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You probably won't be on a sub during basic, but if you are don't open the window. Stay safe.

I declined sub duty. I'll be running the reactors on carriers.

Where are you going? Great lakes?

Yes, that is where my basic is.

Wait, you are returning to SFN later on, right?

After I complete basic, I will have internet access, so I will post at times. I will be busy, though, so it most likely wont be much.

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Fortunately' date=' there's not much water in the desert.


Don't be using that sonar and killing them whales.


Congratulations on the new gig.[/quote']

I wonder how much you would have to tweak it to hurt them.......


MORE POWER! *grunt* *grunt* *grunt*

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are you excited? nervous?

I'm just kinda depressed that I'm going to be away from my girlfriend so long.


How long are you planning on sticking with the Navy? Are you 'using' them to pay for college? or are you planning on making a career out of it?

I can retire at 38 and make some good money on the way, but I'm going to serve my enlistment before I decide.

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Good Luck yourdad, we'll catch you on the flip side.:)

I'll be running the reactors on carriers.

Step on the wrong toes and you'll be running a weather radar in the Bering Strait.;):D

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