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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Nice song... I loved steppenwolf back in the day!
  2. My point about definition is a lot like my definition of porn, I know it when I see it. Are we going by a human definition of sodomy? Sodomy in Fruit bats is actually necessary for them to reproduce. Is sodomy anything other than man on top get it over with quick? Does sodomy include oral sex? Mutual masterbation? Anal sex only? Who decides?
  3. Even among hunting circles killing for fun, fun is defined as killing an animal but not using or having any use for the corpse/body. Even among experienced hunters this is often frowned on with extreme prejudice. Hunters often share the meat of the kill with everyone who participated, with soup kitchens, or with friends and family. I have a small store of venison in my freezer and I do not hunt. Fishing is a bit less clear due to the fact that fish can and often are released unharmed if they are not going to be cooked for food. Commercial fishing is a problem, due to bycatch and fact that bycatch is often killed by the nets and wasted...
  4. I would conduct Miller–Urey experiment type experiment using chemicals other than the main ones used by Miller-Urey, Maybe Boron instead of carbon, ammonia instead of water, or methane replacing water...
  5. Again we have failed to define sodomy, are we going by the old "I can't define it" but I know it when I see it" adage? Here is the dictionary definition: Dictionary sod·om·y ˈsädəmē/ noun sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation. Fruit bat females perform felletio on males to insure a successful mating. Male bull elephants often have anal intercourse among themselves, only the largest and strongest getting to mate with females. These are not isolated cases, this behavior in some form occurs all across the animal. When two female whip tailed lizards mimic mimic sex so they can lay eggs sodomy? There are no males in that species, so sexual contact between females is necessary. IMHO sodomy is archaic word that was made up by people who thought they had the right to say how people should sex. So far I have seen no data that would indicate sodomy is any more or less likely to transfer STDs...
  6. Welcome to the upgraded SFN

    I am really beginning to like this new format! Great job "We've"!
  7. IMHO You would have to define sodomy a little more clearly before we can even talk about the subject. Again, let's define what is meant by sodomy and how they transfer disease more often than any other contact? Dogs have an infectious cancer that they can get from sniffing another dog's anus. does that count? Please define sodomy...
  8. I answered you as well, I guess googling the clay assertion was a bit much to expect. I should have provided citations. I can provide you with two one hour videos by Jack Szostak but this one is shorter and gives you the idea and possibly some places to start searching.
  9. In fiction Physicist Robert Forward has used this idea before. Possibly you can see how he did it.
  10. Lips morphology

    Sexual selection is a very strong part of evolution, while i am not familiar with Bantus lip color sounds like on of those things that would be selected in that manner.
  11. Producing a hierarchy of human life .

    No Mike, you are asserting mythology as fact. Crowding is meaningless in the context you are using. Humans are social animals, we generally like to have lots of other humans around us and live longer healthier lives when we cooperate in groups. Some other animals are not social and live their lives alone. Using mythology to understand the past is not completely off the mark but to assume mythology describes anything but fantasy needs evidence. Mythology cannot all be true, but it all can be wrong assuming any of it is true just because people appeared to write about it as though it was real is like someone 5,000 years in the future going through the ruins of New York City assuming the New York Giants was a race of giant people whom the inhabitants of the city worshipped... We really don't have much more than that in our knowledge of people of the past...
  12. Producing a hierarchy of human life .

    I know I said I was out but Mike, what on Earth makes you willing to assert your beliefs as facts? A hierarchy, like the one you are proposing, would require a similar level of evidence that I have a invisible dragon in my basement. Why on Earth would anyone accept my dragon as real? Your hierarchy is much less believable, spirit beings? Really? Invoking baseless assertions to explain other baseless assertions? You really need to show there is a hierarchy not to mention that there are, what are for all practical purposes, super beings. I would like to see evidence that there are superbeings, then possibly we can talk about some sort of order and arrangement. My own take on this is there are no superbeings, super civilizations possibly, but made up of normal beings that would be just as helpless as us if dropped down in the jungle naked with no tools. Think of it like us taking an adult neanderthal from 75,000 years ago and trying to "uplift" him to our level. Then think of a neanderthal baby raised in our society, no reason to think he could not grow up to grasp our society as well as we do yet we are separate species separated by 75,000 years of time. A Being 75,000 years ahead of us could be inexplicable to us but if one of us was raised by them from a baby I'd bet we could stand among them as equals. Yet you want us to accept your claims as fact with no evidence whatsoever!