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  1. Quanta and localized wave packets

    I’m confused... is superposition the only available answer to Kip’s question? I’d love to see some detail layed out, @Janus ?
  2. Al Franken's funniest moment

  3. Open a text file and see if the password you type in is typing in correctly.
  4. Such a Nice Paper

    My question was how do the gravity wave LIGO findings correlate to the dissonance in aproaches to gravity mentioned above. My question might be invalid as I’m not familiar with any work explaining the „pseudoforce” aproach, I’d love to read more on it. It is fairly obvious (at least to my lame mind) that our view of gravity is currently limited and we are missing crucial parts of the big picture. Not going into any of the failed or non resolvable GUT attempts, the difference in Newtonian and GR gravity aproaches alone implies (at least to me) that we currently see only a partial view of something more complex. Edit: Complex is not a good word, can’t find a word for current view of gravity not being whole - maybe „revealing”
  5. Such a Nice Paper

    Can you recommend something easly digestive to read explaining this dissonance? How do the LIGO/VIRGO findings adress this dissonance?
  6. Such a Nice Paper

    Why is classing gravity as a pseudoforce rare these days? Call me ignorant but theres no way I can find time do go through this large paper in detail, I’m genuinly asking.
  7. Al Franken's funniest moment

    On one side we have a clumsy, banned (correctly) troll who uses a double standard to try to stir to satisfy his insecurities but on the other, we have a genuine condemnation of an obvious field trip goof - really?
  8. Today I Learned

    Today I learned that a certain species of fish - orange-spotted tusk fish is capable of using tools. Specifically, it finds clams and smashes them against a certain kind of rock to get to the meat inside. This is from a 60 minute first episode of a BBC documentary entitled „Blue Planet 2” Stunning visuals, literally every frame of those 60 minutes could be framed and put on a wall. Plus Hans Zimmer made the soundtrack.
  9. Unfortunately this is incorrect in the context of the current situation in Poland. The populist right with their countless breaches and dismantling of the democratic state has been in power for 2 years and the polls are 44% for the a holes at power vs 21% for the liberal democratic opposition previously at power... with the rational left 8% and the extreme right 6%.
  10. Presupposition, faith and truth

    Ladies & Gentlemen, we got ourselves a pure blood troll right there.
  11. Spoko, daj znać jak będziesz w Warszawie Oraz piszesz jak rasowy Polak (pamiętaj tylko, że „Ci” zawsze z dużej litery) Lets keep this in English though from now on.
  12. The problem is that the march was under the government umbrella, they passed legislation 6 months ago to forbid any marches during the Nov. 11th marches and during the surreal, populist propaganda Smoleńsk monthly gatherings led by Kaczyński - they are implementing a police state. If it was just nazis or morons or whoever marching in whatever cause like in normal democracies nobody would make a big fuss about it, its the government blessing which is dangerous. As for Krakow and your 6 years there, Im glad to hear it (Im in Warsaw, let me know if youre coming here we’ll grab a beer) Remember that Krakow is a sanctuary of the „old intelligence” and it might not be a good indication of the whole picture. I hope your example is a valid one though. Edit: Yesterday the EU passed a resolution to implement sanctions against the highjacking of constitutional tribunal and the march thing in Poland. The resolution is dead on arival as the amount of beaurocracy and aditional voting required for it to actually take place is endless - and our government is well aware of it. So again answering iNow’s OP, theres isn’t any way to counter this without destroying our autonomy as a democratic state - its a vicious circle. On a side note, recently a middle class chemist set himslef on fire and died in Warsaw in protest of the current government. Its something unprecedented in Polish history even taking into account the deep regime of the 1960’s and 70’s. Have you seen the filthy government reactions to this? It’s ubelievable, sometimes I want to wake up from this bad dream (give in my passport and just leave)
  13. Yes! Thank you Mordred, very infightful for me (Dirac, spin 2) I also havent realised what you wrote about LIGO. +1.
  14. shockwaves in space

    In simple words, Special Relativity deals with speed of light being constant in all frames of reference and the geometries here are fairly simple. General Relativity deals with spacetime as a whole and with gravity being the distortion/curvature of that 4 dimentional spacetime construct which we exist in. General Relativity is very complex once you get deep into the details, very few people understand it fully with some of it’s implications being extremely complex - I don’t. Oh, and time is much too complex and flexible to define it as just change. Change implies simple before, now, after and that works for us humans here on earth because we do not notice the true nature of time in our everyday lives. Time in fact is not like that... a broader, larger cosmic scale lets us understand that its relative which means it flows at different rates for different observers (frames of reference) depending on velocity and...gravity. In fact we do not even need to use large scales, satelites 100 miles above your head need to compensate for time dilation in order for GPS’s to work. It happens as you read this.