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  1. Another world cup is due next year (2014). Watch out for more accurate predictions! In fact, I was busily working on the accuracy as well as the computerization processes of the 'Universal Mind Program' during South Africa 2010 (on my Continent); that is why I was so silent by then. Such that even with Human Error it should approach 99.9% accuracy! And I just achieved that last year (2012). All Senior Colleagues on the site can make special request for my responds on face book ( User Name: Domayelle Clement) or on SFN by stating his/her user name on Science Forums Net (SFN).
  2. UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC FIELD (UMF) There exist a Universal Magnetic Field (UMF) that links all matter & events within the Universe. And the Human Mind as well has a remote link to this UMF. This UMF is sensitive to: Space, Time, Direction, Matter, Energy, Light, Good, Evil, Truth, Falsehood, Negativity, Positivism, etc. The link between the Mind and the UMF is what I term as the Universal Mind. The UMF is an Extraordinary Vector Quantity; it is everywhere (Universal) but its field strength depends on its alignment (co-ordination) with the body concerned. Since there is no scientific instrument presently for detecting this field (UMF) how can we locate and utilize it to our advantage? Guide To The UMF Location: Using The Known To Determine The Unknown (Where Truth Agrees It Is True & And Falsehood Agrees It Is False) = UMF Alignment (Direction). Since There Is No Permission For Attachments: Please Go And Open This Mail's Inbox : universalmagnetism@yahoo.com With This Password:12345678 And Download A Free (Trial ) Version Of The Universal Mind Program And Use It For Wonders! UNIVERSAL MINDI am giving this program to fulfill the promise I made close to 2years now on the websites: http://www.scienceforums.net & http://www.frostcloud.com. Read the below carefully and download a free (trial) version of the Universal Mind (UM) Program. UNIVERSAL MIND: You Need A Basic Knowledge In MS-Excel (And Must Install MS-Office 2003 Recommended, Or Later Version) Before You Can Use It. You Need Just about 8Days Practice To Be Close To Perfection. ‘UNIVERSAL MIND’ HISTORY The Inventor: The Ghanaian Mathematician Domayelle Clement, upon study of Nature Of Numbers in Mathematics for several years realized that: Binary Codes of even and odd numbers can reveal true and false ideas logically. He therefore termed this model as the ‘Truth Magnet’ and it is scientific because just as a magnet will attract a piece of metal (ferrite) and reject a non-metal (non-ferrite); (t)his invention model also attracts ‘Truth’ and rejects ‘Falsehood’. It is popularly known as the ‘Universal Mind’ because it can reveal any event in the Universe; whether it is of the past, present or the future. A person does not need any degree in mathematics before he/she can use it . A basic knowledge in mathematics is the minimum requirement (that is the manual form, using a pen and a paper). And there is no level of education in mathematics that exceeds its usage. Apply this wisdom or knowledge in research areas that will enable the World to gain sterling qualities and glory and also, to the benefit of Humanity. The Religious Point Of View 1. If really Man (Human Being) is the image of God as the Holy Scriptures state; then at least part of the knowledge of God can be found in His image (Human Being) or? 2. And since God knows the past, present and future, then the power of the knowledge of the past, present and the future is also hidden in man or? 3. Remember the Holy Scriptures says “My people are perished (troubled) because of lack of knowledge”. And also that, “Search for the truth and the truth shall save you”. 4. Remember Satan has no power over Man (Human Being) but what Satan does is to use our own mistakes to punish us. Therefore if you can be free from mistakes, there is no way Satan can trouble you. Therefore wisdom or knowledge of truth is very important!
  3. The little I know about primes is that there is no any 'Systematic Formula' for obtaining prime numbers in either ascending or descending order.And the whole world is in a delima as wheter there is a limit to primes or NOT.That is whetther there is a HIGHEST PRIME NUMBER. I have Good, Better and Best formulae for generating Prime Numbers systematically. TRY THE GOOD ONE: P=7d-4 Where: P=prime number(Needed) d=odd number(Chosen) Example: At d=5, it means; P=7(5)-4=35-4=31 there are a few exceptions for the Good formula. Questions and contributions are welcome
  4. That is with the Universal Mind it's possible!
  5. With a basic knowledge in Exponential Laws however this is possible,easily; that is predicting the past,present & future!
  6. I have an almost perfect theory but...... Which is which; 0^0 = 0 or 0^0 = 1 or 0^0 = ∞ factor in your answer/idea with a proof if any.
  7. Watch out Universal Mind Tutorials Thread Next.....
  8. And ITALY finally wins the cup! Believe it or not:order of important events for the next 4years;Italy=1st=Water France=2nd=Cure or Time Germany=3rd = Wisdom or Football Portugal =4th =Osama bin Laden
  9. The first letter is G.....! Germany or Ghana Ghana the only representative of Africa was beaten by I taly in their first match. However Ghana checked Czech,amazed America and is ready to browse Brazil out and .......any nation they will meet for the world cup!
  10. Insane_alien Iam also not interested in football but I have realised it is among the most complicated things to predict because it involves alot of artificial intelligence hence my interest to test my Universal Mind Program out there!
  11. Bet: Australia=3,Brazil=2;because the best performance of Brazil today should be a draw! Believe me even a draw seems too impossible for Brazl; sorry Brazil,bravo Australia! I would need to review the Universal Mind Program if Brazil wins the match against Australia. That is to say it is not 100%;or else it is 100%.
  12. Nature is not just made up of WIN or LOSE as the layman thinks! Netherlands VRS Cote d'Ivoire; The circumstances around this match is abnoxious: however,no matter what happens the Netherlands is on top!
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