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  1. Threads for dummies

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  2. I'd like to second what was said by StringJunky. I hope you won't let your past ruin your future. It certainly seems like you are on the right track. Good luck in your future.
  3. Killing Animals and Spirituality?

    Well, that's your opinion, and I dare say it is in the minority. According to the law and most people, there is a big difference between killing a human and, say, killing a mouse.
  4. I'd like to propose that moderators be more liberal in the use of their right to ban people right from the start.
  5. No, it is not Dark Matter. As StringJunky said, it is a visualization of the large scale structure of the universe.
  6. How to delete account?

    Thanks. The implications of this law are just now making their way to me at work and I'm still on the low end of the learning curve.
  7. How to delete account?

    Depending on where legally exist, they may soon be required to remove personal data if requested.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by this exactly, but it is my understanding that space expands uniformly throughout the universe. It is true that the distance between gravitationally bound objects will not expand due to expansion of space, but we don't exclude the space within a supercluster when calculating how much a given section of space will expand. The expansion of space even occurs between your ears!
  9. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    What did the British particle physicist say when he got accepted to work at LHC? SMASHING!
  10. It is a function generated by a specific configuration of physical properties, governed by the laws of physics. Just like everything else in the universe is. If you configure the physical properties a certain way you get a car, an animal, a reflex, or a free will. Just various levels of complexity. That doesn't mean that a car doesn't have unique functions and can be dismissed as 'just physics'. I mean, it can be, but that seems a rather simplistic view of a rather complex configuration of physical properties. On the other hand, if you want to say that free will is no more real than anything else in the universe I can get on board with that. But to single out free will from everything else in the universe seems arbitrary.
  11. What is inner-peace?

    I responded in the thread you suggested.
  12. I believe what likely controls me is my use of free will, which is a function of humans, implemented by chemical reactions, electrical impulses, structure, etc. Free will seems an ability of humans, just like an ability to do math, have emotions, or appreciate art. I didn't read all that you linked to, but what I did showed that it appeared some decisions under specific circumstances (quick decisions on choices for example) might be the result of chemical reactions prior to a conscious choice. But that to me is far from conclusive evidence that we have no free will. Just as bacteria can be considered part of human digestion, chemical reactions may be part of how free will is built into humans. The study you linked to may be more akin to a 'low level' of free will under certain specific situations, just as reflexes are a low level brain function under certain specific stimuli. I fully accept that free will is not some stand-alone, independent function, but it seems just as likely that it is not a remote controlled function either.
  13. What is inner-peace?

    Sticking point for me too, but because I'm not convinced the chemical interactions control me. Does the chemical reaction cause me to choose something, or allow me to choose something? Theoretically if chemical reactions are the causes of my choices, then given enough data you should be able to predict everything I think, say and do. I have no doubt I'm influenced by things out of my control, but I'm not convinced they have total control.