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  1. -----For the first part of this your post I have a question, and for short I answer my self:

    what source of movement you use in your racket, to defy gravity? Sure photons. In my idea photons are the source and in the same time bearers of their movements.

    In my idea photons are structure of interaction of two mater and anti mater sub-particles.


    We call this gravity defying force rocket exhaust.


    Ironically yes, there is a highly theoretical idea for a photon rocket, by and large however chemical rockets rule the day.

  2. We are not going back, we are moving forwards.


    Energy from living trees, bacteria, wind, geothermal, tides, your own body, etc. Fusion :shrug: They are making progress, but we have plenty of new technologies to keep us busy until then.


    Green and Free Market thinking join in a happy marriage on the subject of waste reduction. What is green can be lucrative and what is profitable can be environmentally friendly.


    As for the Moon, a small sized base maybe. Any larger and you encounter a lot of practical issues and said issues get expensive fast. I'm thinking tourism as being more likely otherwise be a serious government boondoggle. Not that said boondoggles can't produce good results eventually but I'd expect it to be awhile before returns are seen.

  3. I think you are talking about bookmarklets or their big brother equivalents(Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey).


    JavaScript injection typically refers to having your code run by someone without their permission or knowledge. Can have a lot of fun with this, but so too can the bad guys.


    I did make a Userscript(Greasemonkey) that did almost exactly what you've posted above. Local storage is another fun one to play with, along with passing messages between tabs. Most of my stuff is more for game improvements though. The only actual bookmarklets I have, I made for rapid equipment of game items.


    ie. javascript:adoptThing(309,%20false);adoptThing(318,%20false);adoptThing(302,%20false);adoptThing(534,%20false);adoptThing(363,%20false);adoptThing(348,%20false);


    Best way, I think, if you just want something quick, without spending alot of time mucking about with the site's innards.

  4. It really isn't that black and white. Organic has issues of its own. You really have to weigh the benefits and drawbacks for yourself instead of believing the marketing put out.


    Butter has trans fats. Should we process them out to make it safer? Is the risk of food poisoning from tainted meat worth the risk of not irradiating it? How about cooking, it produces carcinogens; should it be regulated? How long is too long in the name of food preservation when people are going hungry? Are we okay with decreased yields from using more natural practices? Is the increased resource usage and associated pollution worth it?


    I don't think any of these questions have a simple yes or no answer, but I do think society needs to take a hard look at things.



    Back to the topic at hand, most numbers I'm seeing suggest tobacco sales only represented less than 2% of their total profit. Looks like a simple means of generating positive publicity for them without making a significant sacrifice. Yeah it is good and all and maybe we'll get a few more drug store chains onboard, but most the cigarette sales weren't taking place in them in the first place. Small win, maybe influencing larger sellers down the line.



  5. For the most part you can get rid of any 'noise' with filters and different encoding/error detection methods.


    For microwave transmission we reflect them off the troposphere for over the horizon. Signal just degrades when you reflect it off something.

  6. Just a complex situation involving metabolic activity, cellular damage and longevity.


    Fairly easy to alter things but there can be consequences in doing so. At the very least I'd be asking what any one product does to account for the rest of the equation.

  7. It wants you to imagine a plausible history based on your general knowledge.


    ie. Helium fusion - carbon - ending up as some mineral on earth - being incorporated by some microbe - microbe being eaten - ... - production of Glycine


    Preferably making it as detailed as possible with supporting data.


    Note: Since it is talking about the proton rather than just the carbon you can go earlier than that as well.

  8. I'm just seeing any explanation as to the direction of rotation nor accounting for wildly different rates even for otherwise similar planets.


    Earth and Venus both orbit the sun counterclockwise, yet Earth spins counterclockwise about its axis and Venus clockwise.


    To reuse the tire analogy, we have two similar cars with a different front tire busted.


    At the very least would need to consider something else in addition to Gravity as having an impact(no pun intended).

  9. There's some stuff where your ethnicity and skin pigmentation can play a role but personally I feel it is pretty marginal. It isn't like you can't apply your brain to solve the problem instead. You have an issue with sun, grab some sunscreen or put on some clothing.


    There's less obvious stuff so it can pay to know your own ethnicity and what beneficial actions you can take, but that's about the most you should ever need to worry about.


    As far as diet goes most of the evidence just points to them going after whatever was the least energy intensive for the amount of energy provided. They were more focused on survival than healthy eating. Generally their lifestyle and the winnowing process at the time are what made them healthier than most of us are today.

  10. Better to just call the density at the center undefined rather than infinite.


    Density = Mass / Volume


    likely we either don't understand the physics well enough(a minimum volume exists) or our density equation isn't developed enough for the situation.


    Most of the effects of the 'whatever' are back behind the event horizon(escape velocity = speed of light). A lot of the answers to your questions on the interior are in the "unknown and possibly unknowable" category as a result.


    There isn't a magic size, so much as needing the correct conditions to grow or not evaporate. Smallest we suspect is about 5-10 solar masses.

  11. Would just depend on your employment contract. Personally I would plan for the worst case scenario while working towards a permanent position or similar contract in the future.


    Its not really a case of being thrown away, more of a case of your contract concluding. For that matter not terribly hard to keep in touch with social networks. Might even be advantageous to build up a number of ranking connections rather than just a handful.


    As to the original question, from what I've seen background checks are not that thorough. Provided it wasn't bad enough to be entered in a law enforcement agency database then you should be fine. Only if you self-report should you be concerned.

  12. PtNntSN.jpg




    Yeah, this is mostly for kicks and giggles at this point with OP suspended.


    Seriously though, any members picking courses, I do recommend taking at least one that will teach you logic theory. Challenging, but more useful(real world) than others you'll take and promptly forget.


    If P then Q. Best answer to a proof by inference I have ever heard.


    You mean modus ponens? Keeps popping up. Weird how that happens, isn't it?


    I only wish I could take credit for it. Greek thinkers and they really were quite brilliant.


    If you are not trolling(which seems pretty likely at this point) I would guess that you are failing to understand the need for substitution and more broadly the relationship between statements you were told are true and equalities.


    Really what you chose to do with this information is up to you at this point.

  14. Ok, I think no one knows. You don't have to "answer", or at least be honest and say you don't know. You are making others waste their time.


    Thank you all for your "help".


    If (Nobody knows the answer), then (No answer presented)

    (No answer presented)

    Therefore (Nobody knows the answer)


    1. If P, then Q.
    2. Q.
    3. Therefore, P.

    Which is a logical fallacy. If nobody knows the answer then you can logically prove there will be no answer presented.


    1. If P, then Q.
    2. P.
    3. Therefore, Q.


    But there not being an answer presented does not prove that nobody knows the answer.


    It benefits you to learn the process of thinking logically in a formal fashion via help, not through receiving an outright answer.

  15. Note, the written (f) above is off though the equation used later is correct. Likewise the 'z' written at the end should be labeled as y.


    Plugging your numbers back into the equations results in:


    (14 - 1 + 3)/16 = 16/16 = 1(Correct)


    (28 + 1 + 3)/16 = 32/16 = 2(Correct)


    (7 - 1 - 2(3))/16 = 0/16 = 0(Correct)


    Your answer is correct, the labeling issue I suspect occurred during transposition. All in all a nice bit of work.

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