoo, "english" and "russian" are still not "scripting languages". dork n00b
  6. god what a n00b this is the programming forum we are talking about PROGRAMMING languages, jeeze i had hoped you would have been able to work that out.
  7. why does everyone around here seem to demand evidence, is there something here i missed? I mean i always found evidence a bit overrated
  8. Oh how terribly silly of me, what was i thinking *girlish giggle*
  9. light speed is the speed that a photon must travel at to travel one lightyear in a year
  10. surely planets form spheres due to their rotation?
  11. bah, its a big hoax thats all, nothing to get worked up over
  12. surely it would be a colony or outpost or something else, not a, and i quote "space station". Surely that is a station, in space.
  13. sound cannot travel in a vacume
  14. its because females have less efficient opticalmotorfunctions
  15. Diactine Standard Regulative Regression
  16. that proves and demonstrates that: there is a real company that produces real products with the name 'solvute' that therfore validifies at leat part of my original statement and hence your request for, and i quote "ONE scrap of evidence" has been actualised.
  17. ok here is a picture from the companies website, which oncidently seems to be down at the moment. I think they may be experencing server problems.
  18. I need not answer, for i am safe in my correctness and to quote the insightful Mrs. Landers : "No one has the right to destroy another person's belief by demanding empirical evidence."
  19. RNA or Riboflavicdisolenoidalnutronanaphase as it is less commonly know, is an active ingreediant in the production of Corvus Corax . One must not (and it is easily done) mistake RNA for DNA (as there is only one character different it may be easy for people with visualdispersive or cognoprocessal imparement to confuse the two). DNA is the brand name for the solvute used to disintegrate the eggs in Corvus production. Hope this helps,
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