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  1. It's a constant because it is derived from constants. Planck's Constant and Elementary charge respectively.


    Planck's Constant = 6.62606957×10−34 J·s

    Elementary Charge = 1.602176565×10−19 C


    Von Klitzing's Constant = Planck's Constant / (Elementary Charge)2


    = 25812.807557 J·s/C2 = 25812.807557 Ohms


    You can divide the two yourself and have proof of this. If you want how it relates to the real world you'll need to look at the already mentioned Quantum Hall effect.

  2. If it was designed it was done badly.


    Mars is too far, Venus is too close. We've got Uranus on its side and Triton going to crash. God must have knocked off early when the former 5th planet fiasco happened and now we have the Asteroid belt we all know and love.


    Our own freakishly large Moon must have been some kind last minute mistake and later declared a "feature".

  3. Something came to exist that was capable of imperfectly duplicating itself. At that point the process met the most basic definition of life.


    Eat, reproduce, create waste. It proceeded to evolve into Life as we know it today.


    The how and the why are open questions. The Abiogenesis link above gives a decent overview of present theories.

  4. I imagine that the ice would be likely to boil off and then float away due to the low gravity. More practically we're talking about some sort of structure. Prefab or using Lunarcrete.


    4) Would probably use hydroponics instead. The actual soil is likely deficient in one or more ways, at the very least you would have to introduce soil microbes.


    Probably solar based extraction and water recycling/importation will be used first. From there we can split the water into its components or use it directly. Looking at He-3 we're talking a fairly large scale mining operation and before any power generation can be done.

  5. Just to start, this is typically done outside of a living organism.


    1) Yes, DNA can be altered. Mutations and retrovirus replication are examples of this.

    2) Rudimentary changes. Nothing too complex or widespread.

    3) Depends on the vector and cellular replication rates.


    4) Depends on what you want to achieve.


    The only master blueprint is at the time when you are a single cell. From that point on each cell has its own copy. Not every cell actually replicates however. Some are never replaced. Some are replaced from a stem cell line(Red blood cells via Bone marrow for example).


    5) Now and free if you want to be technical.


    In terms of deliberate beneficial changes, think I've heard of real world medical retrovirus usage(Can't find the article with all the HIV antiretroviral literature out there). Offspring and professional sports are the other two areas that are likely to be served first.


    Non-trivial or cosmetic changes are likely a long ways off.

  6. There are Brain Computer Interfaces. Control real or simulated devices with your thoughts alone.


    You can get information out, easier than you can put information back in though. Not impossible, just very rudimentary what we have at present. Leg jerk type movements. Progress but pretty trivial in real world terms. We're nowhere near a lush virtual environment being broadcast directly into your brain.


    Real world you are probably looking at a BCI + Display + Audio system.

  7. That is the current thinking as to retrograde moons, that they formed elsewhere and were then captured.


    Tidal forces act to slow retrograde moons eventually causing them to break apart or crash if they are too close or massive. They have to end up the sweet spot between being captured and crashing, which explains the lack that we observe today. Triton itself is expected to crash in the future, so if you're prepared to wait awhile, you'll have an awesome show.


    As to the material, don't know. I'm sure there's been research done on some of their compositions. I'm kind of doubtful based on their size that they'll all be the same, but just my gut feeling.

  8. I do wonder about that sometimes, could a program pass the Turing test by posting on a science forum? happy.png



    Anyways I don't feel we know enough at this point to say that the Universe will die. Best we can do is extrapolate based on present conditions, which we know were different in the past.


    Black holes have a good bit of stored matter/energy, so worst comes to worst they should keep things going longer than otherwise.


    Form change is probably most viable option with what we know at present. Just about going to have to anyways if we want to venture out into the larger Universe. Start small with synthetics, genetic engineering, machine incorporation and work our way up to the more exotic.

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