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  1. And God was British,every sane person knows that.Jeez the bible is even written in ENGLISH!! i rest my case.
  2. Newtonian

    Schiavo case

    He alone does have the legal right.And there are plenty saying its seriously wrong,discounting the general opinionated populus,proffesional medical/judges are saying its wrong.This isnt one trial its been going on since 1993. He has moved on and it doesnt mean he lacks love,his actions have proven the fact he doesnt. After Terri's collapse in 1990 he sued for medical malpratice.Presenting himself to the jury as a devoted husband.He told the jury he would care for Terri for the rest of her life, which experts testified a normal life span, as part of this loving devotion, he would provide her with regular medical tests and appropriate rehabilitation with the money the jury awarded.Terri received about $750,000 in early 1993, and Michael about $300,000 for loss of her companionship. As soon as the money was in the bank, Michael put her two cats to sleep. He then melted down her wedding and engagement rings to make a ring for himself.Within the year he wanted her dead. he refused to allow doctors to treat her with antibiotics to treat a serious infection, claiming that Terri would not want to live in her disabled condition a point he somehow forgot to mention to the malpractice jury. Not coincidentally, had she died, he would have inherited her $700,000. I contest that whats best for her is of the utmost importance. Like your previous post regarding strings and hours of editing video.This is another example of unsubstanciated fact and assumptions by yourself.You say Terri clearly indicated her wishes..were?.There is no evidence for this,if you have it id like to see this evidence you have.He says she told him is hardly evidence when considering his actions since 1993.His shown already his a liar,one of his previous girlfriends said he told her he had recieved no such wishes and made it up.He now has two children and a new life.he couldnt be more estranged. This is a loving devoted husband,and you have no problems with your guardian laws. which means whichever hospital/home she is at the doctors do choose!. Your take on things is very disturbing.You repeatedly say this is what Terri wanted.Please show me were.A victory for autonomy? No this is legalising euthanasia patients of percieved fully/semi autonomous.And thats just to start. Have you actually researched this case Blike.I only ask because if all your posting is a personal opinion without full knowledge,i recommend you research the situation in depth.The current standing in this case may or may not end in Terri's death. Its just im having difficulty in understanding your defence of an estranged,adulterous,vindictive,b**tard of an excuse for a man! edit The video that the family you say cannot produce is irrelevent.I find it more pertinent that her family obviously can see their child/relative is still there,and in no way PVS (a dead shell).And despite the clear motives of her estranged husband they have continued to fight for her life for over a decade.Im certain that if Terri was all but dead the family would not inflict this mental anguish on themselves by taking this action.Its seriously wrong when a stranger/court decides to end your childs life.When you know they are still there!!
  3. Newtonian

    Schiavo case

    What you also saw was from 2001 footage,of a person whom was supposed to be in a PVS. You seem to know quite a lot of this parental conspiracy.Perhaps you could give me a link to the unedited video.And factual evidence to support your claims of them attaching strings and such to work her like a puppet.Just were have you got this information from please. There seems to be something seriously wrong with US laws on guardianship here.A spouse who has moved on sometime ago into another relationship.Has the right to request the euthanising of his estranged partner,over and above the wishes of her parents and family. You appear to portray conspiracy by deranged demonic parents and family.Do you not consider that their reaction is one that any parent or family would be.When their child,whom they love and clearly not in a PVS.Able to show somehow she is aware of her parents and environment and is about to have her life terminated. Good god man they know ,love and cherish their daughter.If she was in PVS all this time and showed them that to all intents her quality of life was zero.We would not be discussing this. The fact is her family know whats best for their daughter,more than you ,i or a guy she married. I assure you it would not. We had a case Tony Bland,whom was in a true defined PVS after Hillsborough disaster.Only after extended treatment did his doctors along with the consenting family apply to the courts.To allow him to die. This was an extreme case,and under British law the schiavo case would not be considered. There are approx 1400 cases of patients in states similar to PVS in the UK It is irrelevent who is providing her treatment.The award was for HER medical care.Not her husbands to fritter away on attorney's extortionate bills. Im with her family on this,unfortunately, official medical examinations and expert assessments were not carried out on the patient to clarify her precise neurological state.Doctors have testified on her behalf that Terri does not fit the criteria for PVS.As such she must be considered a living human person, deprived of full consciousness, whose juridical rights must be recognized, respected, and defended. To prevent access to food and water constitutes an abuse of the juridical authority.If this leads to Terri's death it would create a juridical precedent and would present euthanasia in reality as a right before the courts of the US. With dire consequenses for other more or less automonous persons everywhere in your country. Your right it stinks alright,when in the near future doctors will choose who should live/die.This case shows clearly the family have no rights.Soon this will negate the spouse as well. We have been here before,a certain gov in Europe chose this path..and hopefully we all know what happened.
  4. Newtonian

    Schiavo case

    Aparently Ophilite our footage(uk) is very recent.Terri Schindlers condition does not fit the definition of PVS.She responds to stimuli and can open her eyes on request,smile ,cry.Although she cannot communicate verbally,she shows a cognitive awareness of her environment. There are a number of org's people still fighting for her case to live.Her family are certain that none of the above examples are simple reflexes.14 independant medical proffesionals (6 of which are neurologists)have given testomony that Terri is NOT in PVS.Sorry to be emotive but nobody denies she swallow volutarily. This would not be allowed if it were in the UK,another case of crazy americans IMO. The courts have ruled only that the feeding tubes could be removed(her husbands wishes),and NOT deny her right to food and water!! So she's allowed regular food and water but seeing as how she cannot consume regular food and water,she is to starve to death. hello .. Heres some facts, 1..Her husband has consistantly denied her right to therapy/rehabilitation. Florida Statute 744.3215 Rights of persons determined incapacitated: (1) A person who has been determined to be incapacitated retains the right (i) To receive necessary services and rehabilitation. Nurses whom have cared for her have sworn affidavits,she has recieved no rehabilitation therapy. 2..1992 terri was awarded approx 1 million dollars designated for future medical expenses FOR HER.But some of this ammount has been allowed to be spent on her husbands attorney's fees !! hello Summary of expenses paid from Terri’s 1.2 Million Dollar medical trust fund (jury awarded 1992) One a Mr George Felos hired by her husband is sitting pretty with approx $400.000 dollars. NOTE: In his November 1993 Petition Schiavo alleges the 1993 guardianship asset balance as $761,507.50 Atty Gwyneth Stanley Atty Deborah Bushnell Atty Steve Nilson Atty Pacarek Atty Richard Pearse (GAL) Atty George Felos $10,668.05 $65,607.00 $7,404.95 $1,500.00 $4,511.95 $397,249.99 Other 1st Union/South Trust Bank $55,459.85 Michael Schiavo $10,929.95 Total $545,852.34 All sanctioned by judge George Greer,so its legal. I dont know about anyone here,but were has the money been spent on HER MEDICAL CARE.
  5. OMG...Im Saddam!! lol thats answering 45 questions
  6. Not when one also realises that green is also the colour of snot!! And my son has his seventeenth birthday today,and he wore a green jumper.But had a cold and coughed as he drank his pint and issued snot all over the table he was sat at...not much of a conspiracy in that
  7. WHAT??? You have been listening to too much scissor sisters."hello..HEllo...is anybody out there!"
  8. The thing is they DO NOT stand up to the scientific method.They can be calculated for!! which is not the same thing as actually existing.One might as well say that instead of virtual photons what we actually calculate are virtual giant green jelly beans! Please predictions are not empirical proof so dont go there
  9. At the end of the day.Its clap trap. And no more relevent than giant green jelly beans.It seems very sad and negates decades of scientific breakthroughs,to make correct an invalid calculation by incorperating VIRTUAL anythings.It is like saying our calculations show 2+1 is four because we add a virtual 1. If our understanding of photons is primative we cannot just make up nonsense to arrive at a correct formula.. Before anyone picks me up on my opinion,if something does not stand up to the scientific method its invalid! Nobody can prove virtual photons exist,indeed its a perculiar way of giving logic to the totally illogical
  10. As your guilty of yourself..sometimes i fret for you cadmus
  11. Dont be silly,you know its impossible to grow younger . If your not going to take the eternal life ring(available at B&Q,Focus,for $9.)serious then stop wasting my time.If you had done some research you would have understood that the rings contain absorbed sweat from Sir Cliff !! The only person ive read that got their money refunded was Jacky Stallone
  12. Well well,good ol DC gets fourth,and for extra sweetness stuffs mclaren boys.Not to get too carried away but i did email Williams and ferrari to sign him. I really thought before his last pitstop he would get a podium,what a memory that would have been for him.And did you see his start Monsterous !! Hey whats the odds if he goes 5 or 6 races in the points that Williams sack a driver and resign him!!! Oh well i made a few quid out of him on Betfair.
  13. Dont agree with past few posts. Ive purchased two of these rings,i offer my testimonial as proof,ive worn an eternal life ring for a week now.Everyday i look in the mirror and have noticed i have not aged at all its AMAZING. Ive another ring to sell any interested party,for just 50 quid its yours for ever.Ask and we will sort something out through pay pal.
  14. It can't be,i have it right here with me!. Next to my 'how to be a good creationist' by C.R.DARWIN.
  15. Consciousness is eating a bag of crisps,and knowing you dont have to sniff about,or rip the bag open to find out they are none left!
  16. It wasnt,there are less earthquakes,and volcanic activity now. Than was taking place earlier in the history of our planet.
  17. Thats exactly what i was trying to convey earlier,but my math is crap!
  18. There is no proof of anything you have just said.The only thing i find highly unusual is Tesla's work was immediately confiscated and put in vaults under the official secrecy act,after he died.Up to date only a small percentage of his papers have been returned to the Tesla museum in belgrade.
  19. Chat? Are you refering to SFN chat? Mine doesnt work at all just opens a white box!
  20. Me YT. Never really considered it!.He seems to make sense,but so do alot of other fantasists.
  21. Whooa ,Spooky i knew you were going to post that!
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