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Toy model black holes per galaxy average number...

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Planck satellite baryonic cosmological composition parameter: (ref. 1, pg. 11, ref. 2, pg. 3)
[math]\Omega_{b} = 0.0495[/math]
Black holes cosmological composition parameter: {ref. 2, pg. 3)
[math]\Omega_{bh} = 0.00007[/math]
Solar mass: (ref. 3)
[math]M_{\odot} = 1.9885 \cdot 10^{30} \; \text{kg}[/math]
Milky Way galaxy mass: (ref. 4, pg. 1)
[math]M_{mw} = 1.260 \cdot 10^{12} \cdot M_{\odot} = 2.506 \cdot 10^{42} \; \text{kg}[/math]
[math]\boxed{M_{mw} = 2.506 \cdot 10^{42} \; \text{kg}}[/math]
PSR J2215+5135 pulsar Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff observational lower mass limit: (ref. 5)
[math]\boxed{M_{bh} \geq 2.27 \cdot M_{\odot}}[/math]
[math]\boxed{M_{bh} \geq 4.514 \cdot 10^{30} \; \text{kg}}[/math]
Stellar class O upper mass limit: (ref. 6)
[math]\boxed{M_{bh} \geq 16 \cdot M_{\odot}}[/math]
[math]\boxed{M_{bh} \geq 3.182 \cdot 10^{31} \; \text{kg}}[/math]
Toy model black holes per galaxy average number:
[math]\frac{N_{bh}}{N_g} = \frac{\Omega_{bh} M_{mw}}{\Omega_b M_{bh}} = \left(1.114 \cdot 10^{8} \rightarrow 7.851 \cdot 10^{8} \right) \; \frac{\text{black holes}}{\text{galaxy}}[/math]
[math]\boxed{\frac{N_{bh}}{N_g} = \frac{\Omega_{bh} M_{mw}}{\Omega_b M_{bh}}}[/math]
[math]\boxed{\frac{N_{bh}}{N_g} = \left(1.114 \cdot 10^{8} \rightarrow 7.851 \cdot 10^{8} \right) \; \frac{\text{black holes}}{\text{galaxy}}}[/math]
Synthetic catalog black holes per galaxy average number: (ref. 7, pg. 1)
[math]\frac{N_{bh}}{N_g} = 1.693 \cdot 10^{8} \; \frac{\text{black holes}}{\text{galaxy}}[/math]
Any discussions and/or peer reviews about this specific topic thread?
Planck 2013 results. XVI. Cosmological parameters: (ref. 1)
The Cosmic Energy Inventory: (ref. 2)
Wikipedia - Sun Sol: (ref. 3)
Mass models of the Milky Way: (ref. 4)
Wikipedia - Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit: (ref. 5)
Wikipedia - Stellar classification - Harvard spectral classification: (ref. 6)
Synthetic catalog of black holes in the Milky Way: (ref. 7)

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