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  1. You would need to compress and cool the CO2 to cause it to form a liquid. Then to cause it to expand you will need a heat source and obviously decompression.


    Heat sink, heat source, equals Carnot cycle.


    To have it to also move the the piston you are increasing your demand on the environmental heat sink and heat source. In practical terms I would expect minimal useful work out of this setup.

  2. Where does the energy for the initial pressure come from?


    R744 really isn't my favorite refrigerant anyways. R12 or R134a would likely serve you better IMO.


    CO2 should be left for dry ice systems, deposit free cleaning and possibly Mars exploration.

  3. I think you could use ocean pressure to condense it. Bit extreme but could be done. More concerning is the lack of mention of an external energy source to evaporate it again.


    Looks like a perpetual motion attempt if I'm understanding it correctly. Could be wrong but what it appears to me as.


    For the most part the paper itself is readable. Still could use proofreading by someone local. Maybe they could help clarify the meaning as well if we are in fact misunderstanding it.

  4. My present thinking is that anything time reversed still appears to us as moving forwards.


    Been kind of thinking that we may be able to look at a black hole as acting as a double temporal mirror depending on the properties of hawking radiation. Can't look into it much though until we get some hard evidence of hawking radiation in the first place.


    In any case I think proof or any zones are essentially hidden from our view. Literally or in the sense that our interpretation of events will be forward biased.

  5. You'll want to search around so it'll be customized to you and your projects/interests. "Best resources for [insert programming language here] programming" is a pretty good search to get started with.


    I give you mine and you'd be getting JavaScript, regular expressions and html5 resources. Quite likely not what you desire.happy.png


    Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled discussion.

  6. Giant shortcut toolbox?? whats that?


    Mostly consists of links to programming resources, code beautifiers, and assorted code editors; Komodo Edit for example.


    All about freeing up your mind so you can focus on the actual problem.

  7. Programming could be a tough one.mellow.png


    Just make your case as best you can in a respectful manner. Might be able to make the case based on home environment. If it is particularly noisy or otherwise not conducive to working on an exam. Personally think I would find it easier having access to my giant shortcut toolbox.

  8. More seriously:


    When I read a book (that is related to science), the most important part of the book are the margins. That's the beautiful white space where I can put remarks, interrogation and exclamation points. I always use a pencil. and creates at the beginning of the book, where I can find a blank page, an index with my remarks.

    Can I do that with a Kindle?


    Pretty much, you can annotate and then view your note from there or all of them from the book's "menu" function.


    Exporting could be better. Amazon stores a copy of them for you though you can also use 3rd party code/software. Exporting notes is not a typical book feature so not really losing anything, just not as streamlined as it could be.

  9. Here is a picture of a Neutron star. Since you apparently ignored my whole "these features are not unique" post, maybe this will do the trick.





    I am glad you are a creative thinker, but what matters is how your ideas match up with reality. Many many other creative thinkers have already been over this territory. You do them and yourself a disservice by ignoring what they have published.


    Spend a few days on Wikipedia bouncing through topics and you'll at least have a decent understanding from which to build upon.


  10. You can prove speed isn't a force just using basic equations.





    v = velocity = speed


    If force equals all that other stuff it doesn't equal speed. You've probably felt this while riding in a vehicle. The only time you felt any kind of force was when your speed was changing rather than remaining constant.


    You can just think of a black hole as having an escape velocity that is greater than what light can escape at. Mass warping space-time would be more accurate, but the first will see you through most situations.


    Satellites stay up because of their speed. They fire rockets to adjust this, depending on what is needed.

  11. Multiple copies spread across the net and saved on flash drives?


    I guess it could all go but I think we'd have bigger issues. Some sort of crazy Revolution world going on.


    Now in practical terms the act of preserving it would need to be constant. That is an issue that plagues physical books as well though.

  12. Books cannot contain hundreds books within themselves nor connect to the internet to download more(for free). You can also upload your books to anywhere you feel fit. Your 'book' can be functionally eternal.


    Not all e-readers are back-lit either. I do get annoyed with my own kindle when the ambient light is too dim to read by, but also keeps me from staying up into the wee hours like I used too.


    I used to be against switching over but after having tried it I have become a staunch supporter.

  13. Charge has nothing to do with gravity. The jets are also not unique to black holes. They are more powerful due to the added mass of the black hole but have nothing to do with matter leaving the black hole.


    Barring exit via hawking radiation; what goes in, stays in.


    The accretion disc around a black hole and the shape of hurricanes are simply both caused by conservation of angular momentum. There is nothing akin to a low pressure area to fly through.

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