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  1. This site is more about making you think through a problem rather than giving you an answer. There are automated propositional logic solvers and other sites that might be better suited if all you desire is an answer.


    My own process would be to first identify the commonality(D) and then look at my list of rules in an attempt to transform the equation as necessary. Something of a game of elimination.


    If you could show what you've tried already or something of your thought process it would help a great deal in terms of getting you to a solution.

  2. It is the average experience that most people are talking about in terms of education reform and mostly at the primary-secondary levels.


    The general thought is that an educated populous is more productive and less likely to riot(assuming decent governance).


    Whatever a child's values, family wealth, environmental influence; it is on us to try and improve their outlook and in doing so improve our own and that of our decedents.

  3. I think the free public education just creates a general expectation that the State is solely responsible for educating, rather than parents and students seeing it as a mutual effort.


    It is when the education stops being free that the average quality starts increasing again.


    There are plenty of alternatives to the standard public school education, but they all come with additional costs in some sense. Either time invested by the students and their parents or money by the parents.

  4. He asked for an abstract...


    The math isn't as simple as comparing trees no trees. You have to take the whole picture into consideration. How much pollution and waste would have been generated had the development been handled differently. Water, heat, light, vehicle traffic, energy expenditures.


    NOAA is also involved in preventing worse disasters(waste/pollution) elsewhere. I'd rather they be good at their job and help keep destruction down across the Nation rather than worry about tree planting.


    There are also a number of official and de facto government nature preserves. A number of areas have also "gone back to nature" as the economic activity shifted.


    Our best bet is to store the CO2 until the point that we are regularly incorporating carbon into permanent useful forms. At that point mining the CO2 reservoirs might even become a big business. Not too far off from some of the present day scrap metal recycling, doing far more for the environment than about everything else we do.


    You mainly just don't sound like a citizen and I don't approve of anyone telling another country how they should manage their affairs(not even my own). You can make suggestions but at best they lack the knowledge necessary to represent an informed opinion.

  5. Kept meaning to do this.


    Six years in the Navy serving on Submarines. Got to drive it, that was cool. All kinds of nifty accidents which were not so cool. Got out after my contract was up. Went to college and received my degree. Enlisted in the National Guard(bullet better than accident). Have been doing that for a couple of years now.


    I'm primarily trained in mechanical theory(hydraulics, pneumatics, diesel, O2 generation, CO2 removal). Have a degree in IT(logic systems, networking, electronics). Programming mostly self taught, primarily focusing on online automation. Later trained on Satellite Signal communications. My Uncle Sam gave me a cool death ray to make up for taking away my 2 billion dollar toy.


    I'm mostly just good at remembering what I read. Most everything is a page away for me. Poor man's photographic memory. Makes it easy to research my own random projects and answer the questions of others.


    Pretty much me in a nutshell. :)

  6. No, pretty much the exact opposite.


    You want people to moderate who do not want the position for the relative power and prestige it gives them. Hence, asking to become a moderator is a sure way not to become a moderator.


    From what I can tell you are still young, so maybe in the future. Anyone can change, whether they do or don't is up to them however.

  7. Country matters here more so than in most cases.


    US has a "fair use" provision. Other countries have different laws in place though.


    Main issue would be if you are making money off it. Second issue would be if the copyright owner feels they have an obligation to defend their copyright regardless. Third issue is if you and the copyright owner are in the same country.


    As it sounds like you are thinking of making money with this you would be well advised to go to a professional or at least jump over to one of the "ask a lawyer" sites.


    As a lawyer I have to stand up for the humanity of my profession (I understand this may be contested) - please could we rephrase as





    Images from the TV show V just popped into my head. happy.png

  8. There are also plants. Some of them will even change color in response. Assorted animal species could also work depending on what you want.


    Most sensors aren't particularly impacting, mainly just so they can continue to act as a sensor and not for environmental reasons. Real benefit would be for dual function uses. Ornamental or food crops that tell you when they are having problems or that something is wrong in your (shared) environment.

  9. If they truly meant Teradynes per second, they might yet be saved. The "yank" is SI derived unit for the equivalent N/s.


    I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to refer to their engine as having an output of 4*10^10 yanks.

  10. It is a real measure of energy? If so what can I compare it with to understand how much power it represents? I ask because I was watching Star Trek Voyager and in passing they mentioned the warp reactor produced 4 trillion terradynes of energy per second, is it just technobabble or a real measure of energy? I tried to google it but my spelling must be off because all I got was bunch of companies with the word in their names...



    One dyne is the force that accelerates a mass of one gram at the rate of one centimeter per second(squared). One dyne is equal to 2.2481×10-6 pounds of force, or 10-5 newtons.


    1 teradyne = 1 trillion dynes




    Memory Alpha to the rescue! cool.png




    Real thing too:


  11. Meh, you don't have to reach far at all for a scientific reason for love. Different chemicals produced naturally by the body have addictive qualities. You associate a person with that high and you have love.


    In my own opinion love for our species has an additional intellectual component, but the chemical basis is pretty straightforward.


    EDIT: Cross posted with iNow. But his is better so go read his instead ;)

  12. To find ideal efficiency your graph should look roughly like this:



    I don't know any better way to explain it. What you have is the very rough CO2 equivalent of a steam engine. Energy from Evaporation - Condensation has been around for a long while.


    Eyeballing it, your graph seems to be missing a pressure drop between B and C.


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