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  1. My Wife, Nancy, fell this morning and broke her new hip, they can't operate until monday. I'll be spending most of my time there, wish her luck... 

  2. First Interstellar Asteroid Observed

    What! I am the only one who reads classic Arthur C. Clarke?
  3. I killed off a colony of rats a poorly installed AC system allowed to get under my house and in from there. I poisoned them all, not sure but I think i killed dozens, I feel no shame, rats simply cannot be allowed to exist near humans...
  4. First Interstellar Asteroid Observed

    Did anyone else think "Rendezvous with Rama" when they first saw this?
  5. Iron-eating Stone, why this phenomena?

    The nail is made of gallium, the rock is warm...
  6. Presupposition, faith and truth

    The evidences for Christianity is the same as all other religions... zip, none, nada... Objective moral values do not exist, if we were to use your own holy book as a moral guide you would be arrested in any first world country. The ontological argument has been falsified so many times I wonder why you would include it here at all. WLC is a christian apologist, his idea of how slaughtering children is a moral act is only slightly worse than making little girls into sex slaves as demanded by your god.
  7. A few minutes ago I found a flatworm in my yard. It is easily 18" long! 

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    2. zapatos


      Cool looking worm! Thanks for posting. :)

    3. Moontanman


      They say it's very important not to put one in your mouth, I wonder where they have that problem... 

    4. zapatos
  8. I think you are a few decades late with your revelation...
  9. Presupposition, faith and truth

    Yes, some citation for this baseless assertion is needed....
  10. Virgin birth

    They would effectively be clones, or twins if you prefer, of the mother...
  11. Mechanical drawing of aquarium

    I hope these drawings are a bit more informative, this is the smallest practical size but it can be scaled up as long as the ratios are kept the same. The idea is to recreate a tidal environment where the water flows clockwise for 6 hours and counterclockwise for six hours. This reversing motion creates a more diverse setting for the fish as well as making the plants more productive. This echos the current trend among zoos to make the animals habitats more natural and gives the fish the illusion they are in a tidal river instead of a square glass box. I think even large pelagic fish could be kept successfully in a scaled up version of this enclosure...
  12. Mechanical drawing of aquarium

    Here are revised pictures.
  13. Taking my wife in for a hip replacement this morning wish her luck! 

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    2. Moontanman


      Nancy's surgery went well, I came home to get her a few things. Thanks for all the well wishes! 

    3. zapatos


      Good luck!

    4. koti


      All the best to your wifey Moontanman.

  14. 100th Anniversary

    I am trying to see it from your perspective but my head won't go quite that far up my ass. Right now, in the USA, a tiny group of people own practically all the wealth, they own our government and regular people are being pitted against each other by the governments owners to distract them from what is happening. Anyone who says that capitalism protects property rights free enterprise must be one of the 1%. Romantic notions about communism are as flawed as romantic notions about capitalism. Neither system will work without checks and balances not to mention that most governments that are successful in the long term are a mixture of both... You say In what country has this ever been true? If you think it's the USA you haven't been paying attention. Then you say Can you support this assertion? I admit that totalitarianism is a terrible system but such governments can indeed exist as capitalistic, or communistic. Are you asserting that socialism and communism is the same thing? If so we can trivially falsify that because the US has a capitalism/socialism mix.. Human rights and private property can be had under either system but not in a system that has no checks and balances. Capitalism in no more deserving of uncritical acceptance than communism. -