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  1. It’s plenty logically coherent by definition: used with a possessive to emphasize that someone or something belongs or relates to the person mentioned. We’ve had plenty of these arguments in the context of abortion and when life beings. Is the person corporeal or consciousness? Is a person merely the summation of their body and organs, or does it exist separate as self awareness? Are they less of a person if they lack an arm, or trim their fingernails? We seem happy to infer the notion of separation between human biology and personhood, so there is absolutely an external “entity”, and
  2. Not sure I'm posting this in the right subforum or not, so please feel free to move this to a better spot. Been getting fairly frustrated lately with the inconsistency of information regarding the scientific method, inductive reasoning, theory, hypothesis, proof vs. disproof... I thought you guys gave me a pretty good handle on this back when I used to frequent this forum, but increasingly, I'm growing suspicious of what I believe. And Google searching is producing mixed results. 1) I thought is was clear that science creates hypotheses via induction - that we formulate ideas
  3. Correct, it *needs* to be the bulk of the people out there. Stop letting them believe that they must shop, work and live just like everybody else, to the same standard. Stop letting them believe that sewing their own clothes is cruel and unusual punishment. Stop letting them believe that gardening is too much to ask. Extreme couponing is another example of how people plan and use their limited resources to maximum effect. The point in offering an atypical example is to demonstrate what is possible when you you drop the necessity to be the same, to be typical. If you require other huma
  4. I'm glad you brought this up. What is the point of providing welfare then? If your measuring stick is simply disparity between the well off and the less well off then millionaires could advocate welfare due to existing billionaires. I thought the point of welfare was to provide for people who could not provide the basic necessities to survive for themselves and their family. A trailer with food and clothes in it provides that. I'll even entertain medical for the sake of argument here. Why do you think welfare in industrialized nations should provide someone with a better life tha
  5. Right, undesirable is not suffering. Undesirable is not a good enough reason to take from someone else to improve your position. Undesirable is exactly what I'd expect. If you desire better, then take responsibility for yourself and come up with a plan. Suffering is quite different. Trailers are not a good alternative to the "tiny house". The tiny house was designed for much greater efficiency, if you heard them talking about how they insulated the place. Trailers are good though to protect you from the elements, heat and cool, place to sleep, cook food, watch TV and all that.
  6. http://www.statisticbrain.com/welfare-statistics/ That's less than 3K a year, and I would absolutely label them as impoverished. But there 4.3 million on welfare and 46 million on food stamps. From that link: And when you consider that people living off of $8 per hour, or $12 per hour, or the average teacher are losing some of that income to provide the same level for someone else doing *nothing*. Glaring problem with that data...entitlement is not welfare. Social Security is often considered an entitlement, even though the recipients are typically those who paid int
  7. True, but you're missing the point with the details. The point being...use your imagination, get outside of the box, stop being so quick to mark yourself "destitute" just because you might have to do things differently than the "norm". You're rarely as destitute and impoverished as you think you are. I see this as a problem with paradigms as much as anything else. That family that gets by on 14K a year has a lot to teach Americans. So the "norm" is to buy sliced bride, prepared box meals, buy a nice house that is asthetically pleasing, a pretty car, 52" big screen...so what? Make you
  8. I've always found the concept of American poverty as rather humorous. Poor Americans can only be considered poor comparing them to other well off Americans. It requires a comparison because people with a house, air conditioning, car, food, clothing, TV, cell phones, game systems and etc can only be considered "poor" when compared to someone else with a nice house, nice air conditiong, nice car, nice food, great clothing, incredible TV, the latest cell phones and game systems. From my experience - a class of which I've spent most of life - they typically have the same stuff as well off Am
  9. ParanoiA

    Yay, GUNS!

    Overtone, here's an example of what it looks like when you support your claims. I claimed the American left supports gun control and the right supports gun rights. You got all weird and decided it might be fun to pretend like that is questionable. So here's some support of what is obvious to everyone but you: The history of gun rights in America shows a democrat-republican divide starting around the 1970’s. Same with the NRA. American “lefties” are indeed for gun control as American “righties” are clearly against it. This is basic information that I really didn’t need to dig up
  10. ParanoiA

    Yay, GUNS!

    Ok, so you're *not* going to support your false claim....we won't be doing any discussing until you do. When you do, I'll be happy to address this nonsensical mess of a post of yours. Clearly, you are only here for combat with your over the top criticism of all ideas and beliefs that are not yours. I'll still play though once you support your false claim that the NRA trots out victims and uses them to advance their agenda. The latest NRA ad about Obama and his kids might hurt a little, but it's child protection that is at issue and it's standard criticism of government hypocrisy...you
  11. ParanoiA

    Yay, GUNS!

    I don't know what the hell happened up there. It didn't look like that in my edit box.
  12. ParanoiA

    Yay, GUNS!

    I'm contrasting that with what I started out with, line one, of this exchange...since you don't read, here's a source with video too. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2013/01/president-announces-executive-actions-for-gun-control.html As I said before, it's chickenshit to use little kids and offensive as hell considering none of his "23 points" do *anything* to stop another Adam Lanza. Show me the NRA ads that you claim do the same thing. Or are you still lost in the conversation? As I've said, both sides do it all the time. However in this case, it is currently one side. Th
  13. What makes energy recovery so expensive? I've always been attracted to the idea of burning waste and redirecting the heat for useful purposes. Can this be achieved more efficiently on a smaller scale?
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