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    1. Conduct Tier-5 Surveillance to determine who is Administrator
    2. Direct operatives to capture Administrator along with hostages
    3. While holding Administrator gesture wildly at hostages while loudly speaking Klingon
    4. Finally, in perfect English, ask Administrator to open Command Prompt
    5. Repeat as needed. Note Administrator may grow wise to Tier-5 Surveillance and require higher Tiers moving forward.
  1. 5 hours ago, Peterkin said:

    Yes, many Americans are woefully ignorant about the rest of the world (etc.) and ready to believe any  pithy dismissal that comes around on their social media.

    And what with the jet stream getting messed up, Canada is particularly vulnerable to climate change, so, actually it's not much colder than most of the US. This is old news and no secret.

    But all that stuff about people "promising" to move here? Obvious hyperbole. It's not that easy to pick up your stuff and move to another country. It is another country - with a border that's still closed afaik, and no easy or instant entry for new immigrants who want to find accommodation and earn a living.

    Did happen when people were draft dodging back in the day. Would be hard for majority but some could definitely manage.


    On 7/1/2021 at 6:22 AM, ScienceNostalgia101 said:

    Do people actually have this caricatured version of Canada being incredibly cold, all the time, or is this just fallen back on as an excuse for making promises on which one didn't have a plan to follow through?

    Probably joking, though IMO most here would likely to imagine the Interior regions in Winter, when they think of 'Canadian temperatures'.

  2. 4 hours ago, Intoscience said:

    You could go back into the past and have no direct impact on your own timeline which would have prevented you going back, so no issues there. It's rather the possibility that you might alter the past to change the future in a way that prevents you going back in the first place which is the problem. These are the paradoxes that would violate causality, so logically there should be some mechanism to prevent the paradoxes happening, or time travel into the past is just impossible.


    As far as  we know, Causality is limited to the speed of light. So might be able to avoid paradoxes in some cases.

  3. 15 hours ago, Intoscience said:

    AFAIK there is no mathematical reason why time travel into the past is not possible (someone may correct me on this).

    I think the issue is maybe more around the causality aspect. Essentially unless some rules are introduced, like splitting timelines, multiverses etc... then going back in time creates paradoxes, the "grandfather paradox" probably being the most popular one. Where time travelling into the past may allow effect to precede cause, which violates logic and the laws of nature.  e.g. You go back in time and kill your grandfather, which prevents you being born, which stops you going back in time to kill your grandfather...

    Obviously if time travel was possible then there would have to be some mechanism to prevent paradoxes happening, hence timeline splits, or multiverses,  or no matter how you attempt to change the past something happens to prevent it etc... 

    In some cases you might be able to hoodwink the Universe.

    Jump to the past far enough away and the butterfly effect can't spread back to create paradoxes/loops/etc.

    Inside event horizons should be somewhat sheltered regions too.

  4. 5 hours ago, Phi for All said:

    I don't know why so many people get this idea that we'll become or be superseded by an artificial superintelligence by this century.

    We'll probably go on for thousands of years as the same, limited biological species in a civilization "a la star wars/trek".

    Fair odds we'll design something with either superhuman intelligence or that will seek such intelligence. Then it all comes down to its goals and how we fit into those goals. There is plenty of space and resources out there, that it could more easily take advantage of so somewhat boringly may not result in either Judgement Day style conflict or Technological Singularity.


    Was actually a Star Wars story on this ironically(The Bounty Hunter Wars). All the other robots were reprogrammed into sleeper agents and the Death Star taken over by a rogue AI, just prior to destruction.

  5. 6 hours ago, iNow said:

    Use it when you want to travel quickly while resting, reading, realizing mass transit is more sustainable, etc. I love using high-speed rail when traveling for work in Europe… you sit down, view the countryside, get up and stretch, and get things done while being quickly carried to your destination. 

    True that would be nice benefit without the longer times of taking Amtrak.

    Would be cool hopping from nearby light rail station to Brightline at the airport and from there to Miami. Something of a painful drive at around 4 hours, compared with Brighline's 2 hours. There and back has never been something you'd regularly want to do in a single day before.

  6. 40 minutes ago, Duda Jarek said:

    Sure electricity cost is lower, but total cost (including e.g. hardware) market is willing to pay for $100 banknote is ~$99 ... giving the miner/investor $1 profit, at $99 cost for civilization ... plus e.g. these $37-49 "in health and climate damage" externalities.


    Sure mining of gold/silver also has externalities - which should be included in evaluation of such investement, compensated e.g. through taxes to those who pay them ... but

    1) In contrast to massive hashing, our civilization needs these metals e.g. to make electronics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold#Electronics   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver#Electronics

    2) in contrast to potentially infinite number of various cryptocurrencies which can consume all available resources, real mining has reasonable physical limits for used resources.

    We only use around 10% of what we've already mined.

    We can make gold artificially too. Just not valued enough for us to do so. We haven't even started seawater extraction yet.

  7. So new Brightline rail is being constructed from Miami up to Orlando and from there over towards the west coast.

    Still a bit out but trying to figure out how I should go about comparing ticket prices with alternatives and if there's anything else to consider besides straight roundtrip prices.

  8. Yeah, most currencies are set up that so issuer makes a profit. Pennies and nickles are minted at a loss though so not universally true. Obviously you could use something like gold but then you simply have all the same issues in different forms to worry about.

    I'm not worried about crypto myself. We can always just switch to a fresh currency or drop the historical transaction data.

  9. 28 minutes ago, Hans de Vries said:

    Why would US want to invade Canada out of thin air?

    It had good relations with Canada due to economic and cultural ties.

    Was to prevent our weak northern border from being used against us in a conflict with Britain.

    34 minutes ago, MigL said:

    Ha !
    Niagara Falls would be the Americans' Borodino.
    After that, Canadian winter would set in, and the Americans would have to retreat with their tails between their legs.
    ( reference to Napoleon's invasion of Russia )

    Yeah I have a feeling we would have been at the very least bogged down come winter lol.

    56 minutes ago, studiot said:

    The 'Drielanderpunkt' is point where the borders of 3 countries meet.

    So you can step from Germany to Belgium to the Netherlands around it.

    On the German side there is nothing but wooded country.

    On the Dutch side there is a small tourist park.

    On the Belgian side there is the war memorial commemorating the 1944 - 1945 war  and more wooded countryside.

    Got my dates mixed up, you're right actually.

    Not sure on the plaque then.

  10. 47 minutes ago, studiot said:

    An interesting historical point.

    Would some Americans like to comment on what they regard as the dates for ww1 and ww2 ?

    I ask because there is a memorial to the 1944 - 1945 war at the 'Drielanderpunkt'.

    1914 and 1941. Though we do focus on broad causes for the war and US entry.

    Is that plaque at Brockhall by any chance? Thought may be in reference to the espionage work that went on.

    3 hours ago, Hans de Vries said:

    Not really since ww1 was mostly caused by two people, Wilhelm II and Conrad von Hotzendorf. 

    Germany itself estimated that by 1916 Russia will be too strong to defeat. If ww1 is avoided for a few more years and there will be a high chance it never happens. Germanyu was the Silicon Valley of early 1900s and it would make the kenel of European integration as it did after ww2

    Think it would of simply had another random touch off event.

    Something along the lines of an accelerated timeline War Plan Red going awry instead, for instance. Canada is invaded by the US. England calls in help from their allies. With Russia and France fighting the US, Germany is soon convinced to join the American side.

  11. 1 hour ago, iNow said:

    It’s amazing, indeed. I stayed there briefly about a decade ago.

    How did that happen?


    They did a mini recreation of Kowloon in Second Life, pretty cool looking.

    Setting of pretty popular SCP too,

    'The Architect'


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