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    as for the girls getting hurt thing. i know of one girl who recently in one week, broke up with her b/f, lost her job and found out her nan wont live much longer. she covered her bedroom floor in tissues, but shes alright. us Girls arnt as fragile as you might think, we get over boys, mainly because theres always more to fill in the gaps. also, theres a reason the girls you like already have boyfriends, its because both they and their partners realise breaking up is not the end of the world. that they will either break up and get over it or end up living happily together for the rest of their lives. another and final also, the girls who have asked you out before ARE NOT STUPID! they realise that they do not know you. and that there is a high chance it wont work out. but they also realise that there is a chance it will work out for a while at least, and at minimum (unless you be a total *** hole,) will gain a friend. and what happens if one of those girls you REGECTED BEFORE EVEN THE FIRST DATE! is the right one for you? your "perfect girl" gone right there never to be seen again. the more time that goes by the less chance you have, you seem to be a great guy, there are so many girls that will never know that if you dont pick your act up. get ya butt off the couch and stop getting your experience from movies and TV, get some real experience so you can really tell everyone thats posted on this thread that they have no idea what they are on about
  2. i have just returned from a fantastic mining engineering summer school with the university of NSW, when i do my degree im looking at mining engineering/physics degree. doing mining engineering means that you are almost cirtain that you will get a job your first year out of uni with a salary of 85,000 AU with paid holiday work while you are doing your degree.(in australia anyway, though i think the program is similar for all unis) doing mining engineering means that you have a huge range of things you can do within the industry, mine management, environmental, working with explosives, its all good. hehehe, i'm really plugging mining engineering, but if u want to be cirtain of a job. i know that explosive companies like Orica, have physicists employed for research its really cool, numerical moddeling of explosions ect. XD that and u work all around the world, with the most massive equipment that any industry uses.
  3. deltanova


    I was reading the political bit of the newspaper thingie, and ran into a cartoon that i particuarly thought was funny, obviouly less funny with out the picture but here goes: Reporter: "Will you go invade Iran?" Mr Bush: "Hell no, they have weapons of mass destruction" sorry for the bad attempt but hey
  4. yeah australias great, expecialy if u like taking photos. Im giving morrowind a break, maybe i should try beating halo 2 on legendary(its hopless i tells ya) im a chick, so a boyfriend would be more preferable. sadly im stuck at home with no way of getting out to get one. ive got plenty of reading to do, just no inclanation at the moment, im trying to learn myself some maths so im not left behind in 3 unit next year. i really donty have a problem, im just bieng pessimistic
  5. well no school for me = boredom, im crazie i no, but i live out of town and havent seen mah friends for a couple weeks, though im just lazy
  6. *cry* and daytime tv is incredibly unstimulating, Dr Phil is on.... shoot me please!
  7. oooooo toasty warm *Walks outside- and is burnt to a crisp.
  8. oooohhhhhh, summer holidays here. and the mass of my boredom has compressed into a sigularity and is now absorbing my sanity, ............whats everyone up to?
  9. sorry, i should have been more specific about what i was meaning. isnt neon a larger element, and thus more able to conduct electricity than hydrogen?
  10. Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a friut. wisdom is not putting it in a friut salad.
  11. Does anyone know what pressure Hydrogen has to be at to be able to conduct Electricity? Thanks Tash. Edit: I am under the impression it is and incredibly high amount of pressure, close to the pressure of jupiters core. but was wondering if anyone had a rough estimate and a Number.
  12. deltanova


    look at verse five, "and there was evening and moring, the first day." Though i do understand what you mean by intellectual light, the celectial bodies were just sent to govern what was already day and night
  13. deltanova


    3 And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light "day," and the darkness he called "night." And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day. that was the first thing he did, made day an night
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    a day in genesis was the same as ours, sun would rise, begining of the day, sun sets, end of a day unless 10,000 years ago the earth spun more slowly on its axis
  15. deltanova


    thats a good explanation of it. it took less than a day.
  16. to learn more about other fields of science, subscribe to a science magazine, i know australia has helix, which is on the level of young teens, though i would suggest new scientist or something, it gives you up to date news on every field of science, and anything you dont understand, lookup background info on the net. i have about five binder folders full of stuff from doing this. Theres also an annual space design competition. get your school interested in that, fantastic when you want to discover more about space. and what it takes humans to survive there. including psycological impacts, supplies and economics unsure of the URL, but its there on a google search. as for popular science, simon sighn's book The big bang is really good. every title by him is easy to understand. In Search of Schrodingers Cat is a very good one by John Gribbin. and if you want a challenge try A breif History of time, im sixteen and managed to get through it last year. and won a bet by summarising it in one syllable, only a word trick but hey. and for astrophysics, ive learnt the hard way now, get ahead on your maths as well, im doing my HSC and am going to have a long two years struggling to understand and keep up with three unit work.
  17. it is true, dont u know its just a part of a massive government cover up, like stargate SG1? (lol) what if Dinosaurs had not died out,
  18. It will quite obviously be apparent i have little idea about the comparison of fractals to space. but i think i read somwhere that fractals had infinite area but finite perimeter? can someone expand on that, or correct me, or give me some more info?
  19. Hi, i was wondering if there were any mining engineers out there that could tell me a little about the job, and their views of the job itself, (pros, cons,ect) im going on a mining engineering summer school in Jan and was wondering what other people already in the field think about it. thanks loads in advance. Tash
  20. deltanova


    yes, i understand, plants use energy from sunlight with nutrients from the soil, nitrogen, carbon cycles ect. im just being annoying. lol, though doesnt this process of getting our mass from the soil contradict that in genesis, man was said to some directly from the soil, not through plants and first and second order consumers. over a period of time?
  21. i can remember being really scared of the end of the world after a man at a new years eve party said that the world would end that night 1997/1998 after looking at sattelites moving through their orbit, i was 8 years old, lol
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