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  1. You have now fucked up the planet way beyond what was needed and your overabundant descendants will pay the price for your quest for unnecessary comforts. Your children and grandchildren will be tortured, raped, killed and eaten as the population, but also the resources, dwindles (after a few more years of increase) over the next 30 years. Your female children and grandchildren will have it the worst. They will be literal one-stop shops for cannibals, drug around on leashes for beating, fucking, eventual death and then eating. All you smart guys & girls that think because you can do something that you 100% of the time should do it, remember that when your little girl child or grandchild looks up at you crying when she has a nightmare and says, "I'm scared! I had a bad dream!" Tell her the scientific truth that the world is broken, no one can fix it and she will almost certainly die a horribly violent un-natural painful death. In the meantime, go invent some unnecessary pollution-causing creature comfort or some device or chemical that will extend life past it's years of quality. Tic-Toc Smartidiots. The end of Star Trek 3:16 is not going to happen. No savior from another planet is coming in the 11th hour and for as smart as you think you are you are powerless to stop what is coming.
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