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  1. You are talking about optical character recognition(OCR). The better human verification systems are designed to prevent this however.


    People can be payed to basically do your job for you, with results and costs comparable to what the very best OCR software could manage.


    Figure out what 15 minutes costs at present, then see if this is more or less than what people are paying on mturk(elsewhere?) for similar tasks. Based on that you can decide whether to proceed or not.

  2. He's referring to the uneven mass distribution within the Earth itself.


    Depending on your scale's sensitivity you'll see differences in the amount of force produced(weight) based on your location.


    ie. F = G(m1m2)/r2


    As for seeing Gravity not in reference to things like planets, the Cavendish experiment is probably the best example.




    Subsequently he was able to figure out the approximate density of the entire planet Earth, so not too shabby.


    As for orbiting it is based on an object's velocity. Cannonball example is a good one. Perpetually "over the horizon" before it can hit.


    Even with all that there is still a ton more to Gravity, but that is probably enough for now.

  3. Yeah, the Babylonian system combined with the base 10 Hindu-Arabic numeral system.


    If you want historical then it is a mess of different contributions. Hours are mostly the Greeks(horae). Days of the week are mostly in reference to different Nordic and Roman deities. Months, mostly Roman deities and more than a few of their Emperors. The 7 day week is mostly based on religion(Babylonian and Judaism), every 7 days being a holy day. There's a decent degree of crossover between the two hard to say who thought up what exactly. In their version of the Flood, it took 7 days, might have been the basis.


    Mostly arbitrary though rooted in our apparent motion around the Sun. Insane to think about the amount of observation involved.


    There are a number of other systems out there as well, if you are interested.

  4. MS%20Flip%20Flop.gif


    This might make the Master-Slave relationship a bit more clear. There are two flip flops, with the second only changing in response to a change in the first.


    If DMaster = 1 and Clock = 1, QMaster = 1

    DSlave = QMaster

    If DSlave = 1 and Clock = 0, QSlave = 1


    There are also truth tables out there which I generally find to be helpful to look at.


    Just to clarify typically preset/clear are referenced as set and reset.



    My next question is the clear and preset, do these override clk and D?


    Essentially yes.



    There are free online circuit simulators out there. Logic.ly/demo is good for basic stuff and you can probably find others with a bit of searching.

  5. Satellite footage would be the holy grail for our underwriting and recovery process. It would significantly reduce our risk of catastrophic loss.


    There are commercial services that you should look at instead.


    Affiliation for sites is more like the relationship between SFN and RationalSkepticism.org. They both link to the other in a clear fashion on their homepages. There are more complex affiliations than that but the mutual link is what you'll most commonly see.

  6. Swansont taught at Orlando when there actually was a nuke school there. Though, that was before my time; I went to Goose Creek.


    You and I missed each other there by just a few years. Still have the edge on possibility that Swansont ran into some of my family though.

  7. yeah, I was in myself, Navy and now National Guard. Just to be safe I and most others, try to stick with general info.




    I also work for the navy now. But my work affiliation (or that of any members here) means nothing to any military affiliation of the site, since I am not an official spokesperson. I represent only myself. I can give insight into some government/military topics, but that's always from my personal perspective.




    PS Thanks for the confirmation that I wasn't in the real navy, as many of the instructors who had done a sea tour used to tell us. ;)


    Orlando or Goose Creek?

  8. Sphere just has the greatest volume compared to the amount of surface area.


    You likely can't see the Universe externally. The Universe can create space internally, so there is no logical reason why it would need external dimensions.

  9. That is how you experience the waking state as well though. Your brain takes the inputs from your senses and after some editing, presents you with a coherent narrative of events.


    This is a fun example demonstrating your blind spot:






    Your brain fills in the gap, without even bothering to inform you of the fact.

  10. Didn't the gnostics consider the god of the old testament to be Satan masquerading as god?


    Yeah, that matches up with some gnostic concepts of the demiurge. The force or being that created the material world.



    I see it as having been a system of salvation based on the possession of "secret" knowledge(Greek: Gnosis). I just find that to be anathema and plenty exclusionary in its own way. It is an interesting subject intellectually and historically though.

  11. IMO they just didn't want to do anything too serious. Not that hard to pull up financial records and see who would be least likely to actually care. They were certainly specific in their targeting.

  12. I really see there as having been too many sects forced under the Gnostic umbrella to make that sort of judgement.


    According to the Gospel of Judas only a select few could reach Heaven(as revealed to Judas by Jesus). Contrasting with that is Mandaeism in which Jesus was seen as a false prophet.


    A couple of the more extreme examples, but both are likely to feel equally "wrong" to a majority of Christians today.


    I do think for moral and practical reasons major religions will become more accepting over time. Most probable situation looking at past history.

  13. I was trying to show you that your site could be quite trivially hacked. I don't like doing permanent damage myself, but there are many others who think differently.


    That was the same basic method used in a number of cross site scripting attacks on major companies. You get a user to run your code on top of the site's and proceed to steal their information.


    Do some penetration testing, look at the online resources available on the subject, maybe even try a few "Hack this site" challenges. At the very least you would have a better understanding of the risks you are recommending others take.

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