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  1. Michio Kaku. Because he captures me like Carl Sagan did. I never get that feeling with anyone else. Bee
  2. I can't help you anymore except to say that an optician is not a medical doctor. You should document everything (like you have here) and make an appointment with an ophthalmologist who can examine the eye completely. Make sure you list your medications, medical history, (last physical) whether you use social drugs....and what kind, pretty much everything you ingest. Bee
  3. Everything you're describing (in your second example) is an effect of an ophthalmic migraine. (google that) At least that's my best guess based on what you're saying and it's not uncommon for those to last a long time. 20 minutes falls in that range. I've had the "sawtooth" crescent myself with a mild headache and I actually tried to "play" with it as long as I could. It was kind of cool when you experience it for the first time and I tried to draw it on a pad though, as you found out, they don't like to be tracked. . Mine last only three minutes or so and I only get them two or three times a year but have also experienced a "snowy" field of vision as this is taking place which makes it hard to read anything in that eye. If I were you, to ease your mind, I would make an appointment with an ophthalmologist for a simple checkup. Also, I would bring this to the attention of your GP. So far, you've said nothing that I haven't heard before from other people. Check the video in this link... http://www.knownjohnson.com/?p=73 Bee
  4. What you're describing is the visual aura of a simple drop in blood pressure. You're not giving enough information to say much more. Bee
  5. I've never been a fan of the fword. I just find it degrading especially in a family oriented forum which is why I asked. I would rather see someone post #$%& which delivers the same message rather than the ones you listed. I've been to forums that are so heavy with the fwords that I automatically relate it to a persons character, not a persons intelligence, just their character and that means a lot to me personally. I'm going to poke around in the weeks ahead but right now I'm in my final year of nursing college, interning/studying at my local hospital and hope to have my RN license by Dec/Jan. I want to take my psych course over again this summer since it's my only low grade. (B+) Is Martin still active here? I remember he was a really nice guy in the Cosmology/Physics section? Bettina
  6. Is the fword itself against the rules or only when used in a certain manner? I'm not a total prude and I have no problems with the minor swear words but the fword for me is out. Thanks Bee
  7. I haven't been here in awhile and I was toying with the idea of coming back to get some different perspectives on politics, religion, and cosmology but now I've noticed that the forum has fwords all over the place. Is this allowed now? I have a deep dislike for that word and if it's become acceptable....in any degree.... then I'll stay out. I just want a quick clarification. Bettina And hi mooyey
  8. I'm a Christian and an atheist, a realist and a humanist, and I like this answer. Bee
  9. I personally don't believe in God but I do understand that religion is important to some because it's the only source of hope they have. So, which religion is right? Any one that doesn't kill people. Bee
  10. Thanks for the interesting replies. I would have thought someone here would mention special relativity which is what my mind snapped to when I first heard this question. I thought of the bucket in motion vs the water in motion. Isn't that...though infinitely small... a factor too? Bee
  11. If I take a bucket and begin filling it with tap water from a faucet, what would be the result if I kept moving the bucket up and down in the stream as it was filling verses keeping it stationary at the bottom of the stream. No water splashes out. a) It would take less time to fill b) It would take more time to fill. c) It would take the same amount of time. Bee
  12. That depends who you believe. The link you supplied has two versions. I tend to believe the officer's version based on his outstanding record and the fact that another policeman on the scene...who is black...also supported Gates being arrested. Bee
  13. Inow... Defusing a domestic dispute is one thing. Going postal toward a police officer is something else and shouldn't be tolerated. An officer has the right to demand personal identification from someone found forcing their way in to a house. Bee
  14. No, it isn't. Not when it's being done at the expense of someone else. First, I voted for Obama (my first time voting for president) and given the same candidates, I would do so again. However, Obama is wrong on this because it was never a race issue. It was about a homeowner who was caught breaking into a home and refused to show his ID to the policemen to verify that he was the owner. He went ballistic instead. It was only after the situation began spinning out of control did he finally do so. (at least from what's been reported). At that point the police officer had had it and arrested him for disorder. There was no race issue here no matter how much the professor wanted it to be. Obama needs to apologize, verbally and in writing. Bettina
  15. I don't understand why it's gone on this long. I thought we (usa) had trained snipers, navy seals, or someone who could sneak/swim/minisub/portable motorized something/ over there and take these guys out. I don't see any other viable option. Paying ranson just feeds them. Bee
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