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  1. books, i deffinitely have an obsession with books, i love collecting them, and usually try to find it in a bookshop before i go to a library. hehehe. it drives my grandmother crazy. The best book in my collection would have to be 'Leonardo Da Vinci' its a brilliant book, full glossy page pictures of his most well known sketches and paintings the books about 50 by 30 cm. and it cost me AU$400.00 ....and some people say im crazy.
  2. ohh thanks for that swansont. sometimes i curse my technical incompetence
  3. if ur really good at it, actuary, accounting all that sort of thing, *shudder*
  4. New scientist Number 2548, 22 April 2006 A pretty good article i still have to read it a few more times over to get it properly. and i cant wait till i understand the maths, then ill b right into the paper. till then, i think its rather pointless, ill just have to wait till some popular science books come out on it
  5. http://http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=201 gee, i love this one, what do you think?
  6. deffinitely "the big ad" advertising carlton draught. set in the new zeland countryside, against some brilliant music and with some pretty cool lyric adaptions. it has to be seen to be beleived, its beyond anything i can describe.
  7. You can get "less dense" space? (im not sure, isnt density a property of matter?) it seems acceptable as any other theory out there, like you said, with current technology it cant be tested and thus cant be proven. Its not an old idea though, i think i have come across it somewhere before.
  8. YAY half way through year 11, who would have thought i would get this far!
  9. i dont like the idea of dark matter, but it does explain the phenomena we see better than anything we currently have, accept maybe for modified newtonian dynamics, which is so far the most convincing alternative. but yah, the universe has been around for a while, plenty of "dead" non light emitting matter out there, (brown dwarfs, rogue planets, black holes)when u think about all the stars that are out there, and how many would have burnt out by now
  10. oki doke, so, me being aussi, i have some issues about soccer, i know that after beating japan with a glorious last 8 minutes, we go on to play croatia,(apologies for bad spelling) and Brazil, i know we wont beat Brazil, but if australia beats/draws with croatia, does that mean we may move into the second round?
  11. I support Australia, hehehe, first game against Japan, i wonder how it will work out? u know, they only have us down for two matches? i guess thats an indicator of how well everone thinks we will go. hehehehe. Brazil are the favorites, but i see an upset on the way, Go Australia!
  12. none of them stand a chance against Australia MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! lol yeah i know, i crack me up too.
  13. Im amazed actualy, here in australia people dont usualy pay any attention whatsoever to soccer. but since we made it into the tournament, there is even shop windows advertising it. with fifa clothing being stocked by retailers, and the footy show (the NRL footy show) is even taking the show over there for kickoff. its mad, and all because we got into the comp.
  14. a trip to Questacon! possibly my favorite place during my childhood. seven storys of stimulating, intereactive, scientific displays, a rollercoaster simulator, animatronic dinosaurs, huge tesla coil, an 11 metre shee drop slide and my favorite, a guilotine that lets u feel what its like to get you head cut off, its amazing everything that u learn from going, and every time i go to canberra i usually visit it. The Planetarium, YAY thats another good place, mindblowing!
  15. i dont, but who knows. millions of possibilites are out there. i mean, alot more people than just Hitler would have been descendant from that one ape, and i didnt mean kill it either, im not THAT violent and i dont seriously beleive that one million year old ape should pay for some blokes messed up ideas in the future.
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