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  1. Is there any fossil evidence to show that there was less gravity? Like thinner dinosaur bones?
  2. The amount of evaporation outweighs the rain, so if it rains slightly more (like it did here in michigan) then the higher temperatures will evaporate it faster (also like it did here). Also, in many parts of the world, the more rain will come in at one time creating floods. What's gonna happen to the crops? Now to answer the OP: yes, it would make sense because too much CO2 is toxic.
  3. I heard somewhere (maybe a special on CNN) that 80% of personality is from genes, and 20% is from the environment.
  4. I downloaded it and I really like it. Everything just looks...cooler.
  5. Oh, a thought just occured to me. Do you consider loss of habitat by pollution loss of habitat? Example: There's a pond that isn't destroyed, but fertilizer from a neighborhood close to it pollute it. Is that loss of habitat?
  6. Well, this isn't an extinction, but it is a serious decline in numbers. The eastern massasauga rattlesnake has been in decline since the 1970s when much of its wetland habitats were starting to be destroyed. It's pretty resistant to pollution, so that can't be the cause of the decline. People do kill a few, but not enough to cause this big of a decline.
  7. Global warming will change rain patters, but not necessarily increase rainfall overall. At least that's what I heard. I'll look for a source.
  8. I'm thinking it's the pool frog. Your picture fits the description of them for the most part. The only thing I can't find is the white stripe down its back. Do any of the other frogs in the pond have a white stripe? The types of frogs in the England are common frogs, common toads, natterjack toads, and pool frogs. The picture isn't of a toad, so it's either the common frog or the pool frog. And it doesn't look much like a common frog. Here's a pic of the pool frog. More info on the pool frog. And here's where I got most of the information. Edit: Nice pic, btw.
  9. Alligator in Guatemala eating a Rum berry. <===I think I did it wrong.
  10. If we can't get out of the solar system in the next billion years, then the sun will kill everyone.
  11. The last December and January were the warmest I've ever felt. February was average or slightly colder, but March is hot.
  12. http://gigascience.com/ancient_reptile_had_two_heads.htm I thought it was rather interesting.
  13. We learned that the sun is at the bottom in school last year, and as ecoli said, its where plants get their energy from.
  14. Right now the warmth over North America is mainly because of the El Nino over the Pacific Ocean right now. There may be a connection between El Ninos and global warming, but we don't know for sure. It was like this last year, too.
  15. How you long a species survived can't define intelligence. The animals you listed have other advantages that have nothing to do with brains that would allow them to live for so long.
  16. Side note: My friend told me about how he almost never sees deer, but when there was construction at his house he saw two or three a day. When the construction stopped, the deer went away again. His conclusion: They weren't scared of the loud noises that other animals avoided. The same type of thing should happen with a boom box.
  17. Why couldn't/could they find another way? This isn't a good place to argue about it.
  18. I have a patch of woods behind my house, so I'll try it and report back here. What i think would happen is the deer will approach it for the same reasons Glider says. I think it also has to do with curiosity. Side question: Why do deer pause in front of cars?
  19. It looks as if the bird flu threat is waning, so my simple answer: Yes, we are doing enough. However, with colder weather approaching, I think we should be prepared to take more action on the bird flu. Still, the chances of a pandemic look to be shrinking.
  20. I would say certain species of whales because of their languages. In a way, how complex a language is can determine types of intelligences, and whales' languages seem to be even more complex than English.
  21. I agree with ecoli. Focusing on creating new technologies would creat jobs and, with hybrid cars for example, provide cheaper ways of using energy.
  22. I think there should be a general experiments board, and if there are enough experiments in chemisty then you should make an additional board for just chemisty.
  23. Is there a way the admins can make it so we can choose if we want the home page or not? I want it back also. I liked how it showed the new posts and the news together.
  24. That's what my science teacher said, but he say what he meant by pollution. Please explain.
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