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  1. Guys, I need some help, power went off last night and when I went to start up pc it wouldn't Come one. It said the cooling fan wouldn't start up so the computer couldn't start up. I am getting ready to take it apart and see what is going on. Any tips as to how to proceed? 

    Where in the wide world of sports would I buy a cooling fan locally? Am I likely to be biting off more than I can chew or do I need to take it to a repair shop? 

    Any hints/tips will be apreciated.  

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    2. Moontanman


      Interesting, I just cleaned up the heatsink and replaced the cpu fan. I didn't remove the heatsink from the motherboard and the fan was just screwed into the fins of the heatsink. The heat sink was full of fluff and dust but a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush removed all traces of the stuff on the fan and heatsink. 

      The fan will not run despite turning freely, I thought maybe the fan frame was being torqued out of shape when I attached it to the heat sink but I made sure it still turned freely. I guess i could have received a bad fan, I'm not sure how likely that is.

      I am still amazed at how empty the tower was, it's been a good ten years since I worked on a computer, maybe that is why there seemed to be so little "stuff" in the tower. 

    3. geordief


      Did you  send it in to be repaired?

      Let us know what they do to it if you did :-)

    4. Moontanman


      Not yet, it will be a few weeks but I will let you know what was wrong. 

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