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  1. Welcome to the upgraded SFN

    This tells me a couple of things one of which is you're not very rich Cap'n. Aw shucks than.
  2. Multiculturalism vs. diversity

    Multiculturalism vs. diversity These two are virtually synonyms in the current geo-political reality so I have to ask what are you asking/talking about ?
  3. Welcome to the upgraded SFN

    I disagree. Sir.
  4. Welcome to the upgraded SFN

    Will this upgrade fix iNow calling people dicks at politics threads?
  5. That seems like a harsh penelty for suggesting the burning of the US flag on the moon (with a laser)
  6. Looks like my drunk estimate looks about right. That doesn't seem like an experiment. I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one. Since taking my evil toys away from me is not an experiment of any sort your budget is zero Manticore.
  7. How would you do that considering that money is no limitation and my laser contraption would be hidden and extremely well guarded. Unless you're James Bond you stand no chance. I'd take lessons from you any day John.
  8. When to use Special versus General Relativity?

    If I make grilled cheese sandwiches I put ketchup on them and eat them. I do this all the time.
  9. I would build a laser, somewhere around the best human visible range (green,530Nm) with terrawatts of power and state of the art optics capable of burning the American flag on the moon.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

  11. LoL! Thats our next generation Ed Witten right there ladies and gentlemen.
  12. The Impeachment of Trump?

    Sure Delta, I should have known to not present questions or statements here which are unconfortable to answer. Lesson learned for me.
  13. The Impeachment of Trump?

    My experience is only that the US employers are asking for ethnicity, religion and gender as opposed to non US employers. I was curious about which groups are more likely to get hired in the US (not anymore since you clarified it) and from what you write it is evident that it's the white male. I see you will keep on insisting on things which I have not stated nor even implied, I'm having deja vu from our discussion in the religious thread where you did the same. I have nothing to address since the evidence you provide contradicts points which I never made.
  14. The Impeachment of Trump?

    I can agree to being a spoiled brat in this thread and I think that your posts are spot on Area54. On the other hand: Is the very definition of a "spoiled brat" now isn't it.
  15. The Impeachment of Trump?

    In a sense Ten oz, your post did go to waste as you conveniently skewed my below statement into implying that I "claim to the contrary" where I am only stating a fact (from my own experience) that American employers ask you for your ethnicity, religion and gender whereas European employers in vast majority of cases don't (unless we're dealing with a US company operating in Europe for example): "I'm curious, which groups are more likely to get hired in the US? I'll tell you this...While looking for a job recently, I applied to probably a couple of thousand job offers in various countries including a 100 or maybe 150 jobs in the US in the last few months. Every single job offer that I applied for in the US was asking for my ethnicity, religion and gender as opposed to other countries where I never got asked about my ethnicity, gender or religion. Kinda makes you think doesn't it. " This kind of shoving down somebodies throat of assertions which are not there is misleading, annoying and uncalled for Ten oz. Please stop doing it.