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  1. jimmy, I understand fully that early intervention does affect "the ability to learn and regulate emotions" however, the biological and genetic factor must not be undermined. If a child did not have a receptive brain to such education, or if they genetically have a trait that has been passed to them to not respond as much to such stimuli then the child would not learn as much. Would it be acceptable to say that environment only affects us by setting off certain behaviors biologically encoded in our DNA? We have yet to understand why humans sleep, what forms personalities, the subconscious, and other extremely important parts of human life so to say this question has been answered is not correct, in my opinion.
  2. Interesting point about nutrition, never thought of that... Couldn't the brain's functions be purely biological because the way it developed would give it a response to a certain stimuli? Say some people are more prone to depression because of shape and development of a certain part of their brain which controls the release of chemicals therefore their environment becomes a trigger but the cause is really a biological based reaction
  3. Inow, my reply was to ecoli. And why are you so sure it's both?
  4. I mean that environment factors such as family, friends, culture, society, etc
  5. Guess I'll try the poll..... and by environment I don't mean a tree smashing into your head and making you slow or something
  6. radiating away will take a very long time for a neutron star right?
  7. Thanks snail, do you know more about the end of a theorized neutron star? Would there be a super nova explosion?
  8. IMO homosexuality is not a mental illness. Perhaps homosexuality is nature's birth control? Some say there is an increasing population of gay men and women in today's society, but this could be due to a) more people coming out and b) evolutionary trait (most likely one of those on/off switches protein on a DNA sequence) that has been turned on and passed down genetically. Surely environmental factors can alter these proteins but as well know evolution does not happen overnight. Just a thought..
  9. Seems like little is sure about them at the moment... Interesting objects though! Has anyone heard anything about the theorized life cycle of a neutron star? I wonder if at the end of a neutron star's life there is a chance for a black hole to form
  10. Well if space and time are so strongly woven together then time reversal would result in viewing the information or matter at a certain spacetime at a certain point, to the observer it would seem as if the particle never entered the black hole but only came out. Also if you think of gravity as the example of rubber sheet and ball, gravity would appear to be repulsive. Say a photon flew in from space toward a star, you reverse time and the particle would seen going away from the star. It would be interesting to apply this to the Big Crunch theory in which gravity would seem to be repulsive, turning into a chicken or the egg of crunch or expand. Could gravity's attractive force or repulsive force then rely on the direction of time we experience?
  11. I dont understand how running time backwards on black hole would not make gravity seem repulsive? You would see the matter's history going into the black hole point from point and reversed it would be coming out
  12. I cant believe that there was not a moment where things changed.... even with brane theories the question does not go away of where the branes come from, and the crunch theory implies also that there an expansion to have a crunch. Sometimes i feel like we are all trapped in a huge russian matryoshka doll....
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