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  1. Hahahaha. That is ironic, I should have pointed it out. It's near the surface of the Earth so it's all the same. (BTW: I'm not saying I don't absolutely despise this system, and I'm not defending it in any way, shape, or form. I just want to make that abundantly clear. This system is actually on my hitlist.)
  2. That's somewhere with very little gravity. A slug's mass here on Earth is actually about 32.2 pounds, and we all know there the 32.2 comes from. (g) 1lb*(g=32.2ft/(s*s)) = 1 slug = 32.2 lbs
  3. Um... Who said it's over? Wait til tomorrow, this may even have more to do with strategy than peace.
  4. There are pounds-weight and pounds-mass, which is one and the same near the surface of the earth and then changed when necessary by adapting the pounds mass to new accelaration due to gravity of whatever body is pulling on it. So, long story short, both kilograms and pounds mean weight in common usage. But mass and weight are entirely different things. Mass, the amount of matter that a body has, doesn't change, weight does depending on how gravity influences that body.
  5. What is the success of the creationism/ID movement anywhere it has success if not political? What else could it possibly be based on? Certainly not scientific or even philosophical validity.
  6. No no. I was making the point that you are not immuned to creationism infiltration, and which is clearly evident in the UK's involvement in the worst policy move in US history. It's pretty obvious that logic doesn't prevail when we set the trend, especially in the UK. I wasn't trying to be "circuitous", Sayonara. I thought you'd get it as soon as I made the hint.
  7. Okay, Cap'n you've got me concerned I missed something here. Is there some sort of dispute here that homosexuality does not have a biological basis (though of course just like anything, environmental factors do play a role as well)? That some how you can "de-gay" a gay man through education or other measures?
  8. I always learned the metric system in school, even as a little kid. I started learning about it in first grade, but then everyday usage of the other system made that education of that system look more like a simple nuisance. I don't know why we don't use it everyday. Now, I love the metric system and I think metrically. It makes so much sense. Let's just start using the metric system. It'll catch on, no worries.
  9. No, I'm not. This is the right thread. You're from the UK right? Think about how serious a problem it is for you if we don't solve it here. Creationism is on its way out anyway. I feel a scientific renaissance on the horizon as a result of this idiocy.
  10. Thanks for supporting us in the war in Iraq. I mean that, sincerely. (hmmm hmmm)
  11. Looks like it runs in the family. I'm wondering how the moral majority feels about this. I'm sure they'll be sending a representatitve soon. Sounds to me like the guy is just too charming for his own good.
  12. Fernandez is an "amateur." He uses the same tired nonsense, but shows he has not yet memorized the party line, which is evident at many instances, especially when he botches Behe's botched argument and left the door open for the more rational viewers to see just how ridiculous the whole thing is.
  13. Hopefully they actually fund the damn thing and implement a statistical method to keep from punishing a school for having a class that rises above all others. This bill is not popular in education circles because of its lunacy and ineffectiveness. Nice name though. Also, teacher's aren't so disposable right now that you can just fire them. You'd either have to try to improve the teacher or try to care enough about education to get more people into college and train more teachers.
  14. Wow, Turkey finally beat us in something, crackpottery. I remember they have that anti-science museum where they equate Darwin to Hitler and Pol Pot. Too bad we got this from such a credible news source (sarcasm). I'd rather trust AiG (kidding, kidding, but you get the point). I see LiveScience is the original source. I'm going to have to look at it further when I get some time. God Bless America, of which he specially created! No history books, please. Thanks Bascule.
  15. It's the calorie restricted nutrient dense diet that science has shown to improve not only the longevity but the quality of life on everything that it's been used on except fruit flies. Not only has my eyesight improved, but my energy level is immense, my need for sleep marginal, my short term memory is the best its ever been, my long term memory is coming back all the time, I can even now look at a control panel for a moment and then control something I'm new too without looking at it, and my memory of things I've used before has returned, etc. etc. Basically, I feel pretty damned good. You pretty much have to design it yourself though, and work your way towards it, but the point is low calories/high nutrition. For example, I eat 1700 calories a day and while most of the calories I get are from eggs and cheese, the rest is from fresh fruits and vegetables. Anjruu, I know 2 people who were born diabetic and my sister has been a diabetic ever since she was 2 - which was discovered after a long illness. I know family history plays a role, how much of one I don't know.
  16. I don't know Sisyphus. Both of my parents and everyone in my family wears glasses (though none legally blind). But I do know that I could barely see anything except for a few feet in front of my face. Now with the new diet, which I haven't been on all that long or completely, I'm sure I'd test at 20/20 - which I wasn't with my glasses on. I do know that a lot of people suffer from poor nutrition. Who knows how their quality of life can improve if they just eat better, eyesight included - and I'm saying that from personal experience.
  17. I think that eyesight may be largely a nutrional issue. I've changed my diet recently and no longer need glasses, and can see better without glasses than I could with glasses a few weeks ago - and poor nutrition is the root cause of macular generation.
  18. The only truly negative trend I can see is the incidence of diabetes in the American population.
  19. I wouldn't be staff here. It would look horrible on my resume (wink). And the exchange with Pangloss had nothing to do with him being staff' date=' except for he's a bit triggerhappy. Good point. I think it's all because we have fear of being drunk drivers ourselves in certain circumstances, because everyone has an excuse made. Is that about right?
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