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  1. My PC is acting weird. I now have 12.9 GB free hard disk space in C drive,2.59 GB free in D and 1.75 GB free in E. Three days ago, I formated my C drive and installed a new copy of windows. Same day, I had a problem of "Generic Host error" frequent popup. I tried a few things(a few virus and spyware scans) and then I tried to repair windows. I got the error message "windows can't access a mass storage device and may ask you for drivers during setup" and after sometime, setup will terminate. So, I took the easy way out of re-formating the C drive and this time I installed a different copy of windows. On same day, when I used the restart button on CPU, I couldn't login after restart. Windows booted and after that there was a black screen and that was all, but windows let me login in safe mode. In safe mode, I tried system restore but got the message "Need at least 200 MB disk space, system restore was enable to restore your system to given restore point". At that time, free space in C was almost 9 GB and all other drives also had free space in GBs. I again took the easy way out and re-formatted the C drive again and this time I used that copy of windows which I had been using for quite some time before my first format( before the generic host error windows). Now the problem is that I am getting error messages like "Can't hibernate not enough resources available" and while playing an old game I got a message like "you may face graphic issues,minimum requirement of 140 MB of virtual memory not fulfilled" I am using Windows XP(SP 2)and my windows are installed in C drive. I have one hard disk of 80 GB and 1 GB RAM. Please help. Thanks!
  2. What i am not able to understand is that even is case of a given position vector(say p), I can represent that specific position vector as cross product of two other vectors. Now under inversion,the cross product of these two vectors will remain same. Won't this make our given vector p a pseudovector?
  3. A common way of constructing a pseudovector p is by taking the cross product of two vectors a and b: p = a × b. As x goes to −x, y to −y and z to −z, a and b go to −a and −b (by the definition of a vector), but p clearly does not change. Is it right to say that every vector is a pseudovector as per the above stated defination,as we can represent any vector as a cross product of two vectors?
  4. kenshin


    What's going on....i am all confused:confused: , what i am trying to ask is,can we call the unpredictability arising out of the error in measurement caused due to the limitation of not knowing the exact value of an irrational number be considered randomness?
  5. kenshin


    Can we call the outcome of a chaotic phenomena like for example evolution or weather to be random? Isn't such an outcome just unpredictable due to inherent nature of numbers and other not so precisely defined factors but not random? Is it right to say that the unpredictably arising in chaotic system is just unpredictability while the unpredictability which is a property of quantum system is actual randomness? Please discuss. Thanks!
  6. Can someone please tell me how is this product compared to other popular products like Bit-Defender, Kaspersky, norton, McAfee etc. Will it perform better than others if run on a home PC if security is main concern and not resource use. Thanks!
  7. No doubt that space is never devoid of matter/energy, but can it be used to measure time or space? Is it possible to talk of time just on the basis of zero point energy? Does this vacuum energy give rise to arrow of time or concept of time? Thanks in advance.
  8. A simple question:- Is it possible to talk of or define space and time in an empty universe,that is, in an universe devoid of matter? I was thinking about time and realised that every-time we talk of time, it is w.r.t to some periodic phenomenon and hence there in nothing like absolute time. But,what if there is nothing to give rise to any kind of periodic phenomenon? What if there is no matter and energy? Then we can't talk of decay clocks or cycle clocks or any kind of clocks.Right? Will that mean that there will be no time? Same will apply to space also. Will space-time exist in an universe devoid of matter? In such an universe there will be nothing to observe or measure space-time and as per relativity, these entities are not independent of measurement. Is it even possible to define an universe without matter/energy? So,what do you people think?
  9. Surface of a sphere is a finite infinite.And our universe is expanding into some space thingy...I never knew that .I thought that it was just the space-time expanding itself without a notion of 'beyond'.
  10. If he mean that we should understand and realise history,then I bet that it's not an obvious statement, for if it had been so obvious and easy to understand,then schools would have been doing that and humans would have learned from history and never would have repeated their mistakes.This may look obvious,but is not so obvious. The point that I see of 'ejaculating statements of the more than Obvious.':D,is that the interactions may help us understand this obvious.
  11. I think that I don't know (but want to know) is that how 'exactly' it works,and one thing that I know is that this was not good.Giving someone,specially children, such Strong mental and emotional suggestions as to manipulate their free will and even override it to an extent that they consider the suggestions to be their will,totally sick!And that goes for all religions and societies that try to do it. I wonder,can we call it mental and emotional terrorism? What do you people think? Isn't it sort of brainwash?
  12. Nah,I don't think it's just about history being taught.I think it's about not knowing but understanding, realising and learning from history. And recognizing a fact(for me at least) doesn't mean just knowing it and using it to score in exam or just saying "ok,If you say so".It means realising the fact and understanding it's consequences.To educate someone about newtons laws doesn't mean making him able to know the statement and solve a few problems,it's about making that person see the beauty of newton's laws. So,my guess is that when coberst says what he says,he means what I have just written:D
  13. Read "Superforce" by Paul Davis or "Elegant Universe" by Brian Green to have a better understanding of this concept.Try this link also: http://www.tenthdimension.com/medialinks.php
  14. Is there any software available that can keep record of all the utilities that are run on my computer system with their respective timings and also keep record of the time at which system was shut down or booted? If yes,then please suggest some.
  15. What's the difference between Funtion and Sub-routine? Thnaks in advance.
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