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  1. Could you PLEASE cancel the merge of my articles and delete the older ones and live only my NEW one article ???... because my older articles were not written well and NO serious scientist would read them !!!... My NEW article from today shows the "evolution" of my Idea and the solutions that I found to the problems I had !!!... THANK YOU !!!... SPYROU Kosta - Greece

    1. Koni


      Now my merged article ... has again and again the same things and images !!!... and no one would read it until the end !!!... where my NEW article from yesterday is !!!...

    2. Koni


      I have to THANK YOU !!!... because I see now ... that with the merge of my 2 articles ... I have a lot of "views" since yesterday !!!... (1.000) !!!... so you knew -better than I - what was good for Me !!!... ( only ... that I have NO answer to the problem that I have with my Idea !!!... ) Thank you very-very much for your Help !!!...

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