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  1. He has a habit of running around naked at night... Or, at least he used to. smile.png




    Well lets just say i am a bit more... careful now days...


    Not sure what to say to this one, less sure what to say about iNow knowing this information.blink.png

  2. College: Stouffer

    Navy training: Puft (it was 1984, if that helps place it)


    Thank you for making me feel better about my own age happy.png


    Navy Training 2002, D-Bone, D-money.


    Endy, came from Indy when there was naming conflict with 'myself' on a message board. Ordinarily untaken though think I have finally run into an inevitable naming conflict with the RL scientist Drew Endy. He's a good sort though and is welcome to it.



    I was called turtle for a while, then snake, then Moondog, and now of course Moontanman...


    I have to ask, does your nickname relate to the moon, a mountain or both? I have found assumption can do a number on nickname meaning. More than a few mistake my name for some sort of Endymion reference.

  3. 2. Bones are good for soup, and spare ribs are awesome. Skin is good for certain dishes, as well as for leather. Liver is really nice in certain dishes as well as in a sausage for on bread and toast (foie gras). Some people enjoy offals in general (haggis). Of course, we shouldn't forget blood sausages, tongue sausage, the ox tail stew, the pig feet and chicken feet. Ok, you probably get the point. We can replace meat (the muscles), but we still want all that other food from animals as well. If we want to avoid having to grow animals for food, we must replace the whole thing, not just a part of it. So, who's gonna grow me some artificial bacon?



    A new(and tasty) use for biological scaffolds!

  4. Does anyone know if a rotating plasma can also undergo time dilation?


    Been thinking off and on about how it might allow a plasma ball to last longer than one would otherwise expect. Just not sure what the math would look like for a rotating system.

  5. As I think was already mentioned, the "200 Rat study" was flawed.




    ...and the Rats given Roundup in their drinking water lived the longest.



    We've been selecting for size, taste(sugars) and ease of manual harvesting. These are the nice, wholesome, "natural" crops we're talking about here.


    In the process we've introduced a number of undesirable traits along the way. We need to undo at least some of these in less than the thousands of years that it took to get to this point.


    Ocean problems are going to mean an increase in crop production. Mainly for our livestock barring acceptance of insect protein and/or lab grown meat. Anything that doesn't mean yet more land converted with resultant pollution is something worth investigating. Probably won't be a choice in the end. Necessity moves society forward like little else.

  6. It's a constant because it is derived from constants. Planck's Constant and Elementary charge respectively.


    Planck's Constant = 6.62606957×10−34 J·s

    Elementary Charge = 1.602176565×10−19 C


    Von Klitzing's Constant = Planck's Constant / (Elementary Charge)2


    = 25812.807557 J·s/C2 = 25812.807557 Ohms


    You can divide the two yourself and have proof of this. If you want how it relates to the real world you'll need to look at the already mentioned Quantum Hall effect.

  7. If it was designed it was done badly.


    Mars is too far, Venus is too close. We've got Uranus on its side and Triton going to crash. God must have knocked off early when the former 5th planet fiasco happened and now we have the Asteroid belt we all know and love.


    Our own freakishly large Moon must have been some kind last minute mistake and later declared a "feature".

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