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  1. They do attract and when they come together they annihilate each other in a flash of gamma rays and other particles. I kilo of anti-matter and one kilo of matter if brought together would cause nearly a 50 megaton explosion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimatter Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedTo be completely honest there is a school of thought that says neutral anti atoms would repel atoms through gravitational repulsion but this isn't exactly what most think but it has never actually been shown one way or the other.
  2. Seeing the two together like that gives me an idea, if you directed two beams, one electrons and one positrons and made them intersect you would get a beam or at least a flash of gamma rays, right? weapon?
  3. Actually I doubt even that would happen if was for one second, you could be exposed to the vacuum of space out side the earths magnetic field during a extreme plasma ejection for one second with no bad effects, the vacuum would the worst of it. It's not like the suns plasma wind is a blow torch and we are protected by a thick atmosphere that is the equivalent of several inches of lead at least. The worst that could happen if the field was down long term would atmosphere erosion, eventually after many millions of year it would get critical, but no there would be no instant or extreme effects.
  4. Then the answer is as post #8 said, nothing would happen other than compasses and birds losing their way!
  5. North, see post #8 dude there would not be an effect, even if it shut down for a long period of time it would be like living at the poles at worst.
  6. My mistake, I misread the meaning of the word, anti proton is what I meant. Kind of a sloppy word, should have neater name, No one says anti electron, they say positron. should be a name for anti proton too.....
  7. No I mean negatrons, a negatron is an anti-matter protron>
  8. Now if they could just make negatrons at this rate we might have something going!
  9. Did your honey bees die? My yard is full of them and an in-law of mine has many hives and sells lots of honey and says his bees are fine.
  10. Mooeypoo, seriously, who has said it is harmless? which post?
  11. Mooeypoo, I apologize, all I have is my personal experiences of what I've seen and what I've experienced. when you have been in excruciating pain for 12 years and all the doc offers you is terribly addictive dangerous drugs that can and do kill, than can and do drive people out of their minds with withdrawal, drugs that steal your life, keep you from being a part of the world and still don't' really do anything much for the pain after a few weeks of use, suggesting the data that say MJ is addictive is simply misleading to say the least. I've never seen anyone even come close to the cravings caused by tobacco much less opiates. I'll concede it is possible some rare individual has had some significant withdrawal symptoms from MJ but this suggestion the addiction of opiates is even similar to the addiction of MJ is disingenuous to say the least. I read your link, it said MJ was addictive, if you say that is the same as opiates being addictive then you simply don't understand what real addiction is. Real addiction is wanting to die and eventually being afraid you will live, writhing in horrible pain for days on end, being so sick you cannot take care of your self and no one else wants to get close to you for fear of all the mess. I've seen people in a tizzy about cigarettes, it's nothing compared to opiates and MJ isn't in the same universe. I am sorry I can't be more distant from the problem but I've smoked pot when I was younger for many years and when i quit it was nothing, a few days of being irritable at most. to keep pointing out that MJ is addictive is like pointing out falling from an airplane is falling and so is falling off a step stool. Both are falling but they are not similar in any way other than the direction you travel. I have never said MJ doesn't cause you harm but it's harm is not even close to alcohol or tobacco or even eating wrong. The link you posted is meant to scare little kids from smoking pot, it wasn't a comparison of pot to things like alcohol or even a fair assessment of the danger of of pot compared to anything else. Nearly the same things could have been said about sitting in the sun too much or eating fruits with pesticide residue which we all have done. How about this link? http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=7305 I'll stay out of this thread I am far too close to the problem obviously.
  12. I never claimed it was harmless or not physiologically addictive, I know physical addiction, I took oxycontin for three years, I know what cold turkey means, i know what cravings are, MJ does not give you those things it is not addictive in any significant way, at least compared to oxycontin or MS contin or methadone. All of which were prescribed for my pain and were so addictive i honestly wonder how any physician could prescribe such things to any one. No one has claimed this that I've seen but I have experienced real addiction, on a scale of one to ten with oxycontin at a 10 MJ would be .01 if that. Virtually everything has side effects what is needed is to decide if the side effect warrant it not being available as medicine. I think the contention that is is harmful enough warrant being illegal is nothing but a gross lie propagated by people who simply cannot allow anyone else to do anything they disapprove of. Have you pointed this out to all the people with the BS claims about how terrible MJ is?
  13. Sadly most official studies are propaganda, one study came back with MJ not being enough of a problem to continue to be illegal and recommended it be legalized. The committee was fired and a new group hired who came back with the appropriate results. What exactly do you mean cutting things into it and dying off? I personally know at least 100 people who have been smoking MJ for most of their lives. They lead good lives , have good jobs own houses have kids and good marriages. Out of all the people I know I have seen maybe five who quit using pot and claimed they couldn't handle it. all of them turned out to be alcoholics who were trying to blame the problem on pot. so i don't think that "most" people would agree with you. You keep talking about how damaging and how addictive pot is, that is the government line of propaganda. Is it completely safe, of course not, but is it dangerous enough to put people in jail for using it, obviously not. I have never claimed it to be harmless, not many things are that are enjoyable but among the things people do for fun it is at the bottom of the danger list not near the top. What does this have to do with this problem? Putting people in jail for doing something so benign is responsible? I don't see your point.
  14. When I was a teenager I made my own wine, it's not difficult. Legalization and growing your own doesn't mean it's legal for everyone. Only adults and I really don't see underage smokers jumping fences to get some pot in huge numbers. You can't just grab it up and smoke it to start with. It has to be dried and that takes several days. On top of that the possibility of the same punishment for smoking pot underage as you have for alcohol should prevent some from smoking. Loosing your drivers license or being unable to get one if caught until you are 21 can be a powerful incentive. Sadly it's not enforced for alcohol the way it should be either. Police have a tendency to let the kids be kids unless they are really out of hand. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I drank when I was underage and the age was 18. I didn't get into trouble but a lot of kids did. My son is in Germany right now and he says the age of drinking is 15 for beer over there. They seem to survive the teenage drinkers, i wonder why we can't? Be that as it may, enforcing laws against teenage use is no harder nor is using it any worse than alcohol, I really don't see this as a deal breaker.
  15. I'd like to see such a list, I doubt it would be as believable as the list of reasons to legalize it.
  16. I am a chronic pain patient. Several collapsed vertebrae in my neck have caused me more pain in the last twelve years than I can describe. I spent ten years taking strong opiates for the pain and lost almost ten years of my life. I remember very little of those ten years other than the opiates didn't work as they were supposed to and i almost died from their effects. I found that MJ takes the edge off the pain and make it more tolerable with little or no side effects. MJ doesn't stop working after a few weeks of use, it doesn't make the pain go away, nothing will do that, but it allows it to be tolerable and allows me to live my life. My doctor told me if he found MJ in my urine tests he would turn me over the authorities and have my benefits stopped and leave me destitute. So i quit, but I refused to go back on opiates. Now I hurt all the time, it keeps me from being active. keeps me from having a life but at least I'm conscious all the time. MJ doesn't kill people, there is no OD level for MJ. It's not physically addictive. Opiate based pain relievers kill people every day and are extremely addictive sometimes even when taken according to a doctors prescriptions. Both alcohol and tobaccos can kill you from over does, children are especially vulnerable to tobacco poisoning. Alcohol poisoning happens all the time hospitals treat people fro it every day, some don't make it. I cannot conceive of a reason why I should have to endure extreme pain most all the time simply due to MJ being something the government cannot allow to be legal simply because they cannot admit to being wrong about it. Is it good fro you, no I'm sure it isn't, is it the demon weed the gov says it is, Absolutely not. If you believe all the propaganda from the government then i cannot reach you but think about the people who could benefit from medicinal MJ next time you are asked to vote or give your opinion before you simply repeat what you have been told to think.
  17. ParanoiA, are you insinuating something?
  18. Maybe I should have been more exact, you can shoot them if they are stealing your personal property. personally i wouldn't do that anyway. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Please do, BTW just because you edit out a few cuss words doesn't mean they don't get sent to me!
  19. No what i am saying is no matter how you use it MJ cannot kill you, there is no OD level. Both alcohol and tobacco has and does kill people by simply using too much of it. Children are especially vulnerable to tobacco. Now this is totally wrong, no studies have ever shown that MJ users are more likely to commit violent crimes due to their use of MJ. If anything the studies show the opposite. Categorizing a MJ user as an addict is an extreme if not totally false use of that term. MJ users have never been shown to commit crimes due to the influence if MJ or the lack of it.
  20. Not much, no. Exactly where did you go through this? What era? The worst abuse of our governments power I've seen has been in the last eight years. Our military has resources no civilian or group of civilians can hope to be much more than a irritant much less match. I see no reason to think we could need such a force, if we do then it's too late.
  21. Do you honestly think that an armed contingent of civilians could oppose our government? You would have to have the same resources as our government to even think of such a thing, not likely. I have a 12 guage marine magnum for home defense and a 9mm Smith and Wesson for personol defense. I grew up with and around guns, had my own since i was 10 years old. I have no fear but a healthy respect for guns. i was taught how and when to use a gun from practically the day i began to walk. A bunch of civilians running around with assault rifles is not a good thing.
  22. Alcohol can kill you out right, many people are treated for alcohol poisoning every year. MJ cannot kill you out right, it can cause you to have bad judgment and do something stupid but alcohol is much worse at that than MJ. I honestly cannot see how anyone could say alcohol and tobacco should be legal and MJ should be illegal.
  23. Well i can see the humor in most situations and while shooting some one isn't really humorous the idea of paper work is, I've heard cops use the same humor, sorry for copying them. Texas Three not, none did. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged I have to say assault riffles have nothing to do with self defense, at least under any conceivable normal circumstances. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Basically I am too old to go that route.
  24. Where do you get this from? This is BS, total and complete. No, this is not true, it is usually pretty much decided by the police, if the police recommend it the district attorney can investigate but if you have followed the rules then you are safe. Now that is a possiblity, but none the less I'd rather be sued for killing him than my family have to bury me. That's possible but not here This is true in some states and it should be that way, shooting some one who is trying to get away or having the opportunity to get away and not doing so is wrong. Fuzzier in some states than others but if you pull your weapon for any reason other than a threat you believe is serious then you are in trouble and should be. Obviously I would do that whether it was required or not. Yes this is true and if that is possible why did you pull your gun to start with? Personally i don't agree with that, if you can retreat you should, killing someone is something you don't want to carry around for the rest of your life. If possible I would retreat no matter if I had to under law or not. If you are in fear of your life and if the person keeps coming after you pull your gun then you can shoot the aggressor. Having said that, if I had a chance to retreat no gun would ever be pulled to start with. Pulling your gun means you are in real danger, not just taking verbal abuse by some asshole. Now if the person tries to actually strike me or has a weapon then he had better be willing to retreat or to allow me to do so, if not then he is dead, yes I said dead, i do not shoot to wound. I don't know about where you live but around here the rules are specific but if you follow them you don't even a legal review much less a trail. You seem to be fixated on shooting some one who is not really a threat, of course you can't do that but the rules are quite clear, if you are in immediate danger of death or serious bodily harm you can defend your self with deadly force. Yes there are some caveats, like allowing the person to retreat or retreating your self if possible but by the time a gun is pulled the possibility of those scenarios should be gone. Pulling a gun when you could retreat is stupid, shooting some one who retreats when you pull your gun is stupid and makes you a murderer.
  25. I was being sarcastic, don't you have a sense of humor? Not true in my state, if i am armed and I am acosted I can defend my self after giving fair warning. You are wrong. BS Again BS In some states you can kill to defend property, no fear of death or injury is required, you can actually kill someone simply because you caught them stealing. Now personally i wouldn't kill to protect property but I would to protect life and limb. If you think that shooting some who is threating you with bodily harm, after a warning, you can't just pull a gun and shoot, will land you in jail you are misinformed. It's complex but one thing for sure if I was really in fear of my life the other guy would die. I honestly have never seen anyone go to court much less jail if they follow the rules.
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