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  1. in a large scale quarry, cutting and dressing one 2.5 tonne block per 2 mins, how plausable is it to use copper tools?
  2. Cryptozoology- its the study of hidden or unknown creatures, according to this site- http://www.wyrdology.com/cryptozoology/ It is commonly confused with the study of mythical creatures, perhaps this is the word you were looking for?
  3. Gee what happened to the good old Holden B&S ute?? Im too young to own one but my Bro-in-law has one and IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hmmm, i think this is one of those things where people need to agree to disagree. I think murder would be better than a life of torture (phsycological) if you dont want the baby chances are you wont love it as much, making it feel unworthy, (yes babys can sense that stuff) and therefore leading to a sad life. depression, etc,
  5. Yeah, a realy long way i can bet, ah well one step at a time.
  6. my strongest point is geometry,yet im still not realy good at maths (im only in intermediate) i think ill need to buck up on my algebra.
  7. Perhaps if at the last hours of their life before they are frozen their brainwaves could be measured and stored into their computer, when you wanted to wake them up pump the signals back in, thus creating the same train of thought you had as when you died, (I apologise if this is a Niave (if i spelt it correctly?) answer, it just came to me and is not based on any research.)
  8. Plants produce Hydrogen???????
  9. I heard that if Japan has a huge earthquake it will break the economy, because they have so many overseas shares they will sell them to pay for damages.
  10. Well my name is Tash, Im 14 and i love science, Egypt, and loads of other stuff, i live in NSW australia, so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HOWDY DOO???
  11. 14/F/Australia, I cant beleive it, VEGIEMITE,,,,, and aussi icon, yet owned by an american company
  12. deltanova


    well personaly ive given up spelling 'Jail' 'Gaol'
  13. Here is a very interesting site. http://www.coralcastle.com This is about a man named Ed, He himself managed to build coral castle, by carving, and laying 1,100 tonnes of coral in 28 years at some points he worked on coral 4,000 feet thick, all by himself, its amazing and nobody know how he did it! he himself was sure he was reproducing Ancient Egyptian Technology.
  14. I think it would. thats the predicament, how did they carry such large stones?
  15. Well, i myself am 14 years old and i have Mr cooper to thank for my interest in physics, he feeds me countless books, alot of them on Quantum physics, I think that you can do anythink, Go for it, but keep your goals little, i am struggling to get through my school certificate level intemediate maths so im not interested in much else at the moment, And another thing, NEVER GET TOO COCKY!!!
  16. I myself am quite interested in how the pyramids were built. first of alln if we look at the stones. the great pyramid contains 2300 000 stones that weigh an average 2.5 tonnes. however above the kings chamber there are blocks of granite weighing 70-80 tonnes each. all of thesestones were apparently quarried using copper tools, which i think is laughable, and anybody else who has also tried to cut alumminium with butter can sympathsise, also look at how they would have raised the blocks up once they were at the pyramid, two styles of ramps to be used, the long ramp which extended out in a straight line, the problem with this is that to acheive a acceptable gradient of the ramp it would extend far beyond even the Giza plateu. the other ramp, the spiral ramp, would spiral up the sides of the pyramid and become a greater mass than the pyramid itself, also the sharp corners would be difficult to manage with a 2.5 tonne block. here is the site that covers the building project to copy the Great Pyramid of Giza on a smaller scale. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/pyramid/explore/builders.html i remind you they used Iron tools and a flatbed truck.
  17. You are right, time ages nothing, things age through chemical reactions. i think of time as spontanious self-organization, like the economy.
  18. deltanova


    Hi! i just have a question In class today, we learnt that in a circle, the circumfrence divided by the diameter = Pi, why is this so?
  19. What If............. Time is just a constant to measure transit of energy from one place to the other it takes time to move. if nothing moved there would be no time. and i mean that down to the smallest atom. you age because your cells are wearing out, from moving, we move to we need to have something to measure the rate of that movement, dont we? im unsure, this is just a point of interest to me.
  20. has everybody noticed that the bubbles in coke float upwards to escape the liquid. well what would happen in zero gravity where there is no up or down?
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