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  1. I liked much of his music, some was great some was mediocre. His dance moves were wild, the moon walk was fantastic the first time I saw it. To be fair he was never convicted of child abuse and the people who accused him were somewhat less than believable since they settled for money out of court. If it had been my child all the money in the universe wouldn't have been enough. The people who accused him were found to be less than truthful and simply money grubbing. Did he do it, if he did it he was stupid beyond belief since some one as rich as him could have bought what he wanted for almost nothing compared to what it cost him in out of court settlements. personally I have to assume innocence since he was never convicted. Would I have let my children go with him, no, but then again i wouldn't have let my children go with anyone i didn't really know much less some one as obviously nuts as he was. He was a great talent and it is always bad to see a human being of such talent fade into death. Hero, maybe not, but his talent cannot be denied
  2. metabolism-clay life-trashbag-RNA world-DNA is my take on the progression of life..... or maybe metablism-clay life-RNA-trashbag, I'll have to go back and read a couple of the newest books again to be sure, my old man memory is less than perfect these days Peter Wards "life we do not know it" is a good one
  3. So you are equating gun ownership with drug use? If drugs were available OTC there would be little or no violence associated with drugs. Alcohol and tobacco is at least many times the menace to our society than even the hardest of drugs. Are you saying guns are equal to drinking or smoking? Gun ownership is not for everyone, but I see no reason to keep guns out of the hands of reasonable law abiding citizens.
  4. Soylent green? It's people! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Ummmm could you pass me the neck bone and rice? The peasants are quite tasty today, must be the new human chow we've been feeding them! I know that some bush pilots (watch the remarks!) carry dry dog food with them in case of a crash so they will have something to eat. How long can a person eat a good quality dog food before he gasps his last bark?
  5. I am trying to start back up my aquarium fish collecting and breeding business. One obstacle is the well water I have to use. Raw it is full of iron sulfates and hydrogen sulfide, and other noxious chemicals. If the raw well water is left to sit it goes from a being a thick green to being red orange and red orange mud settles onto the bottom. Once I run it through water a softener system it comes out clear and very soft but still full of hydrogen sulfide and almost totally anoxic. I need to be able to remove the H2S and add oxygen. I have thought of using H2O2 to add oxygen but will this also remove the H2S?
  6. Volcanic tubes are not exactly known for being air tight, plant roots and water penetrate into them and I would assume that air would escape though these cracks as well. One thing of interest is this. Holes on Mars. They are thought to analogous to such holes found on the Earth. Huge deep pits with shear walls. Popular with the cave sky diving crowd. They might prove useful as protected areas on Mars. http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2007/121/mars-dark-hole.htm
  7. I know this thread is about a cannabis/oak tree cross but I've always wanted to insert the gene for the active ingredients of Cannabis into the floating fern "Azolla carolinas" this fern already has a symbiotic relationship with the cyanobacterium "Anabaena azollae" which allows the fern to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Such a combo might be very good at producing high quality THC in small containers with minimum fertilizers. Azolla is a good animal feed, fertilizer and has been suggested as a good way to decrease greenhouse gases. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azolla
  8. very cool reply John Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI think maybe the lack of volcanoes on mars might indicate a biological source for methane. The percentage of methane on the earth is more than can be accounted for by volcanoes. But i like the way you think, Even the methane on Titan would seem to be more than non biological sources can completely account for. The giant planets have non biological conditions that can easily account for their methane. it is plausible we don't know of all non biological processes that can produce methane. But we know biology is a primary contributor under the conditions on the earth
  9. I just don't understand, Scientology is such a logical, reasonable, religion. The entire premise makes so much sense, I mean the entire religion was made up by a 2nd rate science fiction writer. Who could be a better source of religion?
  10. Ok, let try to get this clear, training animals to do all sorts of strange unnatural things (unnatural to them) is ok as long as it isn't sex. Sex is somehow demeaning to animals more so than enslaving them as workers, solders, entertainers, meat, fibers or anything else is fine? Training a dog to kill on command is ok but cunnilingus is not? Stump breaking a pony is bad, riding them and using them as slaves is ok? Bestiality is a strange concept for sure, very difficult to really understand but i don't see it as moral problem for the animal or rape from the stand point of the animal (well maybe a chicken might object:doh:) We use animals in (what must seem to them) some very strange ways unless of course the animals we train only look to please their trainers and do not have a concept of strange, only of what humans want them to do. As long as the animal is not being physically harmed I can't logically argue against it any more than any other human animal interaction. Can a case be made that an animal who is trained to perform sex acts feels demeaned by it? I really don't know, anyone want to take that part of it?
  11. I'm not sure that sex with an animal is the same as rape, Rape implies violence, a dog that is trained to perform sex acts would not be rape. I'm not sure if the animal would even be aware of the sexual aspects of it at all. I do remember a case when I was a kid fio a dog who actually penetrated a little girl. The father heard the little girl crying and found the dog holding her down much the same way a male dog does as he humps a female dog. While I see no reason to have sex with animals I also cannot quite see it as rape either.
  12. Our own search efforts are pretty much based on ET trying to be found. We could listen in on leakage from say an earth like civilization only if it was very close. This may be of interest here. http://www.ufoblogger.blogspot.com/2009/05/astrophysicist-discovered-suspicious.html
  13. Really? Can you provide any evidence for this?
  14. I guess there has to be one in every group
  15. almost certainly not Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedNo it's a stomatopod
  16. It would have to be a very big island dude but the idea sounds interesting
  17. The islands limited resources is what would limit their size. a very small animals with no predators might get bigger but there is a very real limit the resources an island can provide so no matter how long they evolve I would expect them to stay smaller than say a rodent population on a continent sized body would get with the necessary environmental pressures.
  18. Hmmm, don't mammals generally get smaller on islands and reptiles get bigger? Dwarf elephants, hippos, rhinos, even humans?
  19. Normal anaerobic decay will probably produce acid, I'm sure it would less than sweet. to be honest you have m eon this one, I will bow to more knowledgeable people.
  20. To some extent it does, the collapsed vertebra in my neck keep me from being able to lay down for long periods of time. I wake up in extreme pain in my arms hands nd shoulders. but even before I was injured sleep was a seriously rare thing for me. As a child i seldom slept more than 2 hours at a stretch or a night so it has been a life long problem. i often go several days with out any sleep at all but i get very irritable after four or five days.
  21. It shouldn't be long before you have a stinking mess but the end result would depend on the temp, the type and number of bacteria and access to oxygen. Oxygen would favor a completely different type of bacteria and possibly a faster decay rate.
  22. If indeed there is one et with in 1000 lights years of us they would not know necessarily know of us yet since we have only been send radio for less than 100 years and detectable signals for even less. Unless they happen to be very close or have been sending a long time we would not know of them either.
  23. The center looks like a mite or water bear, could the "arms" be bleached algae skeletons being fed on by the mite/water bear at the center?
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