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  1. deltanova

    albert einstine

    i like the many worlds theory, it means that if you go back and change something there will be (such as kill yourself) there will be two different realities, one where you were killed and on where you will not be, so you will both exist and not exist at the same time.
  2. first word, im a Girl, second, i agree with the term pseudoscience,it has a bit of sense to it, once you reseacrh it all,
  3. deltanova

    albert einstine

    It has something to do with Mr Einstiens theory of relativity and time travel, i like the insight though, good to think abotu that stuff
  4. http://www.gizapyramid.com/chrisdunn.htm what do all u guys think about this?
  5. deltanova


    our schools on a thing called castnet, and its run from sydney, im 600km away from there, good idea but, ill go to the top bloke at school.
  6. deltanova


    i am a bit annoyed, i can get onto this site from my home computer, BUT when i try to access it from the school computer the administrator will not allow it because it is to them classed in the group "pornography" ah well, such is life,
  7. deltanova

    albert einstine

    errr, i am worried, i actualy understood that, must b the 14 year old gene that dissapears as u get older, there are alot of things that depend on it, chaos theory is one, "a butterfly flaps its wings in brazil and creates a tornado in mexico" (i think thats the one) ANYWAY, also the many worlds theory, and the twin paradox u might wanna look into.
  8. anybody could be wrong or right, untill it is either proved or disproved, thouugh we will know in soon time as they are developing stuff to test it.
  9. Johnny or Latham??? i cant seem to decide which one to choose, i dont need to worry about it, im to young to vote, Though i was just wondering. who would be a better choice?
  10. Apparently nikola tesla managed to broardcast electricity 26 miles, lighting a number of lightbulbs and a generator
  11. hey, i was reading new scientist and they had an article about the possiblility of a georeactor at the heart of the earth. I found some great links on it. http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/H/Herndon_Cathcart.html http://www.spacedaily.com/news/earth-03k.html
  12. I realy didnt know where to do this, but i wanna ask a couple of things can anything travel over the speed of light, and if so how much faster? Thanks loads (the reason for this is because my friend is trying to make me beleve cyclones on saturn travel 10 times the speed of light, and i dont realy beleive him.)
  13. SIMPSONS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO! when i grow up i wanna be a Nuclear saftey technician and sit around eating donuts all day too! "any key wheres the any key?" (this is a a valid statement, even i cant find it!)
  14. i understand that, and thanks loads for your help,
  15. i voted that we are spending enough, i love the thought of perhaps once going to mars, i love that once i get into the swing of things educationaly i will be able to understand it to the best of my ability, but there are people who need it more, better spend it on the humans who will improve the economy to get more money to spend on the space station and can use it all, there are millions of children born each year, and how many of them will become the great leaders of their generation?
  16. lol, sorry, around 4th century BCE
  17. hmm, but there was no steel around, iron or otherwise,
  18. no the historians on this forum which i have also descussed this with insist that the workers were free Egyptians, and free Egyptians or slaves, or free tribesmen(from other tribes) it would still be hard to do the work,
  19. havnt u guys watched the butterfly effect?
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