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  1. I'm not sure this is something I've struggled with most of my life. I now take ambien. I've tried many things over the years but ambien seems to give me about 4 hrs sleep with some regularity.
  2. Sorry I didn't notice it was an old thread, I need to pay attention more but the idea that bestiality is somehow more immoral than many of the other things we do to animals for fun and profits is kind of weak IMHO.
  3. I do see a doc, sleeping pills give me three or fours hours but without them I often go days without sleep.
  4. Personally I am in the metabolism first camp, no DNA needed at first, then there is the garbage bag idea and the RNA world, clay temp plates, oh the possibilities! Deciding a cell or even DNA had to spontaneously appear for life to exist is not exactly accurate. I've read a few good books of recent date and it would seem at some research is going on currently.
  5. Has anyone here ever had sex for the express purpose of procreation? No other motive? Be honest..... I didn't think so.
  6. This is absolutely the most self serving thread to anyone with an ax to grind I've ever seen, sex with an animal is cruel because they cannot consent? really? Really? REALLY? Do animals consent to being caged and and raised to make special veal? Do they consent to being bred into slaves for meat, milk, work? Do humans really care about what animals consent to? Have they ever? I've read where certain venereal diseases resulted from bestiality, this by it's self is the best argument I can give against it, sheep farmers are famous for there 'relationships" with sheep. I know this is almost certainly not true to day but bestiality was a significant factor in early humans as they domesticated animals. i knew a guy many years ago that had a pony that was "stump broke" when that damn pony was in heat it was annoying as hell! Do I care if you screw a sheep, pony or allow a calf to perform fellatio on you? No not really, your reward will probably be a somewhat less than human ability to have a real relationship with a real human. Do women do this to , oh yes they do details are not necessary. Should it be illegal? I'm not sure, so far all arguments seem to be of the slippery slope idea of if you allow this then this will happen too. If you do you are not unique but your are weird and I would be very suspicious of you as a reasonable human but is it immoral? only if all the other terrible things we do to animals are also immoral. Lets face it , moral only really applies to humans. would we allow other humans to be treated the way we treat even our favorite animals? I think not, drop the chicken dude, it's in your best interests, I think?
  7. If only I could sleep four hours a day, often I feel lucky to get two hours of sleep a day. I've been like that since I was a kid.
  8. oooops, sorry, I missed a couple posts there. I would like to point out that in this case a slippery slope argument just might be the best way to get across the idea of how bad this is to those who think the parents have aright to exercise their beliefs in regard to their children. since we know that not seeking medical treatment is bad and we know that prayer is not going to heal the child if he is really sick no matter how strong the beliefs are where do you draw the line? If i believe the right thing to do is discipline my child with a soldering iron is that ok? Are ciggarettes a tool partents can use to burn the devil out of thier child? Can I use needles to penetrate my child's tongue for lying? At some point the welfare of the child has to be paramount over the parents beliefs. Just as an exercise in futility where is the line? when are a parents beliefs more important than the child's welfare? Is it when we agree with the parent? Or is there a real line that we cannot allow to be crossed by parents? some religions routinely tell parents not to allow certain medical procedures. blood transfusion comes to mind right away. Is this ok? where is the line, can we really allow it to be defined by belief?
  9. I don't think there is a connection between blue eyes and blue skin. Blue eyes is more from a lack of pigment than actual blue pigment at least in humans.
  10. As much as I'd like to see a great many of the people who claim to represent the republican party burst into flames and disappear from the face of the earth I think the reality is that a great many people are really between each party in their real convictions and they waffle back and forth in support of each party as the parties tend toward the party extremes. Most people or at least large portion of them do not swallow all the rhetoric of either party without question, this is a good thing because blindly following anyone leads inevitably to the koolaid and disaster.
  11. I was under the impression that opinions didn't hold much water on this forum. I have many opinions they are wide and varied but I do not use them to make my point or to try and make the points of others look unimportant or ludicrous. Using the idea that the opinion of the average American is more important than the law to ridicule evidence of breaking that law is not what I thought discussion was about on this forum.
  12. Having an opinion doesn't make any one correct, opinions often have to be ignored to cut through to reality.
  13. I am pretty sure that in astronomy ice means simple compounds of Hydrogen and oxygen or carbon or nitrogen or sulfur when they freeze. Granite is not considered an ice.
  14. Bullshit I do not see the connection of allowing those who have religion to practice it in the military to the top brass using it to further their agenda. Further more the idea of there are no atheists in fox holes is nothing but proselytizing. Only those with a religious agenda say this. I know atheists who occupied "foxholes" danger does not make an atheist cry out for God but it might make him curse those who use the idea of god as an excuse to put him in that foxhole.
  15. So the the surface of the ocean on Uranus is covered by ice? Even at the pressures involved the temps would seem to preclude ices. The temp of -355 is the top of the atmosphere, the top of earths atmosphere is less the the freezing point of water but you don't consider the earth to be an ice planet. or that ice is a significant part of it it's make up. be that as it may. I my main interest here is the possibility of a large planet with gravity close to earths IE a 12,000 mile planet with a surface gravity of less than 1.25X of Earths, for a story I am writing. I'd like for it to be plausible at least.
  16. I didn't wish the wrath of god on those assholes, i don't believe there is a wrath of god, only the wrath of those who believe in iron age fairy tails. I resent very much my government trying to use those fairy tails to rally the population or in any way connect our government or it's actions to iron age fairy tails.
  17. Scone, no one has ever died from eating or smoking too much pot, non one has ever found a level toxic enough to kill, you eat enough and it is a less than desirable experience but not death. Polyploid I think thats the word, they manipulated the seeds with teratogenic chemicals to change their genetic makeup it grew under ideal conditions as inside a greenhouse but it was 20' tall and 4" thick. If it had been outside the wind would probably have destroyed it was weak despite is size.
  18. Back to the OT. I've seen ployploid Cannabis plants that were 4" thick at the base and almost 20 feet tall, almost trees !
  19. Then there is He3 fusion, but we'd have to go to the moon for the fuel for that.....
  20. Ceramics would be my guess, several metals can also withstand those temps. Carbon can if it's not incontact with oxygen.
  21. Try again dude, there is not enough energy in a solar flare (as it contacts the earth) to melt any ice in Antarctica or any where else. The ozone hole has nothing to do with our magnetic field or the solar winds hitting the earth.
  22. The Earths magnetic field will not lift a sewing needle, it will not lift a 150 pound magnet or a 150 ton magnet no matter how strongly magnetized it is. Your idea of magnetic fields is not connected with reality. The Earth's magnetic field is very weak, compared to it's gravity. I see no way possible to use the Earths magnetic field to levitate huge stones.
  23. Studying the biology of the Earth might be affected by diminishing returns but if we found life on another planet then biology would be wide open again. I think we will always be finding out new subsets of knowledge. If not a new way to think of the idea of "universe" then unknown subsets of the universe would open up whole new fields of knowledge and science. Just because we think something is impossible to know now doesn't mean it will always be unknowable.
  24. I really have to say here that the Earths magnetic field is too weak to levitate a sewing needle much less a chuck of coral stone weighing several tons. If indeed this guy levitated these huge stones it was not by using the Earths magnetic field........
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