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  1. are there two answers? [(1 + (square root of 5))/2] and [(1 - (square root of 5))/2]
  2. i've heard of people in my college who have changed courses straight away. has to be a course within the college though, i think.
  3. organic chemistry is funny like that. for exams purposes (from my experience) you may need to learn the different mechanisms that apply to different orgain compounds which may require a lot of learning alright.
  4. well that's just great!! all these wasted posts and the answer is in post nine. i only saw it now!! just gave a quick glance through it. are you sure it's right?
  5. mmmmm.... think like a mirror. aaagggghhhh i can see myself!!!!!! (really bad humour, i know) seriously though, i don't see this what angle you are refering to after you draw the parallel line. i.e what new angle is at that side of the triangle that will help us solve the puzzle?
  6. is it violet or purple?
  7. damn, now it sounds feasible!!! ok, we'll believe you, for now!!!
  8. no way. 300 secs for 10000 is impossible! impossible i say!
  9. maybe he made an error with the puzzle and it is impossible to solve and now he's too ashamed to come back!!
  10. dan19_83

    Games U Like

    oh ya, curveball on this website is way to frickin addicitive!!!!!!
  11. http://www.webelements.com if your looking for some structures for simple compuds, go to this website.
  12. dan19_83

    Games U Like

    metal gear solid 3 for the ps2 has to be one of the most amazing games i've played. graphics are super. I also love pro evolution soccer 4, the most addictive game ever!
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