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  1. No such choice is offered. Not only do GMOs depend on the full chemical gamut of industrial agriculture aside from the specific benefits of the engineering, but the two major -cides being engineered in are two of the most benign -cides: as their effectiveness is destroyed by this kind of irresponsible abuse the replacements will in most cases be worse in their environmental, medical, and economic effects.


    Well, we're going to require -cide rotation either way to prevent resistance from occurring. That much is common sense. Could just rotate modified organisms in the same fashion.


    I'd really rather we focus on the rest of field and bring that on board. Guardian insects, precision pollinators, improved soil microbes, far more lasting options I think.

  2. I just see it as being far riskier to keep dousing our fields in assorted -cides. More damaging to the environment and likely to impact human health in my mind.


    Ultimately I think it'll become a non-issue. Countries, groups or even individuals are going to release deliberately modified organisms into the wild. Considering our lackluster record in dealing with natural invasive species and the amount of economic damage possible it is a near certainty. What is going to matter more is how these different traits fair in evolutionary terms.

  3. US residents at least can reach it, showed up in my RSS feed earlier.


    My thought is that while some discipline can be helpful, even very minor pain is enough for that. Certainly doesn't need to be anything beyond a spanking. Any normal human being learns quick that to act badly results in negative consequences with that alone.

  4. a few questions...isn't dark energy force somewhat known? Isn't this done through the forces exibited by virtual particles as measured in the casimir effect experiments? Or are the dark energy forces unrelated to virtual particle expressions? And if they are not related directly, isn't some basic limits known about dark energy expression by the observed expansion rate?,,,edd


    As I understand it, dark energy is thought to exist due to the observed expansion rate. I don't think much if anything is known about specific properties.


    I do wonder if there is a connection between gravity we observe as a result of mass and the expansion that we observe related to a lack of mass. They seem strangely complimentary pseudo-forces. I may just be seeing a connection where there is none though.

  5. 1) Probably solar. Has the most widespread availability along with being usable in a number of forms(food/water heating, electricity).


    2) Bio-fuel requires multiple steps to convert the initially solar energy and whatever nutrients to a usable form. Depending on the source they may also impact food production. That being said, there does exist the potential for bio-fuel sources utilizing waste or non-edible resources so they remain a very viable avenue for research.


    3) My view is that the price of oil based products will rise as the supply depletes. Rather than a sudden shortage, there will be a more gradual adjustment. More serious issue would be countries getting desperate and tapping other possibly more polluting/risky sources for power. Waste incineration, deep sea methane hydrates, tar sands, etc.


    4) I feel they have been working on the problem to the degree they can. Different interests in play. Green Energy vs Increased Costs, Alternate fuel sources vs Pollution


    5) Yes, perhaps not as they are at present, but I think future research will see better production methods.


    The force is powerfully attractive between nucleons at distances of about 1 femtometer (fm) between their centers, but rapidly decreases to insignificance at distances beyond about 2.5 fm. At very short distances less than 0.7 fm, it becomes repulsive, and is responsible for the physical size of nuclei, since the nucleons can come no closer than the force allows.




    Your argument is bunk.

  7. I could make the same case with Revelation 12.



    Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars.



    And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born.



    The Woman representing the Sun, about to give birth(produce light) in danger of having her child devoured by a dragon(representing a black hole).


    All sounds very plausible but just as random an interpretation likely out of context of what the writer meant.

  8. I look at it as a form of artificial selection.


    The algorithm gains the benefit of knowledge but also the drawback of assumption of knowledge. Will almost certainly arrive at a solution faster, but it may not arrive at the most optimal solution as you've restricted the problem space.


    Been a bit since I worked with alife. Did have fun though.

  9. Nutritional yeast is the common term for yeast produced for direct consumption.


    Grown via fermentation and then pasteurized so you can digest them. B-12 may or may not be added after that.


    Main issues I saw were obtaining the proper purity levels and the necessity of providing nutrition for them.(Investigated them for potential self-grown vegan food and/or survivalist food.)


    Different forms of SCOBY's(Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) are also "edible" in the sense that you can eat them, not that you will really want to. Can be grown at home though with useful fermented products.



    Possibly liquid meals are an area you can investigate. I think the processing level is still low, but might get you in the ball park of what you want.

  10. Sounds like a decent approach. Combine traditional techniques with technology.


    I've been trying some low key experiments of my own. Nowhere near the same scale though. Mainly trying to engage what senses I can(temperature, touch). I've also tried Ginkgo Biloba, does leave me feeling a bit off in the morning though.

  11. I see it as the indeterminate denominator as what causes the problem.


    0 / (X != 0) = 0


    I still managed to develop a system of math with it(black hole equations) but there were unresolvable issues past the very basics. Something to do if you're bored if nothing else.

  12. It would need proof of existence before we can talk about gaining access to it.


    Just to clarify this is normally talked about as a 5th dimension. The 3 space and 1 time dimensions, being the ones we are aware of at present.


    I do like Asimov but his science fiction was just that. No positronic brain Roombas running around.

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