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  1. An attempt at humor since your profile photo displays your glasses on top of your head, every time I see ya.
  2. Responding: My point was trivial. It would be better to continue on topic but it seems 'minimum wage' has fallen out of the news cycle and is recessed here as well. I expect interest will return in due time.
  3. Very informative. Thank you, I've not one chemistry course and your post "hits the nail on the head". 👍
  4. How many hours a day do you spend looking for your glasses ?
  5. It seems the English and Americans value money unless the Brits were just there to complain. 🙂
  6. Point taken, thank you....I forgot to credit the link supplied by Sensei..
  7. Just stumbled on this disclaimer......found it interesting. How many commonly used products have not been evaluated by the FDA ?
  8. I need to correct my above post which should be deleted for lack of interest and misinformation. Senator Johnson, senior Senator from Wisconsin did not use any reference to race or color of the insurrectionist. He does believe the rioters at the Capitol are law abiding citizens and he was in no danger, in his opinion. He did also indicate he would have been frightened if the rioters were from that other group(BLM).
  9. and there is nothing wrong with that..
  10. Inow, I did not intend to offer evidence in a casual discussion. When I read the OP and the exchanges between members about minimum wage I inferred since one member started sentences with " I think....", another offered questions which you answered ,as I interpret as casual answers, and another offered " I don't like.....". I try to chose my words carefully. As I investigated this site 'SFN' there was an invitation to join on my screen. There were no limitations such as credentials. I am not a scientist. While I intend to obey the guidelines if I, or any member begins a sentence with " I beli
  11. INOW, did you read any thing I wrote? I'm sorry if you are offended. However, insulting me won't help under paid workers. You're not giving a bleep about my post even won points. That is interesting. Anyone interested can easily 'Wiki' my post at Minimum Wage in the United States.
  12. I believe that more than 85% of American workers who earn minimum wage actually earn over $11 an hour due to different state wage rates. I'm just offering information I'm not suggesting $11 is a reasonable rate with today's food and shelter prices. Also any Federal increases to the minimum wage would be incremental taking perhaps a number of years to reach $15. Wikipedia/Minimum Wage in the USA
  13. Yes, Yank here. I thought it would be difficult to render Calcium Carbonate to a semi-liquid. Tums do not advertise to have Vitamin D included. I am not offering an argument, perhaps my questioning this product is misplaced in a science forum. I think the term" smoothie" might have misled one member. Smoothies can be a flavored ice treat. I was questioning Tums as 'Phi for All' referenced.
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