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  1. You mean every man in the USA doesn't have "Shorty's Esso Service Station Chattanooga Tennessee" tattooed on his penis?
  2. So a huge planet with a small iron core composed of mostly granite like materials as proposed by Asimov would still be as dense as the earth? He seemed to think it would maybe 12,000 miles in diameter with a surface gravity close to earth normal but with a much denser atmosphere due to the less steep gravity gradient. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI thought the general consensus was that Uranus and Neptune were worlds of extremely hot water oceans thousands of miles deep over Earth sized rocky cores. Far to hot to contain ice of any kind.
  3. Even in space solar power is limited, solar power is not enough for a space craft that contains humans. Even our unmanned probes are severely limited by the limits of solar power. That is why thermal nuclear power is added to most complex space craft. IE plutonium heat generated power. To generate a positive electric charge to repel the solar wind would take far more than the available solar power but it is doable with nuclear power. Fortunately in space you do not need to shield the entire reactor. The crew can live in the shadow of a small shield when the reactor is powered up or tow an unshielded reactor far behind the space craft on a tether.
  4. The worst effects of pot use are indeed jail or being robbed and beat up by a dishonest dealer and ending up in the hospital. None of these things is due to pot but to the effects of the laws making it illegal!
  5. It all sounds good but how many square meters of solar panels would it take to generate enough hydrogen to cook on much less heat your house and have some left over to sell to others? I used about 130 gallons of propane to cook and heat water in my home in six months. does anyone know how much energy that represents as hydrogen and the electricity to make it? I'm betting that much energy would take a huge solar panel to generate the required electricity to make hydrogen and that doesn't include heating my home.
  6. Life will find a way to quote an old movie but realistically in Uranus there should be much more heat and chemical energy than there is in the Earth and such chemical and heat energy similar to the "black or white" smokers under the ocean of the earth could indeed supply large amounts of energy. Life is not about consuming all the resources available but more about recycling them. One creatures waste product is another creatures food. Heat and chemical energy could power this recycling process in Uranus.
  7. So Captain, you are going to panic and ignore all the hydrogen in Uranus? Spank me now, I couldn't help my self..........
  8. so a planet made of exactly the same elements and Mars in the same proportions would be dense as the earth if it was much bigger than mars?
  9. Venus is thought to lack plate tectonics, lack of water as a lubricant between plates and possibly lack of a large moon have been suggested as possible reasons for this lack. Is it possible to have a large diameter planet with a similar density to Mars? If so would it be likely to have plate tectonics?
  10. Do you, like many people, put vinegar on your spinach? Could the effect of acid.
  11. Moontanman

    Star Trek

    The movie is full of inconsistencies, it not only doesn't follow Star Trek canon it's pseudoscience is totally inconsistent with the "real" star Trek universe, or even common sense, Red matter? Forms a black hole "after" you remove a tiny amount? The inside of the engineering area of the Enterprise looks like an abandoned 1960's chemical manufacturing plant. They show the Enterprise under construction on the ground! And the Enterprise has a window for a view screen. A FREAKIN' WINDOW! I wonder if it has windshield wipers. The writers should have taken some time to at least watch a few episodes of TNG or even TOS. A window? Really? A FREAKIN WINDOW? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged BS pangloss, the death star is so slow and awkward the enterprise would run rings around it and photon torpedo it to itsy bitsy pieces The empire doesn't even have subspace fields, how silly is that u-tube video, really? Just transport a photon torpedo into the death star and boom! no more death star, just like shooting klingons back home!
  12. Courtney, Issac Asimov postulated in one of his many real science books it was possible for a multicellular creature to metabolize hydrogen, in other words breath it and obtain energy from hydrogen in a way similar to the way we do oxygen. The creature would exhale methane for the same reason we exhale CO2. On the Earth there are microbes that directly metabolize hydrogen and give off methane. So if indeed life has evolved in the world wide ocean of water thought to exist on Uranus, it is theoretically possible they could have evolved into hydrogen breathers. In Asimov's view these creatures would also use molecules similar to what we see as saturated fats in the same way we use proteans and in a sun powered saturation unsaturation cycle.
  13. I keep trying to tell you guys that I will save the world! Absolutely guaranteed! If just .01% of the worlds population will just send me $10 (some of you might have to send more to make up for those who cannot) I, Moontanman, will not allow the world to come to an end in 2012, trust me
  14. From what I've seen the P&S section often has the threads that are the most fun! I have no problem having a thread in the P&S section but then again my ego seldom allows me to contradict reality.
  15. Uh, i have a question, if gravity is indeed the bending of space time are gravitons even needed ?
  16. The magnetic field does this, negative charges are pushed/pulled in one direction and positive in the other.
  17. I think it would more accurate to say you have been brought back from near death, death is final.
  18. I'd like to know what you mean by this, I've never heard of a corpse being brought back to life. I would think such a thing would have been in the news at least once.
  19. Is your mucus green or yellow tinged? This is sure sign of bacterial infection. Nasal drip can indeed cause a cough and a sinus infection can cause serious problems up to and including death if left untreated in extreme cases. If you are having problems seeing a doc may I suggest what I do when I have a sinus problem. I use a salt water vinegar solution to irrigate my sinuses. Take a pint of warm water add a teaspoon of vinegar and two teaspoons of salt, use something to squirt it up your nose, i use a baby aspirator, it will burn like hell but it will help clear up your sinuses after several days of doing it twice a day. use lots of it each time, fill your sinuses up with it, it does work.
  20. Post *3 by stereo is the key here, I live on the coast, I've seen the battle against shore line erosion most of my life. The shore is not stable, the beach moves as do the inlets and other structures. Trying to stop it in one place only makes it worse in others and eventually the place you stop it becomes separated from the whole and is washed away in a catastrophic storm. You can pump in more sand and that helps but things like groynes, jetties, and rock and concrete barriers only move the erosion and around and do not really help in the long term.
  21. Motorcycles do it for me, hill climbing, drag racing and just seeing how fast I can take a curve on a superbike is a thrill for me!
  22. Yes, the Earth's magnetic field exists, I think we can observe this in several ways. A compass come to mind. The precise reason? This confuses me, do you mean what makes the magnetic field? If so then it's electrical currents caused by the rotating inner and outer cores of the Earth. That seems to describe it pretty well but there are still questions. Why is there a magnetic field? The above reason of rotating inner and outer cores is how it's produced but there is no reason why beyond that I can think of.
  23. The diamond actually wears, it has less to do with how hard the Diamond is vs the Vinyl as it does about how much vinyl rubs the needle. After many miles of groves even a diamond will erode. There is no doubt the needle eroded many times it's weight in vinyl but ultimate the vinyl won. It's like water eroding rocks, lots and lots of water and a little bit of rock is eroded, over time the water wins. And yes the vinyl will eventually be worn out as well.
  24. ACM, why do you think that allowing teens to have access to birth control means putting your self on the street and having sex with every person you meet? Do you think people who have access to birth control loose their minds when they use birth control? BTW I checked into the whole giving out BC pills and it just doesn't happen, not even in college. birth control pills are by prescription only, you have to see a doctor and at least have a physical, they are not given out at random by a school nurse or anyone else.
  25. I would also have to acknowledge a AI as alive but not in the biological sense. Possibly intelligence is what many people think of as life but if an artificial intelligence is considered alive would not even the simplest robot have to be considered alive as well? As a bacterium is alive to us a simple computer controlled machine would appear alive to an AI? possibly the galaxy is being occupied by machine intelligence that knows not it's origin in biological life and ponders the connection. Possibly they know of us and are studying us to find out how they came into being? maybe that is why they do not contact us for fear of spoiling the data and ruining their chance to know their origins, then again maybe frogs wouldn't bust their ass when they jump if they had wings
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