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  1. That was more the fault of the party dictatorships than the economic system. Typically they bastardize their economic system into one with the State running and owning everything. That isn't what communism was originally envisioned as.


    There are a number of examples out there, communes, monasteries, co-ops, where the sharing of resources and mutual decision making have worked out quite well for the participants. Even the employee owned company could be considered a form.


    edit: CharonY beat me to it

  2. Undefined:


    X * 0 = 5 --> 5/0 = X




    X * 0 = 0 --> 0/0 = X


    There are many numbers that when multiplied by Zero equal Zero, but there is nothing that when multiplied by Zero that equals 5.


    This is how I generally view the difference anyways.

  3. Either:


    A) it had no effect prior to




    B) it would have made Adam and Eve immortal


    If B is true then God apparently didn't care and Adam and Eve just happened not to have already eaten from it. I don't see this as casting anyone in a good light, so I prefer A.


    As far as gaining a moral sense goes, I was really thinking in terms of metaphor not as a literal interpretation.


    If you want literal then God asked for good behavior from people lacking knowledge of good and evil. One can only hope that the whole thing was part of His Plan and that Adam and Eve weren't being punished but merely sent on their way as God intended from the start.



  4. Marmite is yeast extract, the B12 is added in later.


    While I'm not sure on the bacteria's exact requirements herbivores harbor them as well as every other animal, so presumably the bacteria would be fine getting what they need from inorganic or plant sources.


    It is generally recycled internally, but inevitably our own bacteria manage to toss some of it out and the effects of a deficiency are nothing you want to test on yourself.


  5. So as I read it you/we need B12, no plant products supply it, and animal sources are the only way to get it. If a vegan or vegetarian is taking B12 supplements or B12 fortified foods, the source of that vitamin is some animal or animal product.


    Bacteria are actually responsible for producing B12(cobalamin).


    Requires bacteria living in animals or artificially grown bacteria to produce it.


    I do find the generally used semi-artificial form(cyanocobalamin) somewhat dubious personally since it can leave trace amounts of cyanide. My own thoughts though, I'm sure I've had it already with no noticeable effects, especially considering the Veggie MRE's I've eaten(more candy on average).


    Genesis 3:22 "And the LORD God said, 'Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever'"


    This implies there was another tree they weren't allowed to eat from besides Knowledge.


    They were apparently free to eat from it up to that point. Not recorded if they ever did or did not though, as far as I could tell.



    Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. 16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; 17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”



    I read this as God saying Man would instead live a finite time if they ate of the Tree of Knowledge. Not that they'll necessarily keel over then and there. Worst case He could just have an odd definition of the word "day" which we do have a good bit of evidence for.


    Even afterwards He didn't verbally forbid access to the Tree of Life. Possibly He realized the sheer contrariness of His creation by that point... Instead He assigned some pissed cherubim with a sword to keep the humans off His lawn.


  7. We'd probably be hosed honestly.


    Asteroid(s) - Dust - Famine - Riots


    At that point they are pretty much free to come in and do whatever they feel like. Personally if I were them I'd just launch aerial attacks. Decimate any remaining agriculture and then send in robot drones to scour the surface. Possibly they could work in some quasi-religious angle and convince survivors to come out of hiding, congregating to one location.

  8. I look at it as a metaphor for obtaining the intelligence that allowed us to formulate moral values. Freedom from death is then blocked by a "sword" often used to represent War.


    If you want the literal, they were never forbidden to eat from the Tree of Life. Presumably it just did not have any effect until after they had eaten from the Tree of Knowledge.

  9. You can put the link in your signature as well. Then all you need to do is post like normal.


    ie. BBC Horizon: 2010-2011: What Happened Before the Big Bang?


    Attempting to drive traffic using multiple posts on a discussion forum is generally seen in a negative light, regardless of the reason. Your signature, in contrast, is this nice little thing that follows every post you have ever made; where you can share a tastefully presented link to something that others may find of interest.

  10. I'd recommend making a few lists. What sort of mechanical/computational problems am I having in my daily life? What could I make to help my friends or family? What could I make to help the environment? What do I use now that could be made better?


    Once you have your lists you can start brainstorming possible solutions. Feel free to use this site as a sounding board. Decent breadth of knowledge at your disposal.

  11. Yeah, creep resistance is most likely reason. There are stainless steel ones out there too though. Likely just depends on the application and material costs.


    Been awhile since I looked Inconel up. I'm thinking it was for a similar reason too.


    I am asked to comment on this statement from an economic perspective.
    "Over the last several months swarms of locust have destroyed 80% of almond plantations, thus dramatically decreasing the supply of
    almonds in the near future. This means that for the next several years we will observe shortages not only of almonds, but of other
    nuts as well."
    My answer is that this statement is false. When almond plantations are destroyed, the supply will shift and drive the price up. The market will eventually reach equilibrium as people substitute the almonds for other kinds of nuts which result in a decrease in quantity demanded for almonds. This will happen until the market reaches equilibrium when marginal value of the consumers equal to the market price in the next several years and results in no shortage in the long-run.
    Does my analysis answer the question successfully or is there some aspect i didn't comment on?.



    What will happen to the price of the other nuts people are substituting the Almonds with?

  13. -----For the first part of this your post I have a question, and for short I answer my self:

    what source of movement you use in your racket, to defy gravity? Sure photons. In my idea photons are the source and in the same time bearers of their movements.

    In my idea photons are structure of interaction of two mater and anti mater sub-particles.


    We call this gravity defying force rocket exhaust.


    Ironically yes, there is a highly theoretical idea for a photon rocket, by and large however chemical rockets rule the day.

  14. We are not going back, we are moving forwards.


    Energy from living trees, bacteria, wind, geothermal, tides, your own body, etc. Fusion :shrug: They are making progress, but we have plenty of new technologies to keep us busy until then.


    Green and Free Market thinking join in a happy marriage on the subject of waste reduction. What is green can be lucrative and what is profitable can be environmentally friendly.


    As for the Moon, a small sized base maybe. Any larger and you encounter a lot of practical issues and said issues get expensive fast. I'm thinking tourism as being more likely otherwise be a serious government boondoggle. Not that said boondoggles can't produce good results eventually but I'd expect it to be awhile before returns are seen.

  15. I think you are talking about bookmarklets or their big brother equivalents(Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey).


    JavaScript injection typically refers to having your code run by someone without their permission or knowledge. Can have a lot of fun with this, but so too can the bad guys.


    I did make a Userscript(Greasemonkey) that did almost exactly what you've posted above. Local storage is another fun one to play with, along with passing messages between tabs. Most of my stuff is more for game improvements though. The only actual bookmarklets I have, I made for rapid equipment of game items.


    ie. javascript:adoptThing(309,%20false);adoptThing(318,%20false);adoptThing(302,%20false);adoptThing(534,%20false);adoptThing(363,%20false);adoptThing(348,%20false);


    Best way, I think, if you just want something quick, without spending alot of time mucking about with the site's innards.

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